TX Lottery cashes in on latest scratch-off game trends

If you live in a state with a professional NFL football team, you’ll likely soon be able to play a scratch-off instant cash game featuring your local NFL franchise.

The Washington Lottery recently introduced the $5 “WE ARE 12” Seahawks scratch ticket, which offers four top prizes of $50,000, and five second-chance drawing opportunities for incredible prizes such as a Legendary Seahawks Game Day Weekend, game day tickets and a pair of 2016 season tickets.

Also this year the Texas Lottery launched a Dallas Cowboys scratch-off game as well as a Houston Texans instant win game. The Cowboys scratch off has been so popular, TX Lottery officials held a press conference today to announce the game has generated $52 million for Texas public schools in just a few months of its availability. That’s quite a load of cash! No word on how the Houston scratch-off game is performing, but odds are it’s on the fast track to success too.

Since most states have similarly themed scratch-off games – the same small group of companies manufacture and consult the state lotteries – you can count on many more states cashing in on the NFL instant win game successes.

After all, if you can give $52 million to local schools, why wouldn’t you participate?

Perhaps the Illinois Lottery will introduce the “Paper bag over your head Chicago Bears game.”

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