Broke Single Dad Wins Tattslotto


mancashA Melbourne, Australia father of two had only eight cents in the bank before winning a share of the $21 Million Superdraw in November. His share ended up being $1.5 Million. Despite his visit to a psychic this year who told him that his money problems would be ending soon, the winner couldn’t believe his luck and checked the ticket ten times before it sunk in that he had become a millionaire.

This lucky winner has been playing for more than 40 years and has always dreamt of winning such a large sum. He plans to use the money to set up his family and make investments for his children’s future.

The ticket was sold at Target Lotto in Harper’s Crossing and was the fourth winning ticket sold there this year. People are driving out of their way to purchase tickets at the “lucky outlet.”

One Dream Led To Another


moneyEdwina Silvera of West Haverstraw, New York had a dream on the night of October 14th that led to her purchase of a “$2,500 A Week for Life” ticket. The lucky ticket was a top prize winner of $2.5 million.

Silvera told lottery official she wanted to keep the details of the dream private but that it was a message from her late father. When she went to buy a ticket, she passed on her usual $2 ticket she picks up every six months or so and splurged on the $5 “$2,500 A Week for Life” ticket. She didn’t discover the win until the following evening when she scratched the ticket.

Silvera will get $130,000 a year — or $86,034 after withholdings — for the rest of her life. She says she has no plans to retire from her hospital administration job but is looking forward to living with less financial stress. When she receives her first payout, she intends to hire a contractor to finish her basement, a project she’s been hoping to finish for a long time.

Choosing between the lump sum payment and yearly payment was an easy decision for 49-year-old Silvera who said, “I’m young and I’m going to live for a very long time.”

EuroMillions Winner Plans to “Spend It”


euroMary Hamilton, 65, of Northern Ireland has been playing the lottery since it started 20 years ago and while she had always hoped she would win a little something, she never imagined she would win a £12.9 Million jackpot.

Mary usually purchases new lottery tickets every week and at the same time get the tickets from the prior week checked. The clerk told her that he couldn’t pay over the counter and that she would have to call the number on the back of the ticket. Instantly the busy store was abuzz and someone else on line checked the numbers on his phone and discovered that her numbers had won the jackpot. Mary was so weak with all the excitement that she couldn’t drive herself home. Someone helped her call her husband, Alexander who came and picked her up.

The lucky couple is thrilled with their big win and when asked what they would do with the winnings, the short answer was “spend it.” Both Mary and Alexander previously worked together at a furniture store but have quit since their win. They are looking forward to this exciting new chapter in their lives and spending money on their family and friends. Mary says she plans to do her bit to boost the local economy.

Florida’s Biggest Jackpot of the Year


moneyWomanCarolyn Bell, 64, recently claimed a $48 Million jackpot from the Florida Lottery. The jackpot was the biggest for the Florida Lottery in 2014. Bell is not a Florida resident but plays the Florida Lottery whenever she visits from her home state of Alabama. Luckily for Bell there are no rules stating that non-residents are ineligible to play and win. She has opted to receive her winnings as a one-time, lump-sum payment of $32,609,501.60.

Bell and her husband have decided to retire now that they are free of financial worries. They say they don’t plan on changing their lifestyle too much but they will enjoy their free time and worry less.

The winning ticket was purchased at Stateline Liquors. The store will receive a $210,000 commission from the lottery for selling the winning ticket.

Lotto Win or Heart Attack?


moneyManA lottery winner from Seneca, South Carolina thought he was having a heart attack when he discovered his big win. The winner, who wishes to remain anonymous, told customers in the Exxon gas station that he felt sweaty and weak in the knees after revealing the $200,000 prize on his “Bring on the Bens” scratch ticket.

The luck winner and his wife travelled to Columbia, SC lottery headquarters to claim the prize on the 21st of November. They told lottery officials that they plan to use to money to pay off some bills and hopefully retire a bit earlier than they would have before.

Four top prizes remain in the “Bring on the Bens” game and tickets are $10 each. The odds of winning the $200,000 prize are 1 in 600,000.

In the Nick of Time


walletFor the past seven months the Euromillions prize of £51,232.90 has been left unclaimed, that is, until James Wilson checked his wallet. For some reason, James Wilson decided to clean out his wallet and on this fateful day, it turned out to be a great idea.

The newlywed from Bradley Stoke, South Gloucestershire found the old lottery ticket in his wallet and after checking the numbers, realized he had won the jackpot. Upon further examination, he also realized the ticket was due to expire the next day.

James Wilson frantically called the lottery office in Camelot, but the office was closed for the night. He finally got in touch with someone the next morning and they confirmed he could still claim the prize.

Wilson and his wife plan on using the money to move out of his parents house and into a place of their own. James also wants to purchase a new car for his wife and return to his hobby of bike racing.

Cartoon Bear Claims Lotto Jackpot


BearWhen planning any important occasion, people spend a large amount of time deciding on what to wear. What about claiming a winning lottery ticket? Well, in China, it is common to dress in a costume to claim your lottery prize.

On October 13, 2014, a man from Shanxi dressed as a cartoon bear to claim his lottery winnings. He won 520 million yuan or approximately $84.8 million in the lottery and it was the third largest jackpot to be awarded in Chinese history.

No one knows what his reason for dressing like the cartoon bear was, although there is a lot of speculation about his motives. Some believe it is to hide his identity and remain anonymous but others think it was just part of the fun.

Other notable characters to have claimed lottery prizes are Mickey Mouse and a panda bear. The tradition can be dated back about 25 years and since the claiming of the oversized checks is publicly broadcasted, everyone gets an extra laugh when a costumed character appears to claim a lottery prize.

Brotherly Love


BrotherlyLoveTime and time again, it’s said, “If I win the lottery, I’ll split it with you.” No one ever really counts on the other person following through with their promise, but Eric Hale held true to his word.

On September 24, 2014, Eric won the Powerball’s $1 million prize. Eric’s ticket may have been worth $1 million, but he only took home $335,000. The reason? A long time ago, when he was just a kid, he promised his little brother, Quinn, if he ever won the lottery he would share it with him. After all these years, Eric kept his promise and shared the jackpot with his brother.

Though they don’t live in the same city now, the brothers have remained close and their bond just got a little stronger. Quinn said he couldn’t believe his brother kept his promise after all these years.

Eric plans on traveling to China for a 20 day excursion and to continue going to school. He had just completed his bachelor’s degree in Psychology and now plans to earn a Master’s degree in Clinical Counseling.

Quinn, who is in the process of earning a Doctorate, has plans to pay off his students loans. He also plans to use his winnings for a down payment on a motor home.

Best Birthday Present – Ever!


BirthdayMost 19 year olds get a new cell phone or jewelery for their birthdays, but for Deisi Ocampo, her 19th birthday will be one to remember. Ocampo’s father gave her the gift of a winning lottery ticket that instantly made her a millionaire.

On her birthday, her father handed her two $100 Million Money Mania cards from the Illinois State Lottery and said “Happy Birthday.” Each card cost $20 but the payout was much greater. After scratching off the tickets, it was revealed that she was $4 million richer!

Since the scratch off tickets were started in May of this year, Deisi Ocampo is the biggest winner the game has had. Other winners have won as much as $100,000.

Deisi Ocampo has decided to purchase a new house for her family. She also plans on making her dream of becoming a nurse, come true. Next year, she may want to ask for more lottery tickets!

Double the Fun


DoubleTheFunYou are more likely to have identical quadruplets than you are to win the same lottery twice, but not if you’re Kenneth J. Stokes. He is Massachusetts latest “Lucky For Life” winner and he won big money!

As a gift, Stokes’s family gave him a season pass to the Massachusetts’s State Lottery game “Lucky For Life”, which will automatically play the customer’s numbers. The “Lucky For Life” game pays the winner $25,000 every year for a maximum of 20 years.

He received a phone call Tuesday after the drawing to inform him his season pass numbers won and the Lottery Official mentioned that there was another winner in the Norwood, Massachusetts area. It wasn’t until after he got off the phone that he realized he was the other winner with his individually purchased ticket too! It turns out, in addition to his season pass ticket, Kenneth Stokes purchased a regular ticket using his same favorite numbers, and with luck on his side, his numbers matched the winning set!

Mr. Stokes took his winning tickets to claim his “Lucky For Life” prize, which after taxes ended up being $273,000 per ticket. He plans on taking his family on vacation, paying for his son’s college and paying off his daughter’s cars with his half million dollar winnings.