Friday the 13th Turns Out Lucky for Retired Navy Submarine Sailor

Harold Million FreeLotto FastCash winnerHarold Miller, 65, has been playing the same set of numbers since 2010, a compilation of his family’s birthdays. On Friday, April 13th, Miller matched 6 out of 6 and won a $10,000.00 cash jackpot on, an online lottery style sweepstakes.

Miller has been a long time daily player of the free game. For nearly a month after he won, he continued to play the game daily but did not bother checking the winning numbers from the previous day’s drawings. On May 9th, Miller sat down at his computer and remembered that it had been a while since he last checked the winning numbers, so he visited the FreeLotto results page. Lucky for Miller he did because he had less than a week left to claim his prize.
“Not in my wildest imagination did I believe that I would win,” Miller told the Prize Team, “I had to look at it twice!” Miller immediately picked up the phone to call his wife and together they shared the good news with their fourteen children, eight of whom are adopted. The whole family is very excited.

The Millers have incurred some debt moving their family from the Philippines and both have had to continue working part time at Nellis Air Force base since retiring. “A real relief,” is how Harold Miller described the win. It will enable him to pay off some debt and afford a second car for the family.

$1 Million Jackpot Win for Lucky Wisconsin Man

Lotto WinnersJoel Goulet, 59, from Wausau, Wisconsin often buys lottery tickets from the gas station when he fills up his truck. This last time, the ticket he bought was a big winner. Goulet matched five numbers in the Mega Millions drawing to win $250,000 but because he had selected the Megaplier option it was increased to $1 million.

Goulet had been laid off in April 2010 and had been trying to find work for the last 2 years, even applying at the gas station where he bought the winning ticket. He just recently got a job working on the production line at a local factory. Now, Goulet can enjoy life free of financial worries.

Goulet hadn’t gotten around to checking his ticket until he saw the newspaper headline that someone in his area had won the jackpot. “I was shaking so bad; it was lucky I didn’t tear the tickets in half,” Goulet said.

Lottery spokesperson, Andy Bohage said Goulet chose the lump sum payment option which totals $672,500. The gas station will receive $20,000 for selling the winning ticket.

Goulet has already paid off his home mortgage with the winnings and plans to buy a new truck. He also intends to invest in other property and save a portion of the winnings for his retirement.