Canadian Winner Puts His Parents First

cashpeopleDean Banman, of Calgary, Canada, won $1,000,000 in the January 17th Lotto Max drawing. When he checked his ticket at the lottery scanner, he couldn’t believe it. He ran it again to double check but still wasn’t convinced. Then he had the cashier scan it.

When Banman finally believed the results, the first call he made was to his dad who he told to start looking for a house.

In addition to purchasing a home for his parents, Banman plans to purchase a new home for himself and a new car.

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California Mega Millions Winner Finally Comes Forward

istockk_portraitWeeks after the Mega Millions drawing on December 17th, the winner of the second half of the $684 Million jackpot prize has finally come forward to claim his prize. The winner, Steve Tran, explained to lottery officials that he had bought the ticket during his runs as a delivery driver. He had put the winning ticket, along with many others bought from other towns, in a stack, and stored it away in his drawer at home and had forgotten about them.

One night at around 3 am, Tran awoke from a deep sleep remembering that he had purchased a ticket in a gift shop in San Jose and wondered if he was the winner. He got out of bed, found the stack of tickets and began checking them.

Tran told the exciting news to his wife and a few other family members before calling his boss. “I’m really sorry, boss. I hit the jackpot. I don’t think I’m going to come in today, tomorrow or ever,” he said in the message he left.

Man Becomes a Millionaire After Ex-Wife Wins Lotto

Image converted using ifftoanyDoreen Hay, of Teesside, U.K., won a £7.5million Lotto jackpot. After sharing the good news with her son, John Jr., with whom she’s splitting the prize, her next thought was to call her ex-husband. Doreen and John Hay have been divorced for 27 years but have remained close friends, getting together for lunch once a week. Both admit that they get along better now than they did during the 12 years they were married.

Doreen called John Sr. not only to share the good news, but also the prize. Doreen offered to give him half a million and his son, John Jr., is planning to give him another half million. John Sr., who earns £20,000 a year as a milkman had thought about retiring but didn’t think he’d be able to for quite a while. Now, with the help from Doreen and their son, he’ll be able to retire much sooner.

Doreen’s generosity doesn’t end with her ex-husband. She’s giving away a total of £1.5 million to her siblings, grandchildren and charities, including Help for Heroes, WaterAid, Save The Children, Breakthrough Breast Cancer, as well as a local hospice.

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Winning Ticket Found in a Pile of Leaves

Raking Leaves Teen Boy in Blue SweatshirtWhile doing his job as a landscaper, Marvin Rosales Martinez, found an unscratched, unsigned Win $1,000 a Week for Life ticket in a pile of leaves he was bagging. The ticket turned out to be worth $1 Million. Because lottery tickets are bearer instruments, they can be claimed by anyone who signs the back of the ticket regardless of whether or not they purchased it. The Lottery’s protocol in cases like this one is to wait one year to see if anyone else makes a claim for the ticket.

Luckily for Martinez, that year is now up and no one had disputed the claim. He was finally able to collect his prize – a lump sum of $515,612 after taxes.

With a year to think about how he will spend the money, Martinez knows exactly what he’s going to do. He plans to send some of the prize to his family in El Salvador, pay for repairs on his mother’s home that was damaged in Hurricane Sandy, and take a honeymoon with his new wife.

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Euromillions Winning Tickets Expired

iStock_000012996482_SmallTwo Scottish winners of £1 million each have missed out on collecting their jackpots. The winning tickets were from the June 26th, 2013 drawing and were not claimed within the 180 days Euromillions allows.

One of the winning tickets was bought in Fife and the other in East Dunbartonshire. “We tried very hard to find the ticket-holders and it’s a real shame that they have missed out,” the Lottery spokesman told the press.

Unclaimed Euromillions Prizes are turned over to the U.K. National Lottery Good Causes, which provides funding for charitable projects all over the U.K. including the arts, sports, heritage, charities, health, education and the environment.

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Is FreeLotto a Scam?

Google “FreeLotto and scam” and you’ll find plenty of results challenging the legitimacy of the service and detailing customer complaints.

It certainly does seem too good to be true. After all, playing a game of chance where you can win real money for free does seem like it should come with a catch.

Well, there is no catch. It is a legitimate service and company, and after reading this you’ll understand how it all works – and makes sense.

Prevent yourself from becoming a victim of a scam: FreeLotto will never ask you for money before sending you your winnings. If someone does, he or she is a scam artist. Hang up the phone and don’t reply to emails or texts. If you think you are a FreeLotto winner, check out this page and click the first FAQ

U.S.-Based Company is owned by PlasmaNet Inc., a U.S.-based company with headquarters in midtown Manhattan. It has millions of members, generates revenue, pays taxes and is governed by all the applicable federal and state laws, statutes and regulations related to this industry. offers its members an opportunity to play a game of chance for free and has been doing so for more than 15 years.


Principles Behind Every Sweepstakes

The basic principles behind FreeLotto’s games are the same as every other sweepstakes, and works just like those run by countries, states, multinational companies and local religious organizations.

It is a game of chance where the odds increase with the size of the winnings.

As is true for any legitimate sweepstakes, do you have a chance to win? Absolutely. Are the odds long? Absolutely. But there are people who win – just ask one of our 21 millionaires!

Here’s a list of recent winners.

In fact the odds of winning FreeLotto are similar to any sweepstakes with similar size prizes and numbers to match. The math works out the same.


What About Those Online Complaints?

There are 2 primary responses to those complaints.

But first, please understand that we take every legitimate complaint seriously and try to resolve each one fairly. So if you have a real complaint, contact us.

Now to the primary responses.

1. Unscrupulous Con Artists

Unfortunately, part of living in a free society includes having to deal with frauds, scammers, and con artists, as anyone knows who has dealt with:

  • The Nigerian Letter/Email scam where the scammers send you an email and offer you a share in a large sum of money if you transfer a small amount to them first
  • Telemarketing Fraud where a caller tries to trick you into giving up your bank information for a free gift
  • Identity Theft where scammers use your identity to rack up credit card debit
  • Ponzi Schemes where an organization pays returns to its investors from new capital paid to the operators by new investors, rather than from profit earned by the organization

Scammers also pretend to represent FreeLotto and attempt to defraud people who then believe FreeLotto is to blame.

Are a good percentage of online complaints about FreeLotto the result of scammers? Yes. And we try to warn everyone about it as much as possible. In fact if you do Google “FreeLotto Scam,” you’ll see our warning tops the results page.

FreeLotto’s Scam Warning Page

We even built a website called to help raise awareness of the scammers.

But clearly not all complaints are about scammers.

2. Legitimate Customer Complaints

Unfortunately, not every customer is a happy customer at any company in any industry.

As hard as we try, sometimes it’s not enough. Sometimes there’s a misunderstanding. And sometimes, some people just aren’t satisfied.

And that’s common for any organization.

Let’s look at

Search FreeLotto and you’ll find us there with a 2.2 rating and around 170 complaints.

FreeLotto page

Now search for the major U.S. department store Macy’s. Its rating is a 2.1 with more than 670 complaints.

Macy’s page

How about the gold standard of customer satisfaction Apple? Its rating is a 2.2 with 160 complaints and counting.

Apple’s page

You get the point.

Having angry customers does not mean the company is running a scam. It means the company is running a business with lots of customers.

The question is percentage.

We literally have tens of millions of players.

If FreeLotto were a scam, would we really be able to fool so many people for so long? No.

So, in the end, if you enjoy playing sweepstakes, play FreeLotto. Have fun. And who knows, you could become rich! After all, we’ve awarded over $100 million in cash and prizes, and we’re not finished yet!