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FreeLotto Fraud Alert
For more information, please visit FreeLotto’s Fraud Alert page at http://www.freelotto.com/fraudalert.asp

The FreeLotto customer care team has been receiving many inquiries concerning win notifications that are sent by mobile or SMS messages. FreeLotto notifies it’s winners via email or courier package.

An example of one of these scam message reads something like this:

Other examples can be found on the Fraud Alert section of our website at www.freelotto.com/fraudalert.asp (Examples 7 & 14).

Often, these scam phone messages like the FreeLotto UK mobile scam, will reference FreeLotto or other legitimate companies or lottery organizations. They have also deceptively used the name FreeLotto Corporation or FreeLotto Mobile Award. These messages claim that the recipient has won a cash prize and that they must provide their personal information to receive it. Once the recipient has provided that information, the person or organization sending the message will request a money order or cash wire transfer so that they can process the win. After receiving the money, they will invent another reason why the prize cannot be released until an additional fee is paid. This will continue until the alleged prize winner realizes that they are being scammed or, unfortunately, until they run out of money.

Please be advised that FreeLotto will never request money to claim a prize and we will never ask for personal information through an unsolicited message. If you receive one of these messages, do not respond. These messages are simply intended to scam the recipients into giving them money, or in some cases, personal financial information used to steal their identity. The sender of the message never intends to give out a prize. The prize is simply bait used to lure the potential victim in.

These messages are called Advance Fee Lottery Scams and are not new. They can be sent by email, postal mail, fax, social networking and phone messages. Often times, they will even use logos from real companies or lottery organizations to appear legitimate. They will either claim that the person has won a large sum of money or valuable prizes, such as televisions or cars.

If you have received one of these messages and are unsure whether it is fraudulent, please forward it to answers@freelotto.com and our customer care team will review it for legitimacy.

Win $5,000.00 Cash: New Sweepstakes Launched by FreeLotto.com

ChristinaBakerWinnerFreeLotto.com recently launched a brand new sweepstakes, Win $5,000.00 Cash, a guaranteed winner sweepstakes in which one entrant will be selected each month, for the duration of the promotion, as the winner of $5,000.00. The new sweepstakes began on August 10th 2012 and the first winner was selected on September 10th 2012.

Christina Baker of Willow Spring, North Carolina, is delighted to be the very first winner of FreeLotto’s Win $5,000.00 Cash Sweepstakes. The married mother of two boys, ages 20 and 16, recently graduated with a double bachelors in accounting and business and works full time in the purchasing department of a medical equipment company. Her husband, a self-employed truck driver, has had a hard time finding work in the last year. “Still a little in shock that I actually won money on FreeLotto.com. I have never won anything in my life,” Christina told the FreeLotto Prize Department when they spoke yesterday to interview her about her win.

Christina plans to use the money to pay off some bills and buy some new supplies for her cake decorating hobby, which she hopes to one day turn into her own business.

The FreeLotto Win $5,000.00 Cash Sweepstakes is available to enter now through November 8th 2012. Each person who submits an entry will be eligible to be selected as the winner of $5,000.00 cash.