Good Karma

GoodKarmaPeople casually use the word karma to explain why something happens, whether it is good or bad.  Boni Hutchinson-Ennis believes she has good karma. She recently won $250,000 from a WinStation (automated machine) at her local Fred Meyer store. This latest win marked Boni’s second win in three years.

Boni has big plans for her good fortune. She plans to purchase a new motorized wheelchair for her daughter, who has Spina Bifida. She is also using her winnings to cover funeral expenses for her late mother. Lastly, she wants to buy a new car for herself and then save the rest. Boni used her first lottery win to grow her massage therapist business and believes she does the most good through healing people with her massage.

For selling the winning ticket, the Garden City, Idaho store will receive a $20,000 bonus.

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Living the Life

???????????Everyday it’s said, “If I win the lottery…” and the list follows; travel, buy a car, buy a house, save for the future, etc. For Matt Myles, one of England’s newest £1 million winner from the Euromillions game, the bucket list now includes a year off from work and a trip around the world. Matt’s travels have taken him to a tiger sanctuary in Thailand, the World Cup in Brazil and even Hong Kong. He also has plans to travel to Machu Picchu, Australia, the United States and China.

This ex-soldier has noted a few changes to his lifestyle since quitting his job as a factory worker and packing his international bags. He now stays in luxury hotels, drinks the best champagne, drives supercars and has no problems finding a date. He plans on investing half of his winnings, starting a business venture and training to be an airline pilot.

You can follow Matt on his adventure through his Twitter account @mattmyles7.

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Silver Lining

SilverLiningThere’s an old saying, “every cloud has a silver lining,” and things are definitely shining more brightly for Deanna Fraley these days. In mid-June her Washington County, Maryland home was under attack by Mother Nature. She lost power in a bad storm and sought refuge at Al’s Pizza Convenience store. While waiting out the storm, Deanna played the Red Hot Riches scratch-off lottery game. To her surprise, she won $50,000 and it couldn’t have come at a better time.

Upon returning home, she found her neighborhood in a declared State of Emergency due to heavy flooding and her home inundated with water. Despite the damage to her home, Deanna was not hopeless knowing she had a winning scratch off ticket.

Deanna plans on repairing her house, taking her two sons to Bike Week in Ocean City, Maryland, as well as donating money to help others affected by the storms.  Deanna found her $33,125 after tax payout a silver lining in the midst of tragedy.

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PA lottery officials ask players to check for winning ticket

Lotto spielenMost people do not need to be reminded to check their lottery tickets – it’s second nature to check, double-check and check just one more time to make sure your numbers aren’t the winning numbers. However, residents of McKeesport, Pennsylvania are being asked to check their lottery tickets again.
It turns out the winning Mega Millions ticket was sold at White Oak Gas and Grocery in May and has yet to be claimed. The $149 million jackpot ticket is the first ever winning jackpot ticket sold in the State of Pennsylvania.

The gas station also benefits from Mega Millions. Its cut is a $100,000 bonus for selling the winning ticket. If your numbers are the winning combination, you still have time to claim your prize!

Divine Intervention

DivineInterventionImagine holding a lottery ticket worth $50,000,000. Now imagine losing a lottery ticket worth $50,000,000. You now know how Hakeem and Abiola Nosiru of Toronto, felt for months while they searched for their lost lottery ticket.

The Nosirus originally realized they had matched the numbers on their ticket for the $50 million Lotto Max prize on January 17, 2014. They securely taped the ticket inside Abiola’s purse, so that it could be redeemed later.  After going to church, the Nosirus realized that the lottery ticket was nowhere to be found and began searching everywhere for it.

Three months later the ticket was returned to them by a member of their church. Luckily for the Nosirus, Hakeem had signed the back of the ticket along with their address making it easier to track them down. They were able to claim their prize on June 2, 2014, just days before the deadline.

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