FreeLotto Player of the Month: Consuelo de Jesus (June 2017)

Meet Consuelo de Jesus Lainez: a stay at home mom and FreeLotto winner!

Consuelo has been a FreeLotto player for 3 months and has already won 2 small prizes.  She loves all 6 FreeLotto games and is sure to play every day!

If she wins big, she dreams of helping feed those in need and building a house for herself and her 3 children.

Consuelo says she recommends FreeLotto to others, because they can “play and have the opportunity to win.”

We hope Consuelo wins big soon!  Play FreeLotto for your chance to be a winner.

FreeLotto Player of the Month: Brian Nielsen (May)

Meet Brian Nielsen from Denmark.  Brian has been a loyal FreeLotto player since 1999.

“I play FreeLotto every day just for fun and it’s become a routine to start my day with,” he says.  He plays FreeLotto games with a cup of coffee before work and once won a small prize which he donated to charity.

His favorite games include the Danish Lotto, FreeLotto’s Classic $1 Million Jackpot and FreeLotto’s $10 Million game. If Brian won big, he says: “[I would] give my mom a brand-new car.”  “She’s 74 and never had a brand-new car.”

Brian adds that he would love to buy a car or motorcycle for himself.  He dreams of meeting the love of his life, getting married and buying a house.

Brian currently works part-time because of back injuries so winning a big prize would be helpful.

We hope all of Brian’s dreams come true when he wins big!

April Player of the Month—Martin Hernandez

Meet Martin Hernandez, a 27-year-old Uruguay native, who dreams of traveling the world.

Hernandez has been a FreeLotto player for a year. He currently spends his days working on a farm and tending animals. His favorite thing about FreeLotto is that it’s fun and  free. Although his job keeps him busy, he plays FreeLotto games as often as he can.

“If I win, without a doubt, I’d help my family and fulfill a few of my dreams,” he says. Hernandez’s personal dream is to travel the world.

Hernandez recommends FreeLotto because it’s fun and free. On his free-time he enjoys playing online games and going to the beach. We hope Hernandez wins soon!

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FreeLotto is always looking for ways to improve our player’s experience, and now we want to hear from you!

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Why FAST is the Smartest Way to Play FreeLotto

Lottery experts agree on a few things when it comes to improving your odds of winning the lottery:

  1. Play the same numbers regularly.
  2.  Play games with guaranteed winners.
  3. Join a lottery pool to increase your chances of winning.

Playing with FreeLotto’s FAST service guarantees all 3 , giving you the best chance to win big!

Play the same numbers, regularly:

7-time lottery winner, Richard Lustig says “play your own numbers and stick to them.”  First, make sure that you pick the best possible numbers by playing with a lottery strategy such as hot-and-cold numbers.  The more often you play, the greater your chances of winning.  FAST lets you select the numbers you want and automatically enters those numbers everyday—you’re guaranteed entries to all 6 FreeLotto games for the chance to win over $11MM.

Chose games with guaranteed winners:

Every week FreeLotto draws a lucky $1,000.00 TGIF Winner.  Every day a player enters all 6 games, he or she receives one entry for a chance to win $1k in that week’s drawing.   FAST members get it easy—they automatically receive 14 entries to the $1,000.00 TGIF Sweepstakes every week – Guaranteed!  Remember, the more entries you have, the more likely you are to win.  In March 2017, 80% of the $1,000.00 winners were FAST members!

Join a Lottery Pool

When a group of people join lottery pools for games like the Mega Millions or Powerball, they’re more likely to win. Each week, FreeLotto purchases 100 Powerball tickets, 10 Mega Millions tickets, and 10 New York Lottery tickets.  If any of our tickets win, each person in the lottery pool receives a portion of that money!  All FAST players are automatically entered into the Lotto Pool – that’s 120 entries into major lottery pools every single week!

**FreeLotto Pro Tip:  Joining FAST is the best way to make the most out of FreeLotto and never miss a chance to win over $11 Million daily.  Register for FAST today!

Player of the Month: Patrick Hittler (March 2017)

Meet Patrick Frederik Hittler, a 32-year-old animal lover and FreeLotto fan.

Patrick signed up for FreeLotto over a year ago, and plays all 6 games almost daily.  He loves FreeLotto because he can play for free and make money.

If Patrick wins a large prize, he says he wants to, “help poor people that [don’t] have food or blankets in the winter.”  When he’s not playing FreeLotto games he enjoys fishing.

FreeLotto’s Lottery Pool

If you love playing games like the Powerball and Mega Millions, then you’ll love FreeLotto’s Lottery Pool!

Here’s how it works:

-Each week, FreeLotto purchases 100 Powerball tickets, 10 Mega Millions tickets, and 10 New York Lottery tickets.

-If any or all of our tickets hit the jackpot, we share the winnings with everyone in the Lottery Pool!

That’s 120 chances to win the lottery EVERY WEEK!

There are 2 easy ways to get into the Lottery Pool today:

  1. Great news for all of you readers who are already FAST members – You’re automatically entered into the Lotto Pool! That’s right, you’re already getting 120 chances to win every single week! (…and that’s on top of the 6 Daily FreeLotto Drawings!)
  1. Don’t worry, FreeLotto players who aren’t signed up to FAST yet can still enter the Lottery Pool each week, free of charge. Click here to find out how:

If you’re not already signed up to FAST, you can sign up here!

And to find out more information about the benefits of FAST check out this FAST FAQ page.

FreeLotto’s State Lottery Forum

We believe that the lottery is a game of both luck and strategy!  FreeLotto’s State Lottery Forum is the best way to ensure that you’re getting the most out of the lotteries you play.

Our lottery experts answer questions about scratch-offs, state lottos, multi-state games, instant games, the Powerball, Mega Millions and many more!  If there’s a lottery you love playing, we’ll give you the best tips and strategies.  If there’s a new game you want to try, we’ll tell you about the best ways to increase your chances of winning.

Winning the lottery can be hard, but with the right tools you can increase your chances of success.  Our lottery experts are standing by to answer your questions!  Check out the State Lottery Forum here for your chance at winning big and start asking your lotto questions today.

*FreeLotto Pro-tip*

It’s always best to play the lottery using a strategy.  Using a strategy is the only way to play smart and increase your chances of winning.

FreeLotto Player of the Month: Tlhokomelang Lebogang (February 2017)

Meet Tlhokomelang Lebogang, a 34-year-old Botswana native, who enjoys going to church, cooking, and traveling.

Lebogang signed up to FreeLotto almost a year ago, and shortly after joined our FAST service to make sure he’s entered into all 6 sweepstakes every single day.  He’s been the lucky winner of 2 small prizes since joining FAST!

Although he hasn’t scored a big prize yet, he’s certain that sooner or later he’ll celebrate like he’s “score[d] in the world cup!”

If the Botswana native wins big, he plans to marry his girlfriend and build a home for her.  In addition, he wishes to help his siblings with school fees and provide charity assistance for folks in need.

What Lebogang loves most about FreeLotto is the fact that we’re free to play anywhere in the world and can change someone’s life!  Lebogang adds that FreeLotto games are, “risk free, exciting, and an easy way to change bad situations.”

We’re so glad Lebogang enjoys playing FreeLotto games and hope he wins big very soon!

–For your chance to be featured as player of the month, email or send a private Facebook message expressing your interest.–

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FreeLotto Player of the Month: Deidra McKnight (January 2017)

Meet Deidra McKnight: a Michigan native, grandmother, homemaker, and a FreeLotto player.

Deidra has been a loyal FreeLotto member for the last year and says she hasn’t missed playing a day in the last 7 months! She enjoys the each of the 6 free daily games, but really dreams of winning FreeLotto’s $10 Million prize!

“I know I will win that big 10 million,” McKnight says; “I will be overjoyed to win any money!”

When she wins, Deidra plans on using her prize money to pay off bills and buy the house of her dreams.  The Michigan native also expressed interest in helping others with her plan to, “take care of some charities.”

As a fan of FreeLotto, Deidra said, “I see no reason why someone would not take advantage [of FreeLotto].”  “FreeLotto gives you a chance to make all of your dreams come true.”

For now, she likes to spend her free-time fishing, reading, playing cards, and of course playing FreeLotto games.

We wish Deidra the best of luck and hope she wins the BIG $10 Million very soon!


–For your chance to be featured as player of the month, email or send a private Facebook message expressing your interest.–

Everything You Need to Know about FreeLotto’s TGIF $1,000.00 Sweepstakes

If you’re an active FreeLotto player, then you already know about our 6 free daily games, where you win cash and prizes for matching the winning numbers…but, have you heard about our newest Sweepstakes, where you can WIN MONEY JUST FOR PLAYING?

That’s right, no need to match numbers OR submit a prize claim. The new FreeLotto $1,000.00 Sweepstakes guarantees one lucky winner every week, and all you have to do is play!

Here’s the deal:

  1. Every time you play all 6 FreeLotto games, you earn 1 entry into the $1,000.00 drawing.
  2. Play all 6 games every day of the week, and your entries are doubled! That means the MAXIMUM 14 FREE ENTRIES to win $1K GUARANTEED SWEEPSTAKES!

So far, we’ve had 16 $1,000.00 winners – that’s $16,000.00 to loyal players just like you!

New winners are announced every Monday, so be sure to check your emails or our Facebook page to find out if you’re next!

FAST is the BEST Way to PLAY

FAST is the BEST Way to PLAY

If you’re a FreeLotto player, then you’ve already heard about FAST…but, how much do you really know about its advantages? This article details some of the amazing benefits FAST offers a FreeLotto player.

FAST stands for FreeLotto Automatic Subscription Ticket.  It started out in 2001 as a way to help players get the most out of all 6 FreeLotto games, every day.  Today, FAST is the BEST way to guarantee maximum entries into our weekly $1,000.00 TGIF Sweepstakes prize, daily automatic entries to all 6 FreeLotto games (including our $11 Million daily jackpot), and 120 entries into FreeLotto lottery pools!

 Automatic Entries

The most important benefit of FAST is your automatic entry to all 6 games.  You pick your lucky numbers once and the FAST service automatically plays those numbers for you every day! That means 365 days of the year we make sure you are entered to win $11 Million!

In addition to all 6 Classic FreeLotto games, our $1,000.00 weekly sweepstakes has a new guaranteed winner every Friday!  The only way to gain entries into this $1,000.00 sweepstakes is to play all 6 regular FreeLotto games.  Your FAST subscription guarantees 14 entries each week – the maximum number!  Pro Tip: most of our $1,000.00 sweepstakes winners are FAST players.

 Automatic Prize Payments

With FAST, all your small prize wins are automatically deposited into your account! If you win a prize larger than $300, you are automatically mailed a Certified Winner Package. FAST helps you avoid the hassle of claiming your prize, and you don’t have to risk forgetting to check your email daily for the winning numbers!

120 Entries to Lotto Pools

Everyone loves lottery games like Mega-Millions and the Powerball!  Did you know that FreeLotto has a group lottery pool? That’s right! We buy tickets each week for Powerball and Mega-Millions drawings.  If any of our tickets wins, we share the prize with everyone in the pool (FAST players, this includes YOU!)…that’s 120 more chances to win every week!

FAST is the best way to relax and be sure you always have a chance to win.  Sign up for FAST today:

How to Play Hot and Cold Numbers for Beginners

If you want to increase your chances of winning the lottery, then it’s important that you carefully select the numbers you’re playing.  Selecting hot and cold numbers is much better than selecting a date or birthday.  Although many people consider dates lucky and personal, they often fail to realize that dates can be limiting, because you’re ONLY picking numbers 1-31.  As a result, you’re neglecting over half of the numbers available for playing.

Simply put, “hot numbers” are numbers which have been drawn most frequently based on the past results, and “cold numbers” are numbers which are least drawn in the past.

Different lotteries are best played using one of these two strategies, but one of the most effective strategies is playing both hot and cold numbers together!  Numerous studies have shown that you have a better chance of winning when you select hot AND cold numbers than when numbers are selected at random.

One of the easiest ways to put this theory into motion is by checking the winning numbers for the last 50 days and playing the 3 numbers which were most chosen and 3 numbers that were chosen the least amount of times.  As a FreeLotto player, you can check out our Winning Numbers and do the math.  We really hope you benefit from picking hot and cold numbers.  Good luck!

FreeLotto winner tells his story of winning $2 million

José Reis, FreeLotto’s latest multi-million dollar winner, talks about what it’s like to become instantly rich.

“When I first received the email from FreeLotto telling me I had won this big prize, I was very surprised because I was not expecting anything.

“When I opened it, I first that it was a scam. I was very suspicious. I made my own inquiries. I found some telephone numbers, especially the ones for FreeLotto directors.

“I called them and sent emails, and they answered me. Then everything started to become clear. And I began to take the matter more seriously. I became very happy.

“I first registered at FreeLotto in 2008. And I’ve been playing for 7 years. At first, I checked the results every day. Then, of course, over time, I let it slide, which is why it took some time to realize I had won.

“I have a lot of projects in mind with the $2 million. Although I haven’t decided yet, I think I’ll probably travel, pay for my children’s studies, and finish some projects around the house, and a lot of other things, like charity, especially a program FreeLotto has launched to which I believe I’ll contribute to Amnesty International.

The only advice I can give to other players of FreeLotto, based on my experience, is to be relentless and never lose hope.”

Sounds like good advice for life.

Want to play FreeLotto. Start right now and click the button below:

FreeLotto’s $2 million jackpot winner tells his story

FreeLotto’s recent $2 million jackpot winner, José Reis who lives in France, offers the following advice to all lottery players:

“Be relentless and never lose hope.”

Mr. Reis began playing FreeLotto in 2008 and would check his emails every day.

Over time, he stopped reading his FreeLotto emails every day and would only check every now and then. But he kept playing.

Then came the big day when his numbers matched the jackpot. And his official email from FreeLotto congratulating him on his win sat in his inbox, unopened.

The email sat for a few days until the subject caught his attention. He won?

He opened his email and his first reaction was that it was a scam. Two million dollars!

He read it carefully over and over. The language was pretty clear. He was a winner.

The email did not say he was eligible to win. The email didn’t ask him to purchase anything first. The email did not require him to provide a credit card or pay a fee upfront. None of that. The email just said he won.

So he emailed the FreeLotto office in New York City, not exactly sure what to expect back.

“We were wondering why he hadn’t contacted us sooner,” said a FreeLotto prize official.

A phone call was set up and the details were confirmed. Arrangements were made for a FreeLotto representative to go to his house and set up a photo shoot.

The realization that he was $2 million richer was now sinking in.

Mr. Reis needed to sign documents and understand and take care of his tax obligations.

Then came the publicity photo shoot, followed by a video interview.

Indeed, his dreams were coming true.

Mr. Reis said he plans to use the money for his children’s education, finish up some remodeling projects around his home, and to travel.

He also will be donating a portion of his winnings to National Amnesty, one of the FreeLotto supported charity programs.

His final advice to other FreeLotto players: “Check your emails!”

You may not be an immediate winner, but you have to play to have a chance of winning $11 million. If you enjoy scratch-off games and playing state lotteries, you’ll love FreeLotto. The odds are similar to state-run lotteries, except you can play for free.

Click the button below to play: