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Shark Tank’s Mark Cuban Gives 6 Great Tips for Lottery Winners

Mark Cuban, Billionaire, Shark Tank star, and Dallas Mavericks owner, has 6 starter tips for anyone who wins the lottery. FreeLotto players, listen up! Here they are:

  1. Hire a tax attorney.
  2. Don’t take your prize money as a lump sum because you don’t want to blow through all of it.
  3. If you weren’t happy yesterday, you won’t be happy because of the lottery. It’s money not happiness.
  4. If you were happy, you’re going to be a lot happier because life is easier when you don’t have to worry about bills.
  5. Your friends and relatives will ask for money, but you should tell them no. If you are close to them, you will already know their struggles.  If you do help them, be sure to talk to your accountant beforehand.  No one needs $1 million or even $100,000 for anything.
  6. You don’t become a smart investor just because you’ve won the lottery. Instead, Cuban recommends you put your money in the bank where you know you won’t lose it.

Jackpot winner

A $13 Million Lottery Ticket Remains Unclaimed in Texas

A ticket matching all 6 numbers for the Texas Lotto was sold on June 18th in a Kroger Supermarket at Arlington, Texas.

The winning numbers were 2, 19, 25, 28, 30 and 51.

The winner has 6 months to claim his or her prize and can do so without publicly coming forward to claim the jackpot. He or she may also request a lump sum payment totaling over $9.8 million!

The Kroger where the ticket was purchased will receive a $132,214.29 bonus.

The Texas Lottery Commission recommend that the winner sign his or her ticket in ink, store it in a safe, and consult with tax attorney before claiming their payment.  Furthermore, they recommend not quitting your job right away as you don’t know how long it will take to claim your prize.

We hope the winner claims his or her prize soon and wish them the best of luck moving forward!

Lucky Illinois Man Named Gambles Has Won the Lottery Twice Using Same Numbers

Larry Gambles, from Mattesson, Illinois, has been playing the lottery every single day for 15 years!  On June 7th, the 65-year-old won more than $1 million dollars playing the Lucky Day Lotto.  Just 9 years before that, he won $50,000 playing the same game with the same numbers!

Every single day for 15 years, Gambles played: 01 – 06 – 12 – 14 – 25.  The numbers came from his favorite football player’s jersey number, his own high school football and basketball jersey numbers, and the number he wore at his university’s fraternity.

Gambles, a retired Chicago school administrator, says the lottery is just about luck, and he definitely has it!

Gambles plans on setting up an annuity for his 34-year-old daughter and 3-year-old granddaughter.  He also intends on sharing his good fortune with friends and family.  He says he feels very fortunate, blessed, and grateful.

Gambles intends on continuing to play the lottery every day.  With a name like Gambles, it seems like he’s destined for many more wins.  Congratulations Larry and good luck!

Former Iowa Lottery Official Faces Trial for Lottery Fraud

An Iowa lottery official was convicted of 2 counts of fraud last year after he attempted to rig and claim a 2010 Iowa Hot Lotto Drawing worth $16.5 million.

Eddie Tipton, the former information security director for the Multi-State Lottery Association, is also facing a second trial on July 1st after being accused of fixing the jackpot in several states.

The judge presiding over his case has moved the new trial to a courthouse outside of central Iowa after his defense lawyer argued that the jury pool might be biased due to the extensive media coverage regarding the case.

Greed got the best of Tipton, who has lost his job and remains in jail for his bad decisions.

20 Co-workers Split $5 Million after winning the Mega Millions Jackpot!

Twenty lucky co-workers in Rhode Island will split $5 million as part of their joint lottery-playing effort – that’s $250,000 per person!  The men work together at a medical supply manufacturing company and say they’ve been playing Powerball or the Mega Millions every week for years. In March their efforts finally paid off!

They purchased their winning Mega Millions ticket at Chum’s Spirits, a local liquor store in Harrisville.

They won the $1 million prize for matching five of the six numbers drawn. They also increased the prize by purchasing a “multiplier” option, making the total jackpot $5 million before taxes. Most of the men say the plan on retiring soon and the money will certainly help make those dreams come true!

Good news for the rest of us, the Mega Millions Jackpot is up to $390 Million and the next drawing isn’t until tomorrow (June 29th), so there’s still time to get your tickets! Good luck from all of us at FreeLotto!

Best Lottery Strategies Winner

The best lottery strategies from a multiple prize winner

How to win playing instant games and improve your odds at Powerball by 100 times for free.

Jackie McDermott won her first lottery prize 5 years ago playing a $20 scratch-off game called Texas $50 Million Club. She won $1,000. Since then, she has won numerous smaller prizes and 8 times claimed jackpots of more than $500, including a $2,000 prize playing the instant game Millions & Million.

Jackie always uses the same strategy for winning the lottery.

To understand Jackie’s strategy, you first need to understand how instant games work. These games of chance may appear to be random – like the lottery draw games – but they are not. Winning tickets in a roll are not doled out in a random order. The state lottery doesn’t want to take that kind of risk. It wants to create excitement for the game and prevent, for example, a long run of losers or all the big prizes being purchased early in the game. It also can’t afford for too many winning tickets to be printed either of course; otherwise, it would lose money.

Instead, state lotteries want to project an image of randomness when in fact the results are carefully controlled and winning tickets are dispersed strategically.

Further, only a portion of the scratch-off tickets gets distributed to lottery retailers at the start of the game. Most tickets are held back, not only because demand is tough to predict, but because shipping them all at once would create a huge financial risk. Every top prize could get hit the first week, forcing the game to close and costing the state millions.

A computerized system tracks the rolls of tickets being activated and prizes being cashed. When a store’s stock gets low, tickets get shipped automatically. Retailers can also place orders.

Each shipment of new rolls is tightly controlled and strategically sent. Some claim that after the first round of shipments, more winning tickets tend to show up at the store with the highest sales.

“Most lotteries want prizes to be evenly spread throughout the game and not back-to-back, and our job is to securely and as randomly as possible accomplish this for the lotteries,” said Joe Bennett, vice president of game development for Scientific Games, which prints scratch-offs for every state lottery but Michigan’s.

Jackie was very aware of the pattern to how the tickets were printed and distributed and crafted a strategy accordingly. Many of her lottery strategy tips are covered on this site.

Her most important strategy, she confirms, is to always check the lottery’s website before purchasing a scratch-off game. Most state lottery games publish on their websites the prizes that have already been won for each game. Sometimes 2 out of 3 of the top prizes have been won for a game, thereby reducing the odds of winning. The reverse can also be true.

Jackie has seen the odds of winning the top prize go from 1 in 1.2 million to 1 in 800,000, and the odds for smaller prizes improve similarly.

Jackie’s lottery strategy is to check websites for games that have been out for awhile but still had a number of high prizes unclaimed, then buy those games when the odds are in her favor.

But this wasn’t all she did. There are many ways to improve the odds. More of Jackie’s lottery strategies are revealed here.

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