Out of Sight, Out of Mind

iStock_000006700004XSmallOn sunny days you see people everywhere washing and cleaning their cars. For one New York man, cleaning out his truck made him a millionaire.

Jerry Ritieni purchased $20 worth of lottery tickets and put them in the console of his truck, forgetting about them. He was looking for a set of keys in the console when he came across the forgotten lottery tickets. Ritieni got on the lottery’s website and checked his numbers, he could hardly believe it when his numbers matched the jackpot.

The first person he told was his 17-year old son, who didn’t believe his practical-joker dad. The two drove to the lottery office to claim the prize. His employees knew he was telling the truth when he returned to work with a million dollar smile on his face; they say he never smiles.

Jerry Ritieni has opted for the lump sum payment and after taxes he will receive approximately $1.3 million. He doesn’t have any immediate plans for the money other than to make sure his children are taken care of.

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Something in the Water

iStock_000010061555SmallWhat are the odds of one rural Minnesota county producing two lottery jackpot winners?

Joe and Rhonda Meath of Anoka Country recently purchased a Hot Lotto ticket that made them jackpot winners of $11.7 million! Rhonda, a waitress, and Joe, a retiree, don’t plan on making any big life changing decisions right away. Joe plans to keep his old truck and Rhonda says she loves her job waiting tables and has no intention of quitting.

Their lottery winning is also unique in that they do not have to pay taxes on their winnings, which would be over $3 million, due to the rules of the game.

The Meaths are the second lucky lottery winners to win big in Anoka County recently. Last year, Paul White of Ham Lake also took home a large lottery payout when he was one of three winners of the $448 million Powerball drawing.

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South Carolina Lottery winner has “Beginner’s Luck”

Its raining moneyIn a true beginner’s luck story, Jamiela Hardick of South Carolina, won big when she purchased her first lottery tickets. Jamiela decided to try her luck when she purchased 2 tickets, a $5 Crossword 10K and $5 Mega Bucks ticket, from a Sheetz store in Queensboro. With beginner’s luck on her side, Jamiela not only won back the $5 on her Crossword 10K ticket, but also claimed the maximum prize on her Mega Bucks ticket. After taxes, she received a little over $69,000.

Many people buy lottery tickets without ever winning a prize – luckily for Jamiela, this was not the case.

Jamiela plans on using her winnings to help pay for college where she wants to become a nurse. There are still other winners from the Mega Bucks game that have yet to claim their prizes.

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Dear Old Dad

???????????How would you tell the people you love that you won the lottery? A Danish man shared the news that he won over $2 million with his two sons and caught their reaction on video. The video has since gone viral and has people talking everywhere about how they would reveal their big lottery win to their family.

In the video, Poul Hjortbøl starts out telling his sons that he quit his job because he won a small amount of money and gave them all a small stack of cash. He continued to give them a little more information about his lottery winning and also gave them more gifts. Each time he gave a little more information, you could hear the excitement in his sons’ voices. This single dad eventually came clean with the entire story and the celebration began.

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Luck of the Irish

1Since EuroMillions was brought to Ireland in 2004, over €751 million has been won by its residents. Most recently, the country has been waiting for the winner of a €86,732,923 jackpot to come forward.

The National Lottery has heard from the winner in the last few days and reports that they are very excited to collect their winnings. This newest Irish millionaire won their fortune from a €6 Quick Pick ticket. Only the future will reveal how the winner will spend their extremely large jackpot.

Just in the past year, Irish lottery players have won four EuroMillions jackpots. In April, an Irish family won €15 million through the EuroMillions game. Another Irish lottery player won €94 million, making him one of the richest men in the country.

Ireland is becoming one of the top winningest countries that participate in the EuroMillions lottery. Not only are the residents of Ireland collecting numerous lottery wins, they are also winning large jackpots in the popular game.

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Lotto Winner To Keep Her Job

article5Joanne Gilbert, of Wales, won £1.1million playing the lottery but plans to make almost no changes to her life. Gilbert is not one of those lottery winners with plans to buy a new house, a new car, and a yacht. She says she will keep her job at the Llanfrechfa Grange Hospital where she launders sheets for £6 an hour, a job she has been doing for 21 years. Gilbert hopes to maintain as much normalcy as possible and thinks the best way to do that is to continue working. She also plans to keep her car and modest 3 bedroom house. Gilbert became a single mother at the age of 16 to her only child, Marcus. She has struggled with money her entire life and can’t really imagine what it will be like to not have to worry about her finances.

So what will she do with the money? So far, her only plan is to go to Disneyland. She’s wanted to take a trip to America since she was a little girl and now she can finally afford to go.

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A Year-Long Wait

article4Beth Saunders from Penhold, Canada, won $1,006,750.00 on a lottery ticket. She knew about the win but waited almost an entire year to claim her prize. She was afraid of how such a large amount of money would change her life. She had legitimate fears of how people would treat her differently when they discovered she was a millionaire. The Western Canada Lottery Corporation had begun to think no one was going to come forward with the winning ticket. Surprisingly, millions of lottery dollars go unclaimed every year.

Saunders purchased her winning ticket as part of an eight number Quick Pick combination pack from a local gas station for $28.00. The morning after the drawing she checked all 56 lines and discovered that on one line all six numbers matched. The jackpot was $1 million but she won an extra $6,750.00 because she purchased it as part of a combination pack.

Saunders has yet to make any definite plans with the money despite having had a year to think about it. She does hope to take a trip to Australia in the future.

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Second Chance For One British Couple

article3What would you do if you had missed a drawing playing your regular numbers and that day they came up? Poor Sue and Lee Mullins of Grimsby, England had to give up their lottery playing after having a baby. Money was tight, it was lottery tickets or diapers and diapers came first. When the couple saw that their regular numbers came up for a £8.5million jackpot and they didn’t have a ticket, they were devastated. They vowed to never play the lottery again.

But six years later, Sue had a premonition that they would be lucky again. She began purchasing lucky dip tickets. After playing for only a few weeks, Sue’s numbers matched and she won a £4.8million of a £24,368,199 Euro Millions jackpot. When she checked the results online, she couldn’t believe it. She refreshed the lottery website so many times that she actually broke a button on her laptop.

Life is going to be very different for this couple who were scraping by on £300 of government disability benefits. They plan to buy a new home not far from where they live now. They also plan to take a romantic trip to Mauritius and then a family vacation to Disneyland for their four children. Lee plans to keep his beat-up, old car as a reminder of where he came from. The couple also plans to use the money to pay for private healthcare for their medical problems.

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Lotto Machine Sells Winning Ticket

lucky green lotteryDennis Harmon, from Martinsville, Virginia, was shopping at a local K-mart for some fishing supplies. While he was there, he stopped at a scratch-off vending machine and bought three $2 tickets. He scratched them off on the way to the car but none of them were winners. Harmon decided to go back in to the store for a few more $2 tickets. Lucky for him, the lottery machine refused to take his $5 bill. Harmon pulled a $20 bill from his pocket and picked a $20 ticket. It turned out to be a $1 million jackpot winner. It was a pretty amazing series of events that led to his ultimate win.

He was so excited about the win that when he called to tell his wife the good news, he wasn’t able to speak. His wife, Donna, thought he had been in an accident.

Harmon has decided to take the prize as a lump sum of $564,000 which will end up being about $400,000 after taxes. He plans to pay off his mortgage and his other debts. He also plans to buy his wife a new car. Then, he plans to invest the rest. Harmon has only two years left until retirement so he will keep working until then.

The K-mart where he bought the winning ticket will receive a check for $10,000 as a seller’s bonus.

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New Zealand Grandfather Wins On A Spin

article1Trevor Taukiri, 71, from Hamilton, New Zealand won $200,000 on a spin of a wheel. For every lottery draw in New Zealand, in addition to the 6 lotto balls, a serial number which can be found at the bottom of the ticket is chosen at random. The owner of the ticket with the winning serial number is given an all expense paid trip to the Lottery’s studio where they will spin a wheel on live television to win one of 30 prizes ranging from $100,000 to $1 million.

Trevor and his wife Joyce, who have been married for over 50 years, were treated to a two day stay in a fancy hotel, meals at upscale restaurants and new clothes for the live show. It was a real treat for the couple who lives very simply and has struggled to support their large extended family. They plan to use the $200,000 prize they won to pay off their mortgage. They also hope to spend some of the money traveling around the South Island in their RV.

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Caregiver Wins People’s Postcode Lottery

article5_20140919Betty Smith, from Billingham, UK, won the People’s Postcode Lottery, a charity subscription lottery with five drawings each month. A monthly ticket can be purchased for £10. In each drawing, a post code is picked at random and all players with that post code win a share of the prize.

Betty found out she was a winner when she got a letter telling her she was among 119 winners in her postal code who had won a share of a £2.5 million drawing and inviting her and the other winners to a party winners for the winners. She was called on stage and couldn’t believe the announcement that she had won over £600,000 in the special drawing.

Betty cares for husband Billy, who is disabled with Parkinson’s disease, and her grandson, Conor, who has cerebral palsy and nystagmus, a vision disorder. She is the full time caregiver for both of them. She plans to buy a new bungalow that will enable her to take better care of her husband and grandson.

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Good Friends Share Million Dollar Prize

article4_20140919Eula Webb, 75, and Sam Cricci, 80, both of Middletown, NY, made a quick trip to the grocery store earlier this month for some milk and bread. While they were there, the two friends bought a few scratch tickets from the lotto machine as they often do. Webb and Cricci have had a long standing agreement to share any prizes they might win. When they got home, Cricci scratched his $1,000,000 Empire State Millionaire ticket and won nothing, but when Webb scratched her ticket, she discovered it was a $1 million winner.

The good friends and neighbors opted to split the prize equally. Each will receive $25,000.00 a year for 20 years. They are both long retried from their careers and have modest plans for the money. Webb plans to replace her ten year old car with a newer model.

At the check ceremony, Webb and Cricci, seemed very happy to have won but also camera shy. They made a quick exit as soon as the interview was over.

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Ticket Change Results In Big Win

article3_20140919Doug Delk from Moncks Corner, South Carolina, stopped by Wildwood Convenience store, where he is a regular, to pick up a scratch ticket. He asked for his favorite scratch ticket at the counter but they were out of it, so he picked the $10 Emerald Green 7′s ticket instead. Delk took a coin and scratched it off right there to find he won $200,000. He began celebrating immediately, even kissing the manager, Sandy Keeler, on the cheek.

According to Delk, the money won’t change him. He plans to use the money to buy a home so he doesn’t have to rent anymore. He’s looking at a modest two bedroom mobile home on an acre and a half of land for $3,500. He’ll put the rest of the money in the bank.

Delk is still playing scratch offs and doesn’t intend to stop. In fact, he won $100 on another Emerald Green 7’s ticket a few days after his big win. Four top prizes of $200,000 remain in the Emerald Green 7’s game at the time of Doug’s win. The odds of winning the top prize are approximately 1 in 497,000.

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Enlisted Teen Wins And Plans To Invest

article2_20140919Nineteen year-old Cody Fairey, from La Crescent, Minnesota, won the grand prize on a $100,000 Minnesota Hold ‘Em scratch-off ticket. He was sitting in the living room watching hockey with his dad and brother when he scratched the ticket and discovered the win. For a few minutes, Cody just sat there silently staring at the winning ticket. After the initial shock work off, Cody tried to tell his father and brother but neither of them believed him until they studied the ticket themselves.

Cody collected his $100,000 prize at the Lottery Headquarters in Roseville, MN. After taxes, he will have approximately $67,750. Cody plans to invest the entire amount and hopes to see it grow substantially. Cody has just completed basic training and will be stationed in Texas for the next three years. He will live off his military pay for now in hopes that he can retire at 40 and live off his winnings.

At the time of Cody’s win, according to the lottery website, there were four $100,000 prizes still remaining in the Minnesota Hold ‘Em game. The odds of winning the grand prize of $100,000 are one in 480,000.

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Big Win Comes At Just The Right Time

article1_20140919Val Pugsley, 55, from Cynonville, Wales, won £275,000 on a lucky dip lottery ticket. She purchased the ticket at local kiosk where she regularly plays on Saturdays and Wednesdays. She missed the live drawing but caught the numbers at the end of the TV show. Val’s husband, Allen, was on the night shift at work driving a freight train. The only one home with her that night was her son, Adam. Val told him the news and then called her friend Eira Young, who spread the news around town.

The lottery win came at a pivotal time for Val. Val has worked as a caretaker and cleaner at a local primary school that was about to be closed for good. Prior to her win, Val didn’t know what she would do because she doesn’t drive and it would be difficult to get to another school. Now, she doesn’t have to worry.

Val plans to use some of the money to buy a new house though there will be some sadness leaving the 1920’s semi-detached house she’s lived in her whole life. She also plans to use the money for the benefit of her three sons and her grandchildren.

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