Brotherly Love

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BrotherlyLoveTime and time again, it’s said, “If I win the lottery, I’ll split it with you.” No one ever really counts on the other person following through with their promise, but Eric Hale held true to his word.

On September 24, 2014, Eric won the Powerball’s $1 million prize. Eric’s ticket may have been worth $1 million, but he only took home $335,000. The reason? A long time ago, when he was just a kid, he promised his little brother, Quinn, if he ever won the lottery he would share it with him. After all these years, Eric kept his promise and shared the jackpot with his brother.

Though they don’t live in the same city now, the brothers have remained close and their bond just got a little stronger. Quinn said he couldn’t believe his brother kept his promise after all these years.

Eric plans on traveling to China for a 20 day excursion and to continue going to school. He had just completed his bachelor’s degree in Psychology and now plans to earn a Master’s degree in Clinical Counseling.

Quinn, who is in the process of earning a Doctorate, has plans to pay off his students loans. He also plans to use his winnings for a down payment on a motor home.

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This story was written by Michael Smith