Pennsylvania Lottery Searches for the $131.5 Million Powerball Winner

powerballThe winner of the latest Powerball has yet to come to light, but the media frenzy has found its way to Point Breeze, Pennsylvania. Now the spotlight falls on Gary Patel, owner of Federal Beer where the $131.5 million lottery winner bought his or her ticket. Gary emigrated from India when he was just a teenager. Now he stands humbly before photographers as he continues his daily business. As a bonus for selling the winning ticket, the father of 5-month-old twins will be receiving a check for $100,000.

So what are Gary’s plans for the six-figure bonus?

“I want to make sure my employees are happy,” Patel told the media. He plans on giving each of them a bonus. The rest will go into the college fund for his twins. Taking a vacation was never on his mind since he has twins at home.

“It seems Saturday night’s ‘Super Moon’ shone down some ‘super luck’ on a fortunate Pennsylvania Lottery Powerball player,” said Lottery Executive Director, Todd Rucci.

Winners from Ireland and Belgium Split EuroMillions

iStock_000012996482_SmallThe EuroMillions drawing on June 25th had reached a record amount. The jackpot that neared €188 million was split amongst a lucky winner from Ireland and another from Belgium. Each of them will be taking home close to €94 million.

The Ireland winner, in Dublin, has already stepped forward. However, he or she wished to remain anonymous. This anonymous person will take over the 96th spot on Ireland’s Rich List. It is the second highest lottery payout for a resident of Ireland. The highest payout still remains with Dolores McNamara at €113 million.

It was a lucky night for many in Ireland. Besides the split-jackpot winner, 87,000 people in Ireland had won prizes.

The 2nd winner from Begium has yet to come forward. If you live in Belgium and bought a EuroMillions ticket, make sure to check with the numbers below to see if you are the big winner of close to €94 million.

The winning numbers were 4, 5, 13, 27, 35 and the lucky stars were 1 and 2.

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Restaurant Workers Share C$15 Million

thumbnailSam Toulany, the owner of a small Snack Shack in Kentville, Nova Scotia, along with four of his employees recently won the Lotto 6/49. They will be sharing a jackpot worth C$15,222,777.40.

Wafaa Toulany, Sam’s wife, was the one to check the lucky ticket when a customer arrived at the store and mentioned that a winning ticket was sold in Kentville. She couldn’t believe it when she saw the winning numbers on her ticket and had to have her husband double check. When it finally sunk in there was a great deal of celebration.

The group of five co-workers has been buying lottery tickets together for years never expecting they would win such a big jackpot. Each of them would take home approximately C$3 million before taxes. Sam and Wafaa plan to sell the restaurant and buy a nice house on the water.

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Half-Million Dollar Scratch-Off Win

Big Money Mega Play scratch off ticketA woman from Jacksonville, Florida has claimed a $500,000 prize in the Gold Rush Tripler scratch-off game.

Kathryn Horne, 44, has been playing the Gold Rush scratch off games since the Florida Lottery began distributing the tickets. The Tripler version is the latest installment and has better odds to win the $500,000 second tier prize than any of the previous versions.

Gold Rush Tripler tickets will continue to be sold. There are three $3 million top prizes and four $500,000 prizes remaining. The overall odds of winning a prize on the $20 Gold Rush Tripler game are 1 in 2.95.

Winner Leaves a Huge Tip

iStock_000004562929SmallBob Erb, 60, who won a $25 million lotto jackpot last year, is in the news again. This time it’s because of money he’s given away instead of what he received. Bob recently visited the Old West Express Diner in Saskatchewan and was served by the owner himself, Clifford Luther. Just before the two men met, Clifford had found out his daughter was diagnosed with cancer. The two got to talking and Cliff told Bob about his daughter’s diagnosis. Bob told the press that it resonated with him because he lost his 26 year old son four and a half years ago.

A week later, Bob went back to the Old West Express Diner with a plan. As a tip for his burger and fries, Bob left a check for $10,000 and a note instructing Clifford to go see his daughter. Clifford’s daughter lives in Vancouver and he plans to use the money to visit her soon.

Bob estimates that he’s given away about $7 million of his $25 Million jackpot win to various charities and regular people who he felt needed help.

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