About FreeLotto

FREELOTTO® is a $1,000,000.00 daily sweepstakes that operates like a lottery. You need only register one time, and then you can play FreeLotto® and FreeLotto supplementary games: FreeLotto Win A Car (Prize: a car), FreeLotto Pay Off your Mortgage ($100,000.00 Prize), FreeLotto Fast Cash ($10,000.00 Prize), FreeLotto $100,000.00 GiveAway (Prize: $100,000.00), and once you have played these games you will be eligible to play FreeLotto SuperBucks ($10,000,000.00 Prize). Registration for these games only requires two things from you: Your name and address (so we know who to pay and where to send your check if you win), and your e-mail address so that we can contact you to confirm your entries.

From time to time we may ask you brief questions about your buying preferences. This is so we can avoid showing you ads for products that you are not likely to be interested in.

After you register all you need to do is pick your numbers in each game and submit them by clicking on a banner or answering a question. We put a cookie on your machine so that you will always be recognized when you come back to play. It is like a membership card. Once you have played FreeLotto® you will be able to play FreeLotto Win A Car, FreeLotto Pay Off Your Mortgage, FreeLotto Fast Cash, FreeLotto $100,000.00 GiveAway, and FreeLotto SuperBucks.

We believe that FREELOTTO® is the power of the internet working for you. All our FreeLotto Daily Jackpots of $1,000,000.00 and all of FreeLotto Supplementary games a Luxury Car (FreeLotto Win a Car), Daily Jackpots $100,000.00 (FreeLotto Pay Off Your Mortgage) Daily Jackpots of $10,000.00 (FreeLotto FastCash), Daily Jackpots $100,000.00 (FreeLotto $100,000.00 GiveAway), and $10,000,000.00 (FreeLotto SuperBucks) can be won absolutely FREE! To the best of our knowledge no other on-line game can say that. Even if you don’t win the FreeLotto Jackpot or FreeLotto supplementary games Jackpot, you still could win second, third, or fourth cash prizes in the $1,000,000.00 daily sweepstakes every day you play FreeLotto.


  • http://www.facebook.com/hassan.mansy.5 Hassan Mansy

    please tell me what is the winner in november 2012 in free lotto

  • http://www.facebook.com/tracey.johnson.754 Tracey Johnson

    is this only available to american residents?

    • http://freelotto.com/ Bryan Kelleher

      FreeLotto can be played worldwide! Over $96 million has been awarded to date, to players in countries around the world.

      • sagi

        hello BRAYN KELLEHER?

        ok i getd some mesej from freelotto but this is fraud messej or not i dont know how can i know??

        • http://www.facebook.com/rachel.bebbington Rachel Bebbington

          freelotto doesnt send text messages, they only email

      • robhelyn

        im win but i cant claim my prize..why?

  • http://www.facebook.com/ellen.simpson.121 Ellen Simpson

    i dont know how i even joined free lotto how do i leave free lotto

    • http://freelotto.com/ Bryan Kelleher

      Please email our customer care team at answers@freelotto.com are we will be able to assist you. Thank you

  • Mrs,pelzing

    I got a message from free lotto that saying urgent, n yur the next winner.and there was a list there was my name and some prizes, I don’t know this is real or not,if I won do you contact me or you send a email…..

    • http://freelotto.com/ Bryan Kelleher

      Please email our customer care team at answers@freelotto.com and we can look up your account. thank you.

  • Molean Kilepak

    Hi, I don’t have a credit card as it is not common for simple people like me in my part of the world. Only the rich/well off have that. How can I respond to the many emails that I have recieved?

    • robhelyn

      me too im win but i cant claim my prize bcoz i dont have credit card

  • alesger

    i resived email from Freelotto mobile promo (freelot4all@live.com) is it true information about 720000 pouds or spam?

    • Budka_j

      I resived email from Freelotto mobile promo (freelot4all@live.com) is it true information about 720000 pouds!

  • ณัฐพล สุขมาก

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  • samehnessim

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  • sarinya

    I got a message my phone number has won $2,000,000 from free lotto mobile promo. For claim this send name and email to ukpro9@live.com. this is fraudulent or real thing!

  • karam asfour

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  • ices wong

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  • Mohamed Farid

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  • Omnia Omar

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  • Omnia Omar

    CONGRAT your number have won $2.000.000usd in the uk/arab mobile lotto.fore claim send name / email to prizedpt@live.com

    • José Juan Cervantes

      creo que mi dia de suerte gano otra buela que esperan tratar tambien nomas hay que pidirle a dios de todo corazon con freelotto si se puede

  • Gonzalo Presa

    I recibed your message to my cel.

  • brian rose

    hi can you tell me how murch i have win from brian rose from scotland inverness

  • brian rose

    my tell phone number is 07596255524 can you tell me how murch i win how do i get it lol from brian rose fro scotland lol

  • redberty red

    name redberty E-mail redberty@hotmail.com

  • Daniel Bennett

    My name is Daniel Bennett I got an email says I was a winner how do I confirm and collect I played at 2013-07-15 23:21:06 kadendaniel2012@gmail.com

  • tc sv dyre ven

    why i dont get my monye iwinning i claim and di dont answer on the hangout only oline .conratultion every where take of and litter esey to claim i dont like it hop every one understand it

  • Alma Muhaj

    came with a message that says the phone congratulations,your mobile number has just won 1,000.000.00 poundsin the ongoing free mobile promo .contact us for claims via emai:frponnn@gmail.com please say me is that true

  • shan

    i got a message ,,from freelotto UK,, have won 750000 GBP,, contact johngraham155@aol.com…is this thru,,,can any one tell m.. ?????

  • robhelyn

    hello its me ruby im win in 2012 but i cant claim bcoz i dont have credit card how i claim my prize if i win please help me

  • wherley

    my name is wherley saintfleurant
    email wherley.saintfleurant@yahoo.fr

  • Hamilton Roque

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  • dries

    i have a mesage i won 2000000 pound my email is dries_7@hotmail.nl

  • Lalo B Chavez

    My name ana chavez
    Mobile: 0039 -3881872949
    Congrat,lotto uk: your mobile number won thesum of e 750.000.00
    GBP wicht ref: FPEL/XWN/6730
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  • Timothy Salazar

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  • Rahim Suboh




  • Rahim Suboh

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  • jeremiah matthews

    I can’t wait till it’s my time to win!! I always get close but not close enough. I hope I’m the next big winner in louisiana. Thanks for the free games. May yall continue to be blessed.

  • jeremiah matthews

    Is the only way to win by using the fast system?

    • Dennis Balla

      I have been playing FreeLotto for free for several years (actually stopped for about 10 years, and recently restarted).

      I have won numerous times (twice in 3 months), but so far, no payout over $10.


    etoro is good?



  • gio

    i have got message that i won 1.000.000 from free lotto … is it mobile promo ? or what is the matter ? can you explane me ?

  • Guest


  • Kuncz Krisztina


  • Besim Nikolli

    your mobile number was selected as a winner of 2,500,000,00 on free lotto with draw number (#001/2013) email freelottoqb@gmail.com for claims.
    time; 16/02/14 11:44 BUT I COLD NOT FIND THIS ADERESS

  • Helena

    I received a message my phone has won 700 000.00 pounds. contact email: freelottowinn101@gmail.com….is it true?

  • lisette beaumont

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  • josefilomeno

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  • Dizzle Gee Kawhia Hard

    I got a message on my phone saying I won 2,000,00,00 from free lotto..I sent a message back to brianclaims4@gmail.com and got another email saying that I need to contact a courier company named Pex Courier company who are the deliverers of my prize…

  • Ereny Atef

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  • alena

    03/06/2014 I got a message my phone number has won £950,000 Ref-FLP14 in Free Lotto. For claim this send name and number to c.dept14@gmx.com this is fraudulent or real thing!

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  • ayman zahdih

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  • Eng Mukthar Birshiil

    I got message my email has won $1.000 000
    From free lotto email promo. They send me celrafecation number i dont know what i can do it. this is fraud or really thing who explaing for me plz

  • Михаил Приходько

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  • Rungsun Klinkaeo
  • wendewewsen

    i was so in my email i win free lotto but i cant gat the money