Unbelievable Surprise for New Zealand Man

mancahsAn unexpected knock at the door turned out to be incredible news for one New Zealand man. Lottery officials had taken matters into their own hands using security footage to identify the winner of a $22.6 million prize after it had gone unclaimed for more than three weeks.

Even after hearing that he was likely the winner, the officials had to convince him that it was not a hoax and that he should show them the winning ticket so they could verify it. The lucky winner was completely taken off guard and couldn’t grasp that he had actually won. Though he regularly plays the lottery and has won small prizes in the past, he just didn’t believe he would ever win a prize that big.

The winner, who is married with children, has vowed that the large sum of money won’t change him too much. He would like to take a family vacation and build his dream house somewhere in Christchurch, near where he lives now.

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Pay Off Your Mortgage Winner Highlight

RosenfieldAnitaPOYM_8-21-13Our most recent Pay Off Your Mortgage Game winner is set to receive the first installment of her $100,000.00 prize this month. Anita Rosenfield, PhD. Of Sedona, Arizona has been a long time member of FreeLotto, initially registering in 2005.

Before finding out about her jackpot win, 2013 had been a tough year for Anita. She has been battling kidney failure and has been placed on a transplant list at the Mayo Clinic in Phoenix, Arizona. In addition to her own health issues, Anita’s beloved pet dog Morebucks passed away this summer.

Anita had won dozens of small prizes over the years, and though she always hoped she would win a jackpot prize, she never really believed it would happen. “It does make me feel like someone is watching over me,” Anita said when she found out about her big win.

Anita plans to use the prize money to travel to other transplant hospitals for evaluations, including the University of Minnesota Hospital and the University of Colorado Hospital, both of which do more transplants each year than Mayo Clinic in Phoenix. By getting on more hospital’s transplant lists she hopes she will get a new kidney sooner and hopefully avoid dialysis.

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Doughnut Baker Wins £2 Million

iStock_000018619955XSmallJean Swatman, 62, recently won a £2 Million lottery jackpot. Her family was thrilled about the win and decided to do their grandmother a favor by throwing away her work shoes. Little did they know, Swatman plans to keep her job in the supermarket bakery where she makes doughnuts four days a week starting at 5:30 am. She says she enjoys working and that the early hours don’t bother her at all.

Since claiming her prize money, Swatman has paid off the mortgage on her home in Suffolk, England, taken a trip to Cambodia, purchased a new car, and remodeled the kitchen. She plans to invest the rest for her five grandchildren.

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Well-Known Lawyer Wins Lotto 649

judge hand with gavelSaskatoon lawyer, Donald Worme, most famous for representing the Stonechild family in the Neil Stonechild inquiry in 2003, recently won $15 million on Lotto 649. Worme had initially tried to purchase a Lotto Max ticket but had missed the deadline. The clerk suggested he buy a Lotto 649 ticket instead.

Worme took more than six weeks to come forward with the winning ticket and doesn’t know yet what he will do with the money. He told lottery officials, “I’ve purchased things that I desired so I have the items I wanted.” He also said that he doesn’t think retirement is for him, so he will continue his law practice.

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$1,000,000.00 Scratch Prize

iStock_000001663844XSmallShelia Davis, 53, was driving home with her husband and their three children in the car when she felt like buying a scratch off ticket. The family stopped at a convenience store in Newnan, Georgia and Sheila picked up a $1,000,000.00 Gold Rush Georgia Lottery ticket.

When she scratched the ticket and saw that she had won the top prize Sheila started crying and her husband did too. Sheila, who works for the non-profit Habitat for Humanity, said this jackpot win will allow her to take care of her family. They are going to celebrate by “doing something they’ve never done before.”