Everything You Need to Know about FreeLotto’s TGIF $1,000.00 Sweepstakes

If you’re an active FreeLotto player, then you already know about our 6 free daily games, where you win cash and prizes for matching the winning numbers…but, have you heard about our newest Sweepstakes, where you can WIN MONEY JUST FOR PLAYING?

That’s right, no need to match numbers OR submit a prize claim. The new FreeLotto $1,000.00 Sweepstakes guarantees one lucky winner every week, and all you have to do is play!

Here’s the deal:

  1. Every time you play all 6 FreeLotto games, you earn 1 entry into the $1,000.00 drawing.
  2. Play all 6 games every day of the week, and your entries are doubled! That means the MAXIMUM 14 FREE ENTRIES to win $1K GUARANTEED SWEEPSTAKES!

So far, we’ve had 16 $1,000.00 winners – that’s $16,000.00 to loyal players just like you!

New winners are announced every Monday, so be sure to check your emails or our Facebook page to find out if you’re next!

Delaware Lottery Glitch Leads to $2 Million Lawsuit

Two Delaware men claim they are lottery winners who haven’t received their payments after a computer glitch spewed out several winning tickets.

John Brookings Jr. and Richard Spence played Keno, a bingo style lottery game, where players win based on how many numbers they match and how much money they’ve bet.

Copies of the winning tickets show that both Brookings and Spence each won $1 Million from the same game, only minutes apart.

The state did not honor their winning tickets and refused to award them a prize because their win was attributed to a computer malfunction.  The error reportedly lasted 20 minutes where 5 other tickets were generated with the same numbers.

The lottery released a statement saying, “The lottery regrets any inconvenience it caused to our players.”

The men filed a lawsuit against Delaware Lottery on November 18th.  The suit claimed that the state is violating the rules and regulations that govern the lottery system.

Do you think the state of Delaware should honor their tickets despite the glitch?  Let us know in the comment section!

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Father and Son Arrested for Stealing Lottery Tickets

A father and son duo were caught red-handed when they tried to claim the prize from a stolen lottery ticket on Saturday, November 26th.

Avery L. Durflinger Sr., 58, and Avery L. Durflinger Jr., 35, were charged with burglary, $500 worth of theft, and $300 in property damage for their actions.  The number of tickets stolen remains undetermined.

Officials say the pair broke into Iroquois Market in Illinois on Saturday morning and later attempted to claim a prize from one of the stolen tickets at a different store.

The pair was apprehended when officials determined their ticket was stolen.

Like father, like son!  We hope the Durflinger men have learned their lesson.  A judge has set a $50,000.00 bond for each man while they await trial.

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A Lottery Player in Tennessee Won $421 Million

If you played the Powerball in Tennessee, check your tickets because one lucky player is a multi-millionaire.  The winning numbers announced on Saturday, November 26th are: 17, 19, 21, 37 44, and Powerball Number 16.  The winner has yet to come forward for one of the biggest prizes on record!

The unknown winner has the option to receive the prize money over the course of 30 years or to collect a $254.7 million-dollar lump-sum.

Half of all money collected from Powerball sales goes to winner payouts and 40 percent goes to government causes like education.  The remaining 10 percent of the revenue goes to retailers who sell winning Powerball tickets.

The Powerball winner has 190 days to claim his or her prize.  We hope the winner comes forward soon to collect this life-changing money!

Chicago Man Plans to go to College after Winning $500,000.00

Chicago native Michael MacAuley won $500,000.00 after purchasing a $10 scratch-off from a vending machine.

MacAuley mentioned that he “always wanted to go to college”, and now that he won the lottery, he can finally make his dream come true.

He purchased his winning ticket at U.S. Tobacco on Larkin Avenue in Crest Hill.  U.S. Tobacco will be receiving a $5,000 prize for selling the lucky ticket.

Congratulations on your win Michael, and good luck in college!