A Woman in Ireland Found a Ticket Worth $157,000 in her Purse

A woman from Kikenny, Ireland was cleaning out her messy purse where she recovered a couple of forgotten lottery tickets.

“My handbag was bulging and I decided to clear the load,” she explained.  “I’d just seen the news that the big jackpot was won… but I thought, you never know.”  She took the lotto tickets to a store to be scanned and was ecstatic to learn that she was a winner.

The Kikenny resident will be collecting her prize by the end of August.  Who knew cleaning out your purse could be worth so much money!

Alabama Will NOT Have a State Lottery

Last month we wrote about Governor Robert Bentley’s announcement to hold a legislative meeting in hopes of legalizing the sale of state lottery tickets and major lotteries like the Powerball.  The “lottery bill” was unfortunately struck down on Friday, August 26th, meaning that Alabamians will have to continue to leave the state to play the lottery.

Senator Jim McClendon, says that because the bill was voted out of legislation, Alabamians will not be given the opportunity to vote on whether or not they would like to play the lottery locally.  He further expressed his disappoint by stating, “I wanted to get this lottery issue before the people. I want to do something about the sick kids getting medical care.”

Opponents of the lottery, however, argue that the state should be able to make the necessary cuts to funding Medicaid with tax-payer money alone or move to remove revenue restrictions that stunt revenue growth.

Alabama will continue to be one of six states that don’t have a lottery for government revenue.  We hope Alabamians have the opportunity to vote for a lottery in the future.

A Chicago Bus Driver wins $2 Million with a Scratch-Off

Roy Pitman, 71, from Chicago, a recently retired transit authority bus driver, won $2 Million.

Pitman was riding the bus home after picking up the Illinois Lottery $2,000,000 Jumbo Bucks instant ticket.  During his commute, he started scratching, and was shocked to discover he won!  “I started shaking,” he said, shocked to be the grand prize winner.

Pittman has some advice for anyone who wants to win big; “try a ticket, because you never know.”  He plans on sharing his new wealth with his family and donating to charity.

Congratulations on your BIG win, Mr. Pitman.  We hope you and your family enjoy your great fortune.

How to Play Hot and Cold Numbers for Beginners

If you want to increase your chances of winning the lottery, then it’s important that you carefully select the numbers you’re playing.  Selecting hot and cold numbers is much better than selecting a date or birthday.  Although many people consider dates lucky and personal, they often fail to realize that dates can be limiting, because you’re ONLY picking numbers 1-31.  As a result, you’re neglecting over half of the numbers available for playing.

Simply put, “hot numbers” are numbers which have been drawn most frequently based on the past results, and “cold numbers” are numbers which are least drawn in the past.

Different lotteries are best played using one of these two strategies, but one of the most effective strategies is playing both hot and cold numbers together!  Numerous studies have shown that you have a better chance of winning when you select hot AND cold numbers than when numbers are selected at random.

One of the easiest ways to put this theory into motion is by checking the winning numbers for the last 50 days and playing the 3 numbers which were most chosen and 3 numbers that were chosen the least amount of times.  As a FreeLotto player, you can check out our Winning Numbers and do the math.  We really hope you benefit from picking hot and cold numbers.  Good luck!

Robber Steals $10,000 Worth of Lottery Tickets

Christopher Strikes, 24, was arrested on Tuesday, August 24th after he was tied to a lottery ticket robbery in Marion County, Florida.

Strikes busted the glass door of the Quick King Gas Station on August 16th.  Deputies responded to the store’s alarm system and noted that an entire case of Florida scratch-off tickets had been stolen.

Surveillance video showed a man smashing the front door with a hatchet and stealing the case of scratch-off tickets.

Not long after the robbery, Strikes attempted to claim a $1,000.00 prize from one of the stolen scratch-offs.  After failing to claim his prize at a convenience store in Leesburg, the clerk told him that his winning ticket was likely stolen.

He gave Strikes the option to have his picture taken or to have the police called.  Strikes agreed to the photo, and the clerk posted the picture to Facebook where he was immediately identified and reported to authorities.

It’s safe to say that Christopher Strikes got a one-way ticket to prison!  We hope he’s learned his lesson.  Nothing good ever comes from lying and stealing.

How to play hot numbers for upcoming Mega Millions jackpot drawings

Based on the current Mega Millions results, 2 specific patterns have occurred in about 71% of drawings. Learn the patters and hot numbers for future Mega Millions jackpot drawings.

The Mega Millions jackpot has reached as high as $500 million! Today’s drawing is for $45 million. A huge amount, even if you have to share the winnings.

Should you play? Absolutely.

Playing Mega Millions is fun way to fantasize about what you would do if you became instantly rich and it’s a great way to socialize with friends by sharing dreams, playing together if you purchase tickets as a group, and just talking about it around the water cooler. In short, the $2 price for a ticket is a relatively small one to pay for the enjoyment of thinking through how we might organize our lives differently if we had all those millions. It’s called fun.

Now, if you’re going to play Mega Millions, here’s some advice that may help you improve your chances of winning.

First, do not buy multiple quick picks. They always have repeating digits. If you have 3 tickets all containing the same number, and that number is not drawn, (1 in 69 it won’t be) then you automatically have 3 losers.

Second, don’t pick favorite numbers based on mathematical patterns, birthdays, anniversaries, or jersey numbers. If you win with these numbers, you’ll share your prize with multiple winners, reducing the amount of money you will receive. You might win a $30 million jackpot, but if 5,000 people chose the same number, you’ll be getting only $6,000.

Third, play a combination of hot numbers and at least one long-shot number to give yourself the best chance of winning the Mega Millions jackpot.

The Mega Millions jackpot, of course, is won by matching all five white balls (each one is numbered 1 through 75) in any order, plus the final ball called the Mega ball (numbered 1 through 15) for a total of six matching balls. This last number can be the same as any of the first five. You win based on how many of your numbers are matched with the numbers drawn. Mega Millions drawings are held at 11 p.m. ET on Tuesday and Friday evenings.

How to use this site to find the Mega Millions Hot Numbers

On our homepage, you’ll find links to the lottery results for every U.S. state plus lottery results for the Mega Millions and Mega Millions lotteries. Click on your favorite state. When you view the lottery results for that state, you’ll see a table labeled “Lottery Results.” The first row lists the most recent results for Mega Millions. Next to the drawing dates is column called “Features” with four icons.

Click on the icon that looks like a gear for Mega Millions.

Mega Millions Numbers


Next, you’ll see a chart that displays the hot, cold and overdue numbers for Mega Millions. These numbers are based on the last 50 draws.

The “Hot Numbers” are the numbers that have been chosen most frequently during the past 50 Mega Millions drawings. The “Cold Numbers” are of course the numbers that have been chosen the most infrequently during the past 50 Mega Millions drawings.

Now here’s where it gets interesting: Notice that the hot Mega Millions numbers are typically spread across the entire number field from 1 to 75. If you divide the number field in half, you have a bottom half and a top half. In a 75-number game like Mega Millions, numbers 1 to 38 would be in the bottom half, and numbers 38 to 75 would be in the top half. All high numbers or all low numbers are rarely drawn, occurring only 3% of the time. The best mix is to have 3/2 or 2/3 which means three high and two low, or two high and three low. In other words, three numbers in the bottom half and two numbers in the top half. Or visa versa. For the current Mega Millions results, one of these 2 patterns has occurred in about 71% of drawings, so it’s a very strong pattern to follow for future Mega Millions drawings.

The Power of Overdue Numbers

Typically numbers that have been out for six games or less account for about half of future winning numbers. Losing numbers that have been out for 9 games or less account for about 2/3 of all the winning numbers. And losing numbers that have been out for 12 games or less account for about 3/4 of all the winning numbers. Therefore ,based on cold numbers, you can generate a list of overdue numbers.

To realize your best chance of winning Mega Millions, you need to choose mostly hot numbers, but make sure to include an overdue number as well.

This combination of winning and overdue Mega Millions numbers produces the second table called Combinations.

Mega Millions Best Numbers to Play

The Combinations chart suggests numbers based on the reasoning above and avoids patterns and the “lucky” number syndrome.

Bonus Tip

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