Walmart May Start Selling Lottery Tickets

Walmart, one of the United States largest retail stores, which has taken a stance against selling lottery tickets, may change its mind.  Walmart has agreed to start a pilot program with the Florida Lottery. Walmart started testing its pilot lottery program in Florida on October 5th and it is still running today.  If it’s successful, the company plans to expand lottery ticket sales to Walmart super centers throughout the state.

A Florida Woman Wins $43 Million and Gives it All Away

Ruby Sorah, a 90-year-old woman in Florida, matched all six winning numbers in the February 17 Florida Lotto drawing.  Sorah became the lucky prize winner of the $43 Million jackpot!  She has decided to give away all of her winnings to family and doesn’t plan on doing anything for herself with the money.  Her neighbors report that Sorah and her husband, also 90, are a very sweet couple who live a simple life.  Congratulations to the Sorah family for their winnings and even more for their heartwarming generosity!

Twin Sisters in California Split $6 Million Lottery Prize

Fraternal twins Lauren Poorman and Lisa Toton from San Ramon California were the lucky $6 Million scratch off ticket winners.  The sisters, who are now in their early 40s, say they’ve been playing the lottery fairly regularly since they were 18 years old after their mother won $12,000.  On the day the winning ticket was purchased, Toton recalls seeing a yellow lady bug in her car.  She took the ladybug as a sign of luck and promptly purchased $20 worth of scratch-off lottery tickets. After scratching all of them in her car, Toton looked at the tickets and started screaming with excitement! She called her husband and texted her sister to come home. They celebrated with dinner and decided to receive their prize through monthly installments of $20,000.  Toton and her sister Poorman had a long standing rule that the sister to purchase the winning ticket would take 60 percent of the winnings and the other sister would receive 40 percent.  Toton told ABC news that she plans to purchase a vacation home while her sister plans to purchase a new home and pay for her daughter’s college education.

Congratulations to the sisters for their winnings!  We wish them happiness and success!

The $1.58 Billion Powerball Winners

There were 3 Winning Tickets for the Historic $1.58 Billion Powerball in January.  The winning tickets were purchased in Tennessee, Florida, and California, respectively.  After splitting the jackpot three ways, each winning ticket will be worth roughly $528 million.

The winners in Tennessee, John and Lisa Robinson, were the first to come forward shortly after the winning numbers were drawn. They chose to take the lump sum payout of $328 million before taxes.

Next, Florida couple, David Kaltschmidt and Maureen Smith, made their win public. They also opted to take their winnings in one lump sum of $328 million before taxes.  Maureen Smith said that she played the same numbers she has played for a long time, though she doesn’t play regularly.  The couple expressed concern about the spotlight from such a large win and declined to mention whether or not they have any children.  They did say they planned on helping their family and also have plans to buy a new truck.  Kaltschmidt, a mechanical engineer for 34 years, says he plans on quitting his job.

The California winner has yet to come forward.

How the North Carolina Educational Lottery Has Hurt Education

When North Carolina approved the first ever statewide lottery, known as “The North Carolina Education Lottery”, former governor Mike Easley promised that lottery sales would bring in “half-a-billion annually for education.”  Sounds great, right?  Too bad the state has done absolutely nothing to increase the money spent on education.  In fact, North Carolina now spends less on education than it did before the lottery was established in 2005.

The government lied to lottery players and schools by imposing permanent cuts in education funding and then filling those same cuts by using lottery funds.  This means that instead of providing extra money for education, they actually take away the money that is already in place and use the lottery earnings to replace it.  This has been a terrible mistake!  Over time they have also lessened the amount they’re replacing, so the schools get less money than they had to start.

Public school districts across the state are losing more and more permanent funding as lawmakers refuse to keep pace with inflation. School districts are being forced into difficult situations, where they either have to raise local taxes to make up the difference, or cut services and close schools.  The lottery money that was supposed to help fund programs such as college scholarships and pre-kindergarten programs is single-handedly decreasing the funding and in many cases shutting down the programs altogether.

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