Double Down in Iowa

Why stop at one winning ticket when you can have TWO! That’s Ken Broadwell’s new motto after he won big with not one, but two scratch off tickets on the same day. The 75 year old Iowa man plays the lottery every day, but June 23rd was certainly the luckiest he’s had to date. His first scratch off of the day revealed a $930 prize, which is no small sum for the retired Grandfather. As it turns out, the day wasn’t over, and neither was his luck! The second scratch off, Gemstone 10s, proved to be an even larger win, netting Ken another $100,000. Understandably, he had a hard time believing his own good fortune, “I think it was the second to the last scratch and I got the 10 symbol, and then I scratched the winning prize, and I saw that $100,000. Almost unbelievable! I didn’t think I’d won it.” Ken plans to treat himself to a new car, in addition to helping out his family and friends, most of whom are already aware of his two wins, “Oh, I think everybody down in the neighborhood down there knows about it because I filled up with gas this morning and several people congratulated me.”

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Profitable Pit stop

A woman and her husband were wrapping up their vacation in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, when they decided to stop in Columbia to purchase a souvenir. The woman walked out of the Kangaroo Express with a 50x scratch-off purchased for $10. Before they had time to leave town, the woman realized she had a winning ticket. Her $10 souvenir turned into $200,000! While their vacation may officially be over, the winning woman excitedly declared, “I’ll be back to SC!” And with luck like that, who could blame her?!

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Newlywed Winners

Stacy and David Foster are having a big year! On May 1st they became husband and wife at a lovely marriage ceremony attended by their closest family and friends. By most accounts, this would be considered enough excitement for the year, but their happiness was just beginning! Less than two months later, the newlyweds purchased a $30 scratch off, part of Massachusetts’ new Supreme Million lottery game, and instantly became multi-millionaires. The couple’s ticket was worth $6.8 million dollars after taxes. The MA state lottery printed 30 million Supreme Million tickets, only four of which contained the grand prize. With odds like that, it’s easy to understand Stacy’s stunned reaction, “It’s hard to comprehend…like for me, I still can’t comprehend this.” Stacy and David plan to use their winnings to purchase a few important, big ticket, newlywed items – a new house and truck!

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Postal Payoff

Postal workers generally go unappreciated for all of the hard work they do – fending off an angry dog, trudging through a winter storm, or sweating through a muggy July day to make sure our packages arrive on time.  Michael Stetar is one lucky postman who got the thanks he deserved when he purchased a winning scratch off ticket worth $4 million! Michael has been a postman in Elgin, Illinois for 17 years, and a loyal scratch off player for about as long. By his own account, Michael purchases one scratch off a week hoping to hit it big, and that’s just what he did with a $20 Golden Casino ticket. Michael explained his life changing decision, “I feel luckier when I play a new game, so when I saw the Golden Casino ticket, I bought it, and I won! I scratched my ticket outside and then ran back into the store and had the clerk confirm that I really did win!” Michael elected to take the one-time payment, and he will receive $2.4 million after taxes. He plans to invest some of his winnings for retirement, but only after he splurges on a brand new truck.

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One Happy Accident

Most accidents end up costing money, but for one lucky Connecticut man the reverse was true! Earlier in June, Bob Sabo arrived at a Super Stop & Shop in Fairfield with the intention of purchasing two $20 lottery tickets. Unwilling to wait in the long line, Bob decided to try his luck with the lottery vending machine. The automated machines are meant for speed and ease – press a few buttons, and no need to talk to anyone. Unfortunately, Bob forgot his glasses and accidentally purchased one $30 ticket instead of the two $20s he wanted. Frustration quickly turned into excitement when Bob arrived home and scratched the ticket to find out he won $30,000. He recalls the unlikely moment, “…I couldn’t believe it- we won $30,000. Winning the way we did was a very freaky thing!” Bob hasn’t revealed what he plans to do with the money, but we bet he’ll be back at the vending machine sometime soon!

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South Florida residents wondering who won $80 million Powerball prize

If you live in South Florida, look around. You may be staring at Florida Lottery’s newest Powerball winner who’s now worth $80 million.

The quick-pick winner purchased the lottery ticket at the Best Value in Plantation, FL.

It’s the 10th winning Powerball ticket sold in Florida since the Florida Lottery added Powerball to its game offerings in January, 2009.

Winners have 180 days to claim their prizes (60 if they want a lump sum).

Most winners of such large amounts keep quiet while assembling a team of legal and financial advisers.

$80 million will not only change the life of the winner, but if planned properly, will set up their grandchildren for life as well.

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Virginia Lottery winner comes forth to claim $1 million prize

Yes, Virginia, there is a new millionaire among your population.

Tom Cook, from Salem, VA, won the Virginia Lottery Mega Millions $1 million prize when he purchased his ticket at a Kroger grocery store. He’s the fourth Virginian to win at least $1 million in the past two months.

Tom will take home $710,000 after taxes. His winning numbers were 1-40-42-56-62.

According to Virginia Lottery officials, Tom told them he doesn’t intend to have the winnings change his lifestyle, and he was uncertain how he would spend his windfall.

I imagine he’ll receive plenty ideas over the next 24 hours.

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Indiana Lottery awards $18.7 million prize to Chesterton couple

There are 2 more millionaires in the Hoosier state!

Dena Wright and Dan Gresham of Chesterton, IN, won the $18.7 million Hoosier Lotto jackpot when their numbers 1-18-22-30-34-42 were drawn.

The $18.7 million prize is the largest paid out by Hoosier Lotto since May 2014 and it’s the first winner since October of last year.

So it was due!

According to Indiana lottery officials, Dena has been faithfully playing the Hoosier Lottery twice a week every week since she moved back to Indiana a year-and-a-half ago to be near the couple’s grandchildren.

The real estate agent plans to continue working for the time being, but has already quit her second job as a server.

Her husband, Dan, however, has already given notice to his employer. Dan is a soon-to-be-retired automotive transmission technician.

The winning couple chose to take the annual payout of $333,000, before taxes, over 30 years, versus the lump sum.

They plan to use the money to “enjoy life” and send their grandchildren to college.

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£93M EuroMillions jackpot winner fourth in UK this year

The most recent winner of the £93M EuroMillions jackpot has chosen to remain anonymous, but that doesn’t stop the UK’s newest millionaire, or millionaires, from now sitting 6th on the National Lottery Rich List with a fortune to rival F1 World Champion Lewis Hamilton who is worth £88M.

The UK’s fourth winner in 2015 is also wealthier than singer-songwriter Gary Barlow who has £65M in the bank, Coldplay’s Chris Martin with £52M, English professional footballer Wayne Rooney who is worth £72M, Wimbledon winner Andy Murray who has £48M, and multiple Major winner Rory McIlroy who has a mere £38M in the bank.

Since the winner will remain anonymous, we’ll likely not find out how the money will be spent, but here’s one idea:

You could purchase a private island on each of the world’s oceans. Options include a sandy paradise off the coast of the United Arab Emirates for a reported £11m and a 100-acre island near Fiji in the South Pacific for £2.8m.

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UK’s National Lottery gets harder and easier to win

Starting in October, National Lottery players will find it easier and harder to win prizes.

Ten more numbers will be added to the pot, meaning Lotto players will have 59 numbers to choose from instead of 49, but average jackpots are set to triple. The shake-up to way the lottery is played also means there is only a one in 45 million chance of winning the jackpot instead of the one in 14 million you had before.

Despite the increase in numbers, players’ chances of winning and becoming a millionaire will actually get better because there will be an extra 1.8 million winners a week chosen, which will increase the overall chance of winning any prize from one in 54 now to one in 9.3.

A new ‘Millionaire Raffle’ will also be launched guaranteeing a £1million prize in every draw – giving you a second chance to win with the same ticket.

And players who match two numbers on the draw will win a lucky dip ticket for a future draw meaning a second chance to hit the jackpot.

Lottery official Andy Duncan said, “What we’re announcing today – offering players more chances than ever to become a millionaire on Lotto and bigger rolling jackpots – is part of our programme of continuous innovation and builds on Lotto’s ongoing success.”

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MA Lottery has first $15M winner in Supreme Millions Instant Game

Newlyweds from Cape Cod are the first $15 million winner of Massachusetts State Lottery’s Supreme Millions Instant Game, which was introduced on April 28, 2015.

How’d they win:

On Saturday, Stacy Foster and her husband walked into a convenience store on Route 6 in Eastham, MA, and requested a $30 ticket. But the store clerk told Stacy the dispenser wasn’t operating and that she would need to purchase a ticket from a different dispenser.

The broken dispenser was worth $15 million, or $9,750,000 less taxes since the couple took the one-time cash payment.

The newlyweds plan to purchase a house, pay off student loans and buy a truck with their winnings.

According to MA lottery officials, three $15M prizes and 61 $1M prizes remain to be won.

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Richard Beckett

Congratulations to Richard Beckett, from United States.

Richard Beckett

Richard won $300 playing FreeLotto.

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Luckiest numbers to play for the NJ Lottery

A recent article on features a fun activity. They crunched all the numbers from previous drawings and determined the luckiest numbers to play for the New Jersey Lottery.

You can find the luckiest numbers for the NJ Lottery here.

However, what you won’t find are the best numbers to play or the ones more likely to be drawn in the future.

The hardest single theory for most lottery players to believe is the randomness of numbers theory.

It’s really not a theory, but a fact. Unless the game is rigged.

But the fact is the following number combinations all have equal chances of be drawn next for the first 5 numbers of Powerball:





I’ll say it again. The odds of any of the above number combinations being drawn are the same.

To improve your chances of winning the lottery, it’s not necessarily the numbers you choose, but how and which games you play.

People suggest staying away from lower numbers to avoid sharing your winnings because others will likely play numbers based on birthdays and anniversaries.

The best way to improve your chances of winning is to play more often.

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Mom becomes millionaire on way to work via CA Lottery

California resident Jennifer Daniel had to go to work. She also had to go, go. As in go to the bathroom. So she made a pit stop at a CVS convenient store in Modesto.

As she was leaving, the California Lottery Ultimate Riches Scratchers machine caught her eye. For fun, the young mother fed in a $20 bill, took the ticket, scratched off the barcode and scanned it.

It was the best decision she ever made.

The lottery ticket was worth $5 million.

“I was very calm,” she said. “I was just smiling, no screaming or anything like that.”

Ms. Daniel said her thoughts went first to her family.

“My number one thing is to pay off my parents’ house and pay off their car so my mom can retire,” she told CA Lottery officials. “And then I want to pay off my own house and put some money aside for my son’s school.”

The best part of winning is that she no longer has to work 6 days a week, plus overtime to make ends meet. Now she can spend more time with her son.

“I can just work eight hours a day and enjoy my days and spend time with my son,” she said.

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Sandra Faison

Congratulations to Sandra Faison, from United States.

Sandra Faison

Sandra won the FastCash prize of $10,000.

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