Illinois Lottery has 3 scratch-off winners in 1 month

iStock_000038136536SmallThey say good things come in threes and that turns out to be true for Christopher Kaelin, a 31 year old Chicago resident. Kaelin beat the odds on three separate tickets purchased over the course of a month, winning a total of $276,000.

The first ticket, he purchased in early April, was worth $25,000. Kaelin and his fiancée were thrilled with the win and went out for a fancy dinner to celebrate. They had no idea they would win two more times that same month. The second ticket, a $1,000 win, was purchased at a gas station on the way home from the celebration dinner.

The last ticket was the big winner. It was worth a whopping $250,000 and was purchased at the same store where Kaelin bought the first winning ticket.

“[The prize] is big enough to where it’s obviously life-changing, but not so big that it’ll be a problem,” Kaelin told lottery officials when he went to pick up his last prize check. He plans to use the winnings to pay off his student loans, buy a house, and pay for his upcoming wedding.

Pottery Factory Syndicate Wins EuroMillions

iStock_000010963169XSmallNineteen workers from the Steelite Pottery Manufacturing company in Middleport, England are celebrating a £1,000,000.00 jackpot win. The syndicate has been buying EuroMillions tickets together for the last four years and this is their first big win. Each of the nineteen members will receive £52,631.57 before taxes.

“This win is going to make a big difference to everyone’s lives and it is really nice to be able to share this experience with my colleagues,” said Chris Heames, 52, who organizes the lottery pool.

No one has plans to leave their jobs just yet but they all have ideas on how to spend their winnings. From new cars to vacations, the syndicate is looking forward to spending their prize checks.

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Illinois Resident Wins “The Good Life”

Pre-schoolers in classroomYajaira Perez, 27 year old public school teacher, recently won $5000 a week for 20 years on an Illinois Lottery instant scratch ticket called “The Good Life.” The lucky ticket which is aptly named will allow Perez, who immigrated to the Chicago area from Puerto Rico when she was 17, to make many of her dreams come true.

One of those dreams is to use some of her winnings to open a rehabilitation center and shelter for battered women and children. Being a mother of two and caring for hundreds of children over the years as a teacher has stirred her desire to help children and families in need.

“I can achieve so much with this lottery win,” Perez said. “My husband and I feel extremely blessed.”

Perez’s weekly winnings will be disbursed in annual payments of $260,000 a year, or $182,000 a year after taxes.

First Time Player Wins Over $48 Million

cashwomanOttowa resident, Tina Ferrone, was at work when she heard a commercial advertising the $48,000,000 Lotto Max jackpot. Despite never having played before, Ferrone decided to give it a try and picked up the lucky ticket on her lunch break.

The next morning, Ferrone was listening to the radio when the DJ announced that the winning ticket was sold in Ottowa. While she was out running errands, she checked her ticket at the local drug store ticket checker machine. She was stunned when it revealed her ticket was a winner. Ferrone immediately called her husband, Liam, and had him come to the store before the retailer verified the win.

The lucky $48 million win is a big break for the Ferrone family after a few very difficult years. Two years ago, Liam was diagnosed with cancer and has been through chemo, surgeries and stem cell transplants. He is now in remission. “After all the dips we get a big boost here,” said the father of three.

The family has big plans for their winnings including, paying off debts, opening a yoga studio, buying a new house, world travel and college funds for the kids just to start.

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Hairdresser Snags Second Chance Prize

iStock_000014817541SmallCrystal Kendrick was in the middle of giving a customer a haircut when she received a call from the South Carolina Lottery notifying her that she had won a $1,000,000 prize in the Money Millionaire Second Chance drawing.

Kendrick had submitted her losing ticket for the second chance drawing on the lottery’s website and had forgotten all about it. On April 17th, it was selected from more than 1.1 million entries to win.

A co-worker drove Kendrick to the South Carolina Lottery offices to meet her husband and collect their big prize of $680,000 after taxes.

Kendrick told lottery officials that she loves her job and has no plans to quit cutting hair any time soon.

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