7 Strategies for winning CA Lottery Scratchers

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Scratchers are the California Lottery’s cash cow. Every year players spend more than $3 billion on scratch-off tickets. The odds of winning vary depending upon the size of the prize. The larger the payoff the longer the odds. And there’s not much you can do to change those odds. Is there?

Well, it turns out there is.

Some people in California have won hundreds of times, sometimes multiple times a day. Is it just luck? Many frequent winners have something in common:

A real strategy for increasing their odds of winning.

It starts by visiting the California Lottery’s Scratchers webpage that list the odds and remaining outstanding prizes. Click here for the CA Lottery odds page. This page reflects the top prizes claimed and remaining for each Scratchers game.

As prizes get claimed, the odds of winning shift and for some games the odds improve. Others, of course, get worse as more people win.

I’ll detail how to build an Excel spreadsheet to calculate the odds later this week.

For now, here are some pretty good tips or strategies for winning:

1. In general, games that cost $10 or $20 to play tend to give the state an advantage by about 22% to 25%. Lower priced games typically give the state an advantage in the 33%-40% range. Your odds are statistically better with the $10 and $20 games.

2. Avoid games that have a prize of a free ticket. These games give the state a 33% advantage.

3. If you want to spend only a few bucks, do not purchase the $1 ticket. Chances are you will lose. You have better odds purchasing a higher priced ticket, either a $4 or $5 or even two $2 tickets.

4. While the odds of winning are printed on the ticket, be sure to read the entire ticket. The ticket may state the odds of winning are 1 to 3.35 but reading closer will reveal that the odds of winning a CASH prize is 1 to 9.46.

5. Please, please, please keep in mind that purchasing actual winning scratch-off tickets are random. A winning ticket may be the first one in the pack or the last one. There may be three consecutive winning tickets.

6. Most important tip for winning CA Lottery Scratchers: Playing the right game can change California’s advantage from as much as 45% down to as little as 4%. So be sure to check the website and review how many prizes are remaining and how many tickets have been sold.

I’ll explain this in more detail later this week.

7. Your best odds are to play free online lotteries. Legitimate lotteries – like FreeLotto – offer odds similar to state lotteries, and they’re free.

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This story was written by Michael Smith