Deli Owner Purchases Winning Ticket From Herself


iStock_000016611582SmallWhen Glinda Salgado got the news that a winning Mega Millions ticket was sold at her deli, she was thrilled.  Despite having purchased a ticket for the March 14th drawing for herself, Salgado immediately assumed it was a customer who won. She waited all day for the customer to come in with the winning ticket, but no one did.

As she was getting ready to go home for the day, she remembered she had personally purchased a ticket for that drawing and scanned it. The ticket matched 5 of 6 winning numbers including the Megaplier. Salgado won $3 million before taxes, as well as $10,000 awarded to her store in Herndon, VA for selling the winning ticket.

Salgado plans to use the winnings to pay off her mortgage and school loans but intends to keep working at the deli, a family business.

Canadian Couple Win $7.2 Million on Lotto 6/49


cashpeopleMichael Tkachyk, of Alberta, Canada, was so stunned by the sound of the ticket checking machine announcing his win that he forgot to count the zeros. Tkachyk thought he had won $72,000 and spent the drive home thinking about how he and his wife would spend the cash. When he arrived home, Tkachyk double checked the winning ticket on the lottery website and it was then that he realized the ticket was actually worth $7.2 Million.

Immediately he texted his wife, Deidre, who wasn’t home at the time. “I said it was important,” he told lottery officials. When she didn’t call back right away, he texted again that it was “urgent” and then again that it was “really urgent.”

Deidre was thrilled when she finally heard the exciting news. The lucky couple has yet to decide how they will spend the money but they both intend to keep their jobs.

First Time Player Wins Big on Scratcher


iStock_000001663844XSmallBeginner’s luck is very real to Cindy Reeves, of North Carolina, who bought her very first lottery ticket last month and won $1,000,000.00. Reeves was in a local Shop-N-Go store when a $4,000,000 Multiplier Spectacular ticket caught her eye. She bought the $20 ticket and scratched off the foil but was unable to determine if she had won anything.

With the help of her boyfriend, Rick Jocheim, they figured out that she had won a whopping $1 million on her very first try. Reeves has chosen to take the cash option and will collect $415,206 after taxes. She plans to use the money to pay off her debts and take a Disney World vacation.

Winner Will Finally Get Her Dream Honeymoon


cookieA fortune cookie helped Merces Gonclaves, of San Jose, California, choose the lucky winning numbers in the March 4th Mega Millions drawing. She matched 5 of the 6 numbers drawn and won over $400,000.

Gonclaves, who has been married for 52 years, was never able to afford a proper honeymoon with her husband. The lucky couple plan to use some of the winnings to take that special trip.

£168,155.90 Win Still Unclaimed


iStock_000010963169XSmallA ticket worth £168,155.90 from the January 24, 2014 drawing is still out there somewhere. Euromillions officials are urging anyone who may have purchased a ticket around that time in Bexley, U.K. to dig out their old tickets and double check them.

The winning numbers drawn on that date were 5, 19, 34, 35, 41 and the Lucky Star numbers were 1 and 5.”We have the champagne on ice, as well as our fingers crossed, that the lucky winner comes forward to claim their prize,” said a spokesman for EuroMillions.

The lucky winner has only a few months left to claim their prize. If no one comes forward by July 24, 2014, the prize money and all the interest it has earned will be submitted to the National Lottery Good Causes. Since 1994, the NLGC has funded 420,000 projects in the U.K. in a number of sectors including health and education.

Hungarian Homeless Man Wins Lottery


homelessLászló Andraschek, 55, spent seven years bouncing in and out of a homeless shelter. Due to strict rules about alcohol use, and his inability to stay sober, he would periodically end up living on the street. Andraschek, the youngest of his large family, had lived at home until the age of 31, but got kicked out because he was spending all of his money on alcohol. That same year, he attempted suicide, but thankfully the rope he used snapped. It was almost ten years later when Andraschek got sober for good.

Andraschek was on the way to a support meeting for alcoholics when he purchased the lucky ticket with his last few coins. He never expected he would win 636m Hungarian forint (approximately $2.7 million US dollars). In fact, he had only selected 6 of the 7 numbers on the ticket and when the cashier asked him what he wanted for the last number he said, “make it 24 – it doesn’t matter, anyway.”

After taking care of his immediate family, Andraschek made a large donation to a hostel for the homeless. In addition to caring for the homeless, he also plans to set up a foundation for addicts and abused women. His philanthropy couldn’t have come at a better time; late last year Hungarian government passed a law to get the homeless off of the streets by fining them, or in some cases even imprisonment.

Self-titled Boring Lotto Winner


HiResSeamus Harmon, of Salem, Oregon, recently won the Oregon Lottery Win for Life Game. The 34-year-old safety trainer declared himself “one of the most boring lottery winners” because he intends to keep his job and use his winnings to pay off his mortgage. Some would say he’s one of the smartest lottery winners.

The payouts will be $1000 every week for the rest of his life, or approximately $666 per week after taxes. Harmon says he is extremely grateful to have won.

Electrician Wins $1 Million Powerball Prize


Relaxing on remote beachArizona Lottery Officials received a visit from Alvin Yazzie of Chandler, Arizona after he discovered he had won a $1 Million prize. Yazzie matched all five of the regular numbers, only missing the Powerball.

At first, he didn’t think he had won anything because he heard the jackpot winning ticket worth $425 million was sold in California. When he checked his tickets, he was pleasantly surprised.

Yazzie recently celebrated his 25th wedding anniversary with his wife and plans to use some of the prize money to take her on a trip to Hawaii.

Tennessee Resident Wins $250K from Georgia Lottery


thumbnailLiving near the Georgia/Tennessee border has its perks. Timothy Byrd, a native Tennessean and avid lottery fan, often buys scratchers from both the Georgia Lottery and the Tennessee Lottery. A few weeks ago, he happened to be on the Georgia side of the border when he decided to purchase a Millionaire Jumbo Bucks scratch off ticket. Byrd didn’t have his reading glasses with him and was unable to see that he had won $250,000. It wasn’t until he asked the clerk to check the ticket for him that he realized he had won a big prize.

Byrd plans to use his winnings to pay off his bills and buy a new truck.

$425 Million Powerball Winner Yet to Come Forward


iStock_000008214344_ExtraSmallThe February 19th Powerball drawing for $425 Million had one jackpot winning ticket. That ticket was sold at Dixon Landing Chevron in Milpitas, California, a small town in the bay area. The lucky winner has yet to come forward to claim his or her prize – the 6th largest in U.S. history.

The gas station will receive a $1 million bonus for selling the winning ticket as well as a lot of new business from lotto players who want to buy from their lucky store. The owners, Kulwinder and Parmeet Singh, are hoping the winner is one of their regulars but say they will be happy for whoever it is.

The winning numbers were 17, 49, 54, 35, 1. The Powerball number was 34.

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