$40,000 Was Actually $40,000,000

cash1 “I ran down the street like a crazy woman,” said Maria Carreiro, the $40 million winner of the LottoMax in Ontario, Canada.

Maria began her celebration thinking she had won $40,000. It wasn’t until her daughter looked up the ticket on the lottery website that they discovered the true worth of the ticket.

“I couldn’t believe it,” Carreiro told reporters. “I was shaking and just couldn’t believe that it was real.”

Maria, a Portuguese immigrant, had previously worked at a factory but quit to raise her 3 children. Her husband who struggled as the sole financial provider for his family can now relax. He’s now retired since receiving news of the big check that would be arriving.

The couple has big plans for the winnings including new houses and cars for themselves and their three children, a trip to her native Portugal, and a long-awaited honeymoon trip to Hawaii.

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Million Dollar Winner Resides in Poorest City

birthday numbersRetired bus driver, Dennis J. Edwards Jr., thought he had hit the jackpot of a quarter-million dollars. However, to his surprise, he had paid an extra $1 for a feature that quadrupled his Mega Millions win to $1,000,000.00. He plans to use his winnings to go to Disney World and buy a new house.

Mr. Edwards, his eight grandchildren, and two great grandchildren live in Central Falls, Rhode Island, the poorest city in the state. Central Falls is a city that hosts 19,000 residents within 1.3 square miles. The city has been through turmoil in the past few years, including municipal bankruptcy which resulted in tax increases, cut pensions, and layoffs of city employees. It wasn’t until last fall that they were discharged from bankruptcy. The city hopes for the millionaire to stay put and help out the small community in its effort to recover.

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A Million Dollars Unclaimed in Kansas

Massachusetts Man Makes Million Dollar MistakeThe million dollar Kansas Powerball lottery ticket remains unclaimed.

The lucky winner bought the ticket on January 26th, 2013 in southwest Kansas. The winning numbers were 3, 22, 26, 41, 49 and the Powerball 18. The ticket matched all the numbers but the Powerball; thus winning $1 million dollars.

Kansas Lottery’s security policies do not permit them to disclose the name and address of the retailer that sold the winning ticket.

The person that owns the million dollar ticker will have until January 25th, 2014 to claim the prize. The prize can be claimed at the Kansas Lottery Headquarters in Topeka or the Kansas Lottery office in Great Bend.

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Brothers Win Scratch Lottery

Big Money Mega Play scratch off ticketJason Herod, 26 years old, recently won $150,000 from a scratch-off ticket bought at a convenience store located in Lawrence County, Indiana.

He immediately knew he would be sharing it with his younger brother Brian, 23, who is set to graduate this month from Ball State University with a degree in secondary education.

Jason, the older brother, recently started his own lawn care business and while he enjoys working for himself, it’s been stressful knowing all of the pressure is on his shoulders. He plans to use his share of the money to help grow his new business.

Brian plans to use his share of the money to help with the student loan debt he’s racked up in five years of college. “It’s a pretty nice graduation present,” Brian told the lottery officials.

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EuroMillions Winners to Build Dream Home

thumbnailMatt and Cassey Topham, a former decorator and supermarket worker from Nottingham, U.K. won a £45 million EuroMillions jackpot this past February. The couple has recently submitted plans to the planning board for permission to build a futuristic eight bedroom dream home. They are hoping to get permission to build in Nottinghamshire, a lovely city with very modest, mostly three bedroom homes.

Their eco-friendly mansion named Serenity will, if approved, include four connected hubs each covered with solar panels. Some of the features are a sound-proofed movie theater, a botanical garden, and an underground garage for ten cars shielded by a waterfall which will be created by collected rain water.

Some of the early inspirations for this dream home came from movies like Iron Man and the TV show Dynasty.

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