North Carolina Winner Thanks Mother-In-Law

dollar different tenor soft moneys fall with skyNorth Carolina resident, Tommy Belcher, had a stack of old lottery tickets that had been sitting in the visor of his truck for months. They probably would have gone unchecked had his mother-in-law not mentioned that she heard lottery officials were looking for a big winner in Charlotte.  A store clerk verified that one of the tickets in Belcher’s stack was indeed a winner. The winning Cash 5 ticket was from a drawing back in May and was worth $257,000. Luckily for Belcher, he claimed in time, only a few weeks remained before the lucky ticket was set to expire.

As a thank you gift to his mother-in-law, Belcher plans to buy her a new refrigerator.

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Spanish City In Search of Millionaire

la-coruñaOn June 30, 2012, someone in the city of La Coruna, Spain purchased a winning lottery ticket worth 4.7 million euros ($6.3 million). Unfortunately for them, they left the ticket behind when they left the store. Another honest customer found the ticket and gave it back to the store manager. After discovering what it was worth the store manager alerted lottery officials who have made the search public. They are hoping the owner of the winning ticket will come forward and be able to remember where and when they purchased the ticket so that they can be verified as the true owner of the ticket. Everyone who has heard the story, including the mayor, Carlos Negreira, is helping spread the word.

According to an 1889 Spanish Statute, the city is actually required to make every effort to locate the owner of the winning ticket and will continue the search for two years.

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“Favorite Customer” Tips Big

iStock_000008262032XSmallMax Coronado, a retired senior, is a regular at Howards Mini Mart in Bakersfield, California where he purchases $80 in lottery tickets three times a week. Every time he buys his tickets he jokes with the owner, Sue Park, that if he wins they will go to Korea together and open a Taco Bell.

Coronado’s big win finally came when he matched 5 of 6 numbers in the Mega Millions lottery this past month. Store owner, Park, actually knew of Coronado’s big win before he did. A Mega Millions representative came by the store to alert the store owners of the win and check the security footage. Park was thrilled to tell her favorite customer, Coronado, the incredible news.

When asked about his big win, Coronado said he was “very surprised.” Coronado plans to give $10,000 to Park so that she can take vacation with her family to her homeland of Korea. Park believes he will come through because he has been a generous tipper in the past. One time, he won $100 and gave a $10 tip to Park’s daughter who had sold him the ticket. Whether he pays for her trip or not, Park says she’s very happy for him.

Horoscope Predicts U.K. Couple’s Lotto Win

Horoscope circleLynne and John Pittiglio go to the same store every Saturday and always buy four lines. The only thing different about this past Saturday was that their horoscope read that something was going to happen in their lives that would have a “big impact.” Sure enough, Lynn and John matched five numbers and the bonus ball winning them just over £180,000.

The lucky couple were about to sign paperwork to take out a mortgage on their home in order to do a remodel. Now, they will be able to remain mortgage free.

“The win has taken all financial pressures off and means we can now live more relaxed, happier lives,” Mrs. Pittiglio told the press. The happy family plans to take a trip to Portugal in the near future to celebrate.

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Lottery Winners Do Good

iStock_000002981822XSmallSusan Mullen and husband Lee, of Nunsthorpe, U.K. won a lotto jackpot worth nearly £5 million in 2011. While reading the local paper this past month, Susan discovered a story about a 5 year old boy whose trampoline was stolen by metal thieves. Gabriel Pritchard, had received the trampoline as his 5th birthday present and was devastated when it was taken. Garbiel’s mom, Rebecca, was unable to afford a replacement and said the thieves “should be ashamed of themselves”.

The Mullen’s contacted the newspaper, who then put them in touch with the Pritchards to buy them a replacement trampoline. “What we have got now is still very special but we know what it’s like to struggle, we have been there. We have got a little bit put aside for things like this,” said Susan Mullen.

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