Colombian Refugee Wins $1,000,000.00 Cash Prize

hector2Hector Patino, 37, lost everything when he left his country of Colombia in 2008. He was granted asylum by the United States government after fleeing his home because of the ongoing conflict between the Colombian government and the guerilla fighters. The conflict had become more intense and dangerous in his city and he feared for his safety. Starting a new life in a new country and leaving everything behind was difficult for Hector but with few choices, he made the move to Chatanooga, Tennessee and found work in a carpet factory.

In October 2012, Patino discovered and registered for the F.A.S.T. service to have his lucky numbers automatically played every day. Eight short months later, Patino’s life again changed forever when he checked his results email and discovered that he had won $1,000,000.00.

“I won? I don’t believe it!” Hector said to himself when he opened the email. When talking with the prize team, Patino summed up his feelings about the win by saying, “I’m happy…$1 million is big money…will help family, help me, that’s something good.”

Patino plans to remain in Tennessee and hopes to buy a home in the Chattanooga area.

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Calgary Father Wins Lotto for Son

thumbnailNgawang Nardechen always made fun of his father for the amount of money he spends on lottery tickets. But, after winning the Lotto 6/49 on July 6, he will likely have to stop teasing him.

“I ask him, how much money would you have if you hadn’t spent it on the lottery? He agrees with me but he has this saying: ‘You can never win if you don’t play,’” Ngawang told the Western Canada Lottery Corporation.

His father purchased a $5 quick pick ticket for him. Days later, his mother brought it to get scanned. Now Ngawang is $9.8 million richer.

“I can honestly say now that he was right,” said Ngawang.

Ngawang hasn’t decided what he will do with all the money yet but said he will take good care of his parents.

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U.K. Family Celebrates Big Win

iStock_000006062583XSmallTracy Tyler, 37, and Adam Young, 30, from Epping, England, were struggling to pay the bills after Adam had lost his warehouse job in June. Adam had been spending hours every day sending out résumés.  It was only a matter of weeks before they were going to need to start asking people for help.

The couple, who regularly buys lottery tickets, was watching tv together when they checked the numbers on their weekly tickets. When Tracy told Adam they had all six numbers he didn’t believe her and replied with, “oh yeah? On how many lines?”

Tracy and Adam won £5,819,806 on that lucky lotto ticket and will have a lot less to worry about going forward. The couple doesn’t want to move far but will buy a house nearby with a big garden for their two young children. They are also planning a safari holiday in Kenya.

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Florida Lottery winners from Jupiter

pot of gold in black backgroundPalm Beach County remains a lucky area for lottery players. Three men from Jupiter claimed prizes this past month.

Salomon Cisneros, 50 years old, started Jupiter off on a streak of luck on July 3rd. He won $2,500 a week for life from a scratch-off ticket.

The second winner, a 66 year old man who wishes to remain anonymous, won $255,529.90 from the Quick Pick Fantasy Five.

Nathan Eric Smith, on July 29th became the third winner of the month through the recently released Monopoly Millionaire Scratch-Off game. He received $500,000 from his $20 game ticket.

Prior to the other recent jackpot winners, John Lynch of Palm Beach Gardens won big and opted for a one-time lump-sum payment of $2,131,104.97. And to top off this winners list, Gloria C. MacKenzie, 84, became the largest single Powerball winner in history with a $590 million win in early June.

What’s In Your Trash?

cashpeopleMassachusetts couple, Joseph and Joanne Zagami, was one garbage day short of losing their million dollar ticket.

Joanne sent her husband to buy groceries and lottery tickets. When he got home, they quickly unpacked and headed for the casino.

“Before going in [to the casino], my husband said, ‘Where are the lottery tickets?'” Joanne Zagami told ABC News “Good Morning America.”

“I said, ‘What lottery tickets?’ and he said, ‘Oh my gosh, I think I must have thrown them away.'”

The next morning, Joseph dug through the trash to find the ticket he had thrown away. Upon scratching his lotto ticket, he realized he had won one million dollars. Joseph rushed to his bedroom to wake up Joanne.

The prize that they will be claiming would be a lump sum payment of $455,000 after taxes.

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