Teen Mom Wins Huge Jackpot

Pregnant woman walkingWhile out house hunting with her boyfriend, new mother Kelsie Hodgin, a 19-year-old Southfield, N.B. sales rep, decided to buy a lottery ticket at a local gas station. When she went back to the store to check her ticket, she was surprised to discover that she had won the $7,000,000 jackpot.

Now the new mom is looking forward to having a house built so her, her boyfriend, and five-month-old daughter can start life together in a place of their own. Hodgin says, “[My daughter’s] going to have a great life. I’m just excited for her when she grows up.”

In the past two months, three big prizes have been won in New Brunswick; a couple from Lower Coverdale recently won an almost $10 million jackpot.

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Texas Man Wins $7.5 Million in Texas Lottery

scratchticketJesse Patino, 26, purchased a $50 scratch off ticket from a RaceTrac gas station just a few days ago. The $50 scratch ticket, “Millionaires Club,” is one of the most expensive scratch tickets offered by the Texas Lottery. When Patino scratched the lucky ticket and discovered he had won the top prize of $7.5 million, he was speechless.

Patino currently lives with his mom and a roommate in an apartment in Denton, Texas. He didn’t tell the press what he plans to do with the prize money but he can now afford to buy just about any house he wants.

The “Millionaires Club” scratch off game still has two grand prizes available to be won. The odds of winning the top prize is one in 1.2 million.

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Paignton Residents Win Latest Postcode Draw

pyramidsKathleen Jones, 50, just happened to be home when a People’s Postcode Lottery representative and Welsh rugby star, Scott Quinnell, arrived at her door unannounced. Jones was stunned when she peeked out and saw the big check for £50,000. She rushed to open the door for them.

Jones, a part time waitress, had been struggling to save for a family vacation. Now, she’s planning to take two trips this year. The first trip will be to Turkey with the whole family and the second to Egypt with her husband to celebrate their 32nd wedding anniversary.

Having played for only one month, after seeing an advertisement on TV, Jones counts herself extremely lucky.

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Iowa Lottery Finally Tracks Down Winner

moneymanAfter six months of searching, Iowa Lottery officials, have finally tracked down the winner of the $1 million Powerball prize won back in November.

Richard Watson, 56, of Belton, Missouri, often travels for work repairing industrial machines and plays the lottery everywhere he goes. “I have a bundle of lottery tickets that I was planning on going through, but I hadn’t yet,” Watson said.

When he received a call from UMB Financial Corp., stating that the Iowa Lottery was trying to get in touch with him, Watson initially thought it was a scam. It wasn’t until he saw the media coverage of the story that he began to think it might not be a trick and gave them a call back. It was then that Watson discovered one of the old unchecked tickets he had stacked up was worth $1 million.

Watson is grateful that the Iowa Lottery officials took the extra steps to find him and award his prize. He plans to use the money to move himself and his elderly parents back to the Las Vegas area where they are originally from and spend more time with them.

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Hospital Orderly Wins $20 Million

thumbnailLong Island hospital employee, Cameron Finney, was walking home from dinner with his family when he stopped into a gas store and picked up $4 worth of Quick Picks. The very next morning, Finney, checked the tickets and discovered he had won.

The clerk told him that he had won $1 million and Finney immediately called his wife who would not believe him. “Quit playing,” she told him. After hanging up with her, the clerk corrected himself and told Finney that he had actually won $20 million. Finney called back his wife who still thought it was a practical joke. So, he gave the phone to a random customer who told her it was true, she and her husband really were multi-millionaires.

Finney decided to take the lump sum pay out or $7.4 million. He plans to buy a new house, a new Dodge Ram and possibly a Bentley. He also plans to quit his job at the hospital.

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How FreeLotto Games Work

Wondering how to win with FreeLotto®? It’s fast, uncomplicated and definitely NOT a scam! Here’s what you need to do to get started:


You do not need to pay up front, offer a credit card, provide bank account information or submit any personal information in order to register. Registration AND play are free, no strings attached.

However, you must provide your first and last name, your e-mail address and your postal address. How else can we contact you after the daily drawing if you happen to be the lucky winner?

You may from time to time be required to provide additional information, which may include confirming your registration. You are responsible for claiming any prizes that you may win as further described below. The receipt of emails from FreeLotto® is required for your participation in and to claim prizes in FreeLotto® games. You will be notified during game play if the email address you submitted will enable you to claim your prizes. If your email address does not meet these requirements, you will be given an opportunity to submit an alternate email address. Some internet service providers such as Yahoo and Hotmail.com provide free e-mail services. Some companies provide free internet access and may also be available at your public library.


Each day a certain number of ads or questions will be posted at the game site that will remain on the site all or part of that day. To submit your entries for the daily contests, choose your numbers for each of the FreeLotto® games you are eligible to enter each day and choose a sponsor to visit by clicking on its banner ad, or answer a multiple choice question. You may submit one entry for each game available to you on a given day. You may also increase the number of banner ads available to you by answering questions regarding your buying preferences. Your answers will determine if some advertisers who seek to selectively advertise their products will display their ads to you. (Example: if you indicate an interest in fishing, fishing related ads may appear on your FreeLotto® game page). You may enter once from each ad or question but you are limited to one entry per FreeLotto® game per day.


Registered players are eligible to play six consecutive FreeLotto® games each day:

( 1ST ) Classic FreeLotto®

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Players must play each game they are offered in succession to be eligible to play the subsequent game and must enter all of the first 5 games they are offered to be eligible to play FreeLotto® SuperBucks. From time to time the FreeLotto® games may be offered individually or out of sequence. In such instances all other provisions of the FreeLotto® Game Rules still apply.

Player Eligibility

You must be at least 18 years or older to play. You must be a registered FreeLotto® member and subscribed to FreeLotto® emails to be eligible to play and win FreeLotto®. FreeLotto® and the FreeLotto® games are offered worldwide, with exceptions. For a full list of rules, exceptions and the most current details regarding player eligibility, please visit Official Rules of FreeLotto®.

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