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North Carolina man Wins $10 Million from a Scratch-Off

North Carolina resident, David Winstead says he’s been playing the Ultimate Millions scratch off game two-at-a-time for a long time hoping to win big, and he finally did!

He purchased his winning ticket at a gas station on Louisburg Road. Daivd bought 2 tickets each time, for $60 total.  He scratched the first ticket in his truck and was in awe at what he revealed.  “I couldn’t believe it,” he exclaimed.  “I knew it was real, but it was a shock.”

Winstead immediately drove home to share the news with his wife.  It took a while for the great news to feel real.

He recalls a conversation with his wife, where she marveled that one night they were watching T.V., and the next night they were millionaires!

Winstead had the option to choose to take the prize as an annuity, receiving $500,000 a year for 20 years, or as a lump sum of $6 million.

He chose to take a lump sum for $ 6 million which came to $4,155,009 after taxes and fees.

The couple plans to spend the money on bills, making home improvements, setting up a college fund for their grandchildren, and donating to their church. Winstead also wants to make his dream of fishing in the Big Blue Marlin Tournament come true.

We hope you can make many of your wishes come true, David!  Congratulations to you and your family on the big win!

Canadian Man wins $38,194 and Forgets to Check his Ticket

We hear stories every day of winners that don’t claim their prizes or forget to check their tickets!  Maximo Ramos from Yellowknife, Northwest territories said he won $38,194 from a Western 649 drawing, but had forgotten his lottery ticket in a drawer for months.  Ramos had no idea he was a winner!

He found the forgotten ticket in a drawer and decided to scan it out of curiosity at a self-checking kiosk only to discover that he was a winner!

“I was so surprised and instantly happy,” Ramos said.

Ramos plans on spending his prize on bills and visiting his family in the Philippines.  Congratulations on your big win, Ramos.

6 Easy Lottery Strategies to Increase Your Odds of Winning Today

Many successful lottery winners have had a plan to help them improve their odds of winning.  We’ve compiled a list of easy steps to follow whether you’re playing for the Mega Millions, Powerball, or FreeLotto’s Daily $11 Million Jackpot!

Step One: Decide what lottery you’re going to play.  Your odds of winning will increase when you chose a game with a lower number of balls.  If you’re picking 6 numbers out of 50 options your odds will be greater than if you pick 7 balls out of 50 options.

Pro-Tip: When you play FreeLotto, you’re selecting 6 numbers out of 60 options for most of the games.

Step Two: Decide which strategy or tactic you would like to use.  One of the easiest and most common strategies is the Hot and Cold strategy.  Try to avoid “quick picks” and changing your numbers too often.  Many lottery winners report that sticking to the same numbers led them to win!

Step Three: Play Smart!  Decide how much money you want to spend for each lottery draw.  The more you play of one game the better your chances of winning.  It’s always best to stick to one game for this reason.

Pro-Tip: FreeLotto games are free to play – always! That means you have the chance to win $11MM every day without spending a dime!

Step Four: Avoid using basic lottery patterns such as 25, 26, 27 or 2,3,4,5, because this combination rarely wins.  Using numbers that are consistently winners will increase your odds a little.

Step Five: Use an online lottery system to help you pick your numbers while sticking to your strategy.

Step Six: Always, always, always check your results.  There are many cases of prizes that go unclaimed.  Never forget to check the winning numbers to see if you matched!

Pro-Tip: FreeLotto brings the winning numbers to you! We email you every day with the results, so be sure to check your inbox!

Now that you have 6 easy tips to follow, be sure to implement them right now.  Remember, success doesn’t usually happen overnight.  Try different strategies over the course of a few months to see results.  Good luck and happy playing!

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Winning Lottery Ticket in North Carolina Remains Unclaimed

Time is running out!  A winning lottery ticket for “$25,000 Every Year for Life” needs to be claimed soon, before the deadline—October 7th.

The winning ticket was purchased in Cary, North Carolina at a Local Harris Teeter on April 11th.

Lottery winners have 180 days from the win date, to claim a prize.  If the winner doesn’t come forward by the deadline, the ticket is no longer valid and the money goes back to the jackpot.

Check your tickets, North Carolinians!  We hope the winner comes forward to claim their prize!

Man Won $1 Million Lottery After Someone Cut Him in Lottery Ticket Line

A New Zealand man who chose to remain anonymous, says that he won $1 Million ($727, 295 USD) after another customer cut in front of him in line to buy a ticket.

The New Zealand native said that he didn’t make a fuss about being skipped in line because he wasn’t in a hurry.  “I guess good karma pays off,” he continued, “if that hadn’t happened, they might have won the ticket, not me.”

A lottery representative commented on the win, stating that the man’s placement in line has nothing to do with the win since numbers are chosen at random.  According to NBC News however, machines that chose numbers at random use an internal clock so every millisecond counts.  Being cut in line, may have very well contributed to the win.

The winner mentioned that he was at work when he realized he had a winning ticket.  The shock was so great that he waited until he got home to tell his wife.  The lucky couple plans on buying a new house.

Good karma definitely paid off!  We hope this lucky man enjoys his new wealth and home.

What are the most likely numbers to win Powerball? An experiment

I’m going to conduct an experiment in playing the Powerball lottery using hot numbers and statistically significant mathematical patterns. If you don’t see this post updated after a drawing, it means that I won and you should forward all correspondence henceforth to Tahiti.

Powerball results for September 7, 2016

For the Wednesday Powerball drawing, I purchased a ticket with these winning numbers: 32-61-26-32-45-19 (see below for winning logic).

Except I didn’t win. The numbers drawn were 22-23-29-33-55-21. In fact, I didn’t match a single number.

Hmm. Maybe it’s time to tweak the strategy. For Saturday, I’m going to play just the hot numbers. Over the last 1000 draws, the hottest numbers have been (in order): 32-23-12-20-52-13. We’ll give this a shot and see how much money I win. Now, I’m really feeling lucky.

Powerball results for August 27, 2016

I didn’t win the Powerball jackpot. However, no one did, so I don’t feel so bad. The winning numbers were 4,32,48,49,63,20

I matched only one number, 48. The hottest number, 32, was chosen again, so I should have stuck with what was hot. Of course, the coldest number, 63, was also chosen.

For my next ticket, I’ll pick the hottest number 32 and the coldest number, which is now 61 (chosen only 6 times in the last 1000 jackpot drawings). I’ll again choose a range of even and odd numbers.

My ticket will be: 32-61-26-32-45-19

I’m feeling lucky!

Let’s try an experiment to see how well we can predict which numbers are most likely to win the Powerball by looking at hot and cold numbers as well as statistically significant mathematical patterns.

The most recent Powerball winning combination was 9-11-25-64-65 and the powerball was 5.

According to our Hit Frequency and Rank Chart, the hottest numbers – i.e., the ones that have been chosen most frequently – during the past 1000 draws are 32 and 12. The coldest numbers are 63 and 61.

Saturday’s Powerball jackpot is up to $142 million.

If I were playing, I would include 32 and 21 in my picks and avoid 63 and 61. Let’s see how we do.

Further, I would avoid the combination 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 and 60, 61, 62, 63, 64, 65 because these combinations have never won a lottery ever, and worse, thousands of people play these combinations so your actual share of the jackpot would be relatively small.

Finally, according to smart math people,, the 3 Even & 3 Odd number pattern has the best chance of getting drawn.

So, if I use the awesome number picker on this site and following the aforementioned rules, I’m going to purchase a Powerball lottery ticket with these numbers:


I’ll return to this page and talk about the results.

The Powerball jackpot, of course, is won by matching all five white balls (each one is numbered 1 through 69) in any order, plus the one red Powerball number (numbered 1 through 26) for a total of six matching balls. The Powerball jackpot often reaches hundreds of millions of dollars, and just recently the jackpot reached over $1 billion.

How to use this site to find the Powerball Hot Numbers

On our homepage, you’ll find links to the lottery results for every U.S. state plus lottery results for the Mega Millions and Powerball lotteries. Click on your favorite state. When you view the lottery results for that state, you’ll see a table labeled “Lottery Results.” The first row lists the most recent results for Powerball. Next to the drawing dates is column called “Features” with four icons.

Click on the icon that looks like a gear for Powerball.

Hot Powerball Numbers

Next, you’ll see a chart that displays the hot, cold and overdue numbers for Powerball. These numbers are based on the last 50 draws.

The “Hot Numbers” are the numbers that have been chosen most frequently during the past 50 Powerball drawings. The “Cold Numbers” are of course the numbers that have been chosen the most infrequently during the past 50 Powerball drawings.

Now here’s where it gets interesting: Notice that the hot Powerball numbers are typically spread across the entire number field from 1 to 69. If you divide the number field in half, you have a bottom half and a top half. In a 69-number game like Powerball, numbers 1 to 34 would be in the bottom half, and numbers 35 to 69 would be in the top half. All bottom half or all top half numbers are rarely drawn, occurring in only 4% of most recent Powerball results. The best mix based on the winning numbers seems to have a 3:2 or 2:3 mix. In other words, three numbers in the bottom half and two numbers in the top half. Or visa versa. For the current Powerball results, one of these 2 patterns has occurred in about 64% of drawings, so it’s a very strong pattern to follow for future Powerball drawings.

The Power of Overdue Numbers

Typically numbers that have been out for six games or less account for about half of future winning numbers. Losing numbers that have been out for 9 games or less account for about 2/3 of all the winning numbers. And losing numbers that have been out for 12 games or less account for about 3/4 of all the winning numbers. Therefore ,based on cold numbers, you can generate a list of overdue numbers.

To realize your best chance of winning Powerball, you need to choose mostly hot numbers, but make sure to include an overdue number as well.

This combination of winning and overdue Powerball numbers produces the second table called Combinations.


The Combinations chart suggests numbers based on the reasoning above and avoids patterns and the “lucky” number syndrome.

Bonus Tip to Win Powerball Jackpot

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