Cartoon Bear Claims Lotto Jackpot

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BearWhen planning any important occasion, people spend a large amount of time deciding on what to wear. What about claiming a winning lottery ticket? Well, in China, it is common to dress in a costume to claim your lottery prize.

On October 13, 2014, a man from Shanxi dressed as a cartoon bear to claim his lottery winnings. He won 520 million yuan or approximately $84.8 million in the lottery and it was the third largest jackpot to be awarded in Chinese history.

No one knows what his reason for dressing like the cartoon bear was, although there is a lot of speculation about his motives. Some believe it is to hide his identity and remain anonymous but others think it was just part of the fun.

Other notable characters to have claimed lottery prizes are Mickey Mouse and a panda bear. The tradition can be dated back about 25 years and since the claiming of the oversized checks is publicly broadcasted, everyone gets an extra laugh when a costumed character appears to claim a lottery prize.

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This story was written by Michael Smith