Norwegian Lotto Winner Invests in Soccer Star

soccer_ball_clip_art_13012Yngvar Borgesen recently won more than 102 million Norwegian crowns on the Eurojackpot lottery. Borgesen decided that he wanted to do something with his winnings to help his local community and he had a unique idea. Borgensen has put up 2.5 million crowns so that Odd Grenland, the local soccer team, could keep promising defender Fredrik Semb Berge.
Odd Grenland currently ranks 14th in Norway’s 16-team top flight. In return for Borgensen’s investment, he will receive 25 percent of any future transfer sum for the player, Semb Berge, who made his debut for Norway in January against South Africa.

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Postmistress Gets Her Turn

iStock_000010963169XSmallJacqueline Miller, 53, has paid out a number of lottery prizes over the years in her job as postmistress in Sunbury, a suburb of London. The mother of two had often wondered when it would be her turn to win.
On May 19th, Miller discovered that she matched five numbers and the bonus ball. Her ticket was worth a total of £75,451. Though Miller has had a hand in delivering the good news to many lottery winners it still came as an unbelievable shock to her.
Miller plans to be careful with her winnings. “While some people might think about going on a shopping spree, I would prefer to savor the security this money has now given me,” she told the press.
“I’ve had some tough moments in life where I had very few options. Things are different now and I don’t intend to squander the money, even my kids have told me to hang on to it and that they don’t want a thing from me.”

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Strange Strategy Pays Off

checking_outHarry Black, 66, from Surrey, B.C. has been playing the lotto for over 30 years in a very particular way.  Not unlike many lottery players, Black plays the same set of “lucky” numbers every week. What is different about his strategy though is that he always buys two of the exact same tickets for each drawing.

In all the years he played, the most he ever won was a measly $10, that is, until last month. Black’s numbers finally hit and he took home a portion of one of the biggest lotto jackpots in Canadian history.

The $63 million jackpot was split between four winning tickets, two of which belong to Black. He collected two checks for $15.8 million each, for a grand total of over $31 million.

When asked what he plans to do with the winnings, Black told the press he was skipping town for a while to unwind. “You have no idea how much stress there is when you win on the lotto,” he said.

When he returns, he hopes to buy some land and build his dream house.


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Million Dollar Cookie

Filling out a Lottery ticketRicardo Cerezo lives in Geneva, Illinois. He was staring at a mountain of bills and a possible eviction when his wife who was cleaning the kitchen reminded him about the pile lottery tickets that were in a glass cookie jar for the past month.
“…either take them, get them checked or she was going to trash them that night,” said Ricardo.
Ricardo took the tickets out of the cookie jar and brought them to a nearby 7-Eleven to scan them.
The first eight or nine tickets were worth nothing and were thrown in the trash. The next ticket sounded the machine. It was for $3. Ricardo was happy since he could use it to pay for his Pepsi. On the last ticket, the cashier told him that he would have to go file a claim. Ricardo was thrilled because he knew that meant the ticket was worth more than $600.
He went down to the lottery office the next day with his last cookie jar ticket; it was worth $4.85 million.


Florida’s $590 Million Powerball Winner

iStock_000005494368XSmallFlorida’s $590 Million Powerball winner has yet to come forward. The winning ticket was purchased in a Publix supermarket in Zephyrhills, Florida for the May 18th drawing. The owner of this ticket is the largest Powerball Winner and second largest lottery winner in history and has only two months to come forward to claim the prize.
The city of Zephyrhills is anxiously waiting for the identity of their hometown winner. The winner will take home a lump sum payment of $376.9 million before taxes. In a small city of around 13,000 people, residents are wondering if the winner is someone they knew. Zephyrhills could use the help from the winner considering its annual budget is a little more than $49 million, approximately 1/5 of the prize the winner will take home after taxes. Locals are hoping the winner will stick around and spend the winnings in Zephyrhills.
For those who may have bought a ticket from a Publix in Zephyrhills, Florida, the winning numbers are:
10, 13, 14, 22, 52 and Powerball 11

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