Powerball Winner in Indiana Wins $435 Million

A lucky Powerball player in Indiana is a millionaire!

The winning ticket, worth $435 Million, was purchased on Wednesday February 22nd at a gas station in Lafayette.

Lottery officials say the winning ticket is the second-biggest prize awarded since the $540 Mega Millions ticket sold in Cambridge City last July.

The winning numbers were: 10-13-28-52-61, Powerball number 2.

The Powerball is played in 44 states, including Washington D.C., Puerto Rico, and the Virgin Islands.  The Powerball started again on February 25th at $40 Million.

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Indiana Winner Claims $536 Million Mega Millions Jackpot

A lucky winner from Indiana has finally come forward to cash their $536 million Mega Millions prize after drawing the winning numbers earlier in July.

The winning ticket for the July 8th drawing was sold at a Speedway gas station in Cambridge City.  The winner had 180 days from the day of the drawing to claim their prize.

The winner has agreed to send a representative to an upcoming press conference, however the representative has not provided any details about the winner yet.


Congratulations to the lucky winner on their HUGE win. We hope to learn more about the winner soon!

Mega Millions Winner Announced on Friday

We have a winner!  Officials just announced that someone in Indiana won the $540 million Mega Millions grand prize.  The numbers for Friday’s drawing were: 8, 19, 20, 55 and 73.  The mega ball was 5.

The winner has yet to come forward, but we do know that the ticket was purchased in a Speedway gas and convenience store along Indiana’s busiest highway.

Lottery officials advise that the winner hire a team of financial professionals before claiming his or her prize.  They also advise the winner to stay anonymous by creating a trust to claim their prize without going public.

The winner has 180 days from the date of the drawing to claim their prize.  He or she may choose to receive the prize in 30 annual installments totaling $540 million or claim a lump sum of $380 Million.

Congratulations to the mystery winner from everyone here at FreeLotto!

Strategies to Win Instant Cash Playing Indiana Lottery Scratch Offs

5 Tips guaranteed to increase your odds of winning Indiana Lottery Instant Games.

When you play the Indiana Lottery, you can really bring home the bacon. Well, at least the smell of bacon. Among the many varieties of IN Lottery scratch off games you can play, there’s the “Bringin’ Home the Bacon” instant win game where you can win bacon for 20 years. And each scratch off ticket actually smells like bacon.

You can also win instant cash when you play the state’s scratch off games. In fact, if you’re really good (lucky?), you can win the jackpot 2 times in just a few months like Indianapolis native Robert Hamilton who won two $1 million lottery prizes during a three-month span. Indiana Lottery officials said Hamilton’s tickets are among eight top prizes for its $120 Million Cash Spectacular Scratch-off game.

The Indiana Lottery also offers 6 state-only games (Daily 3, Daily 4, Cash 5, Quick Draw, Poker Lotto, and Hoosier Lotto) and 2 multi-state games (Mega Millions and Powerball).

To play the IN Lottery scratch tickets you can choose from price points of $1, $2, $3, $5, $10, $20, and up to $30.

If you play Indiana’s scratch off games, here’s something you should know: Unlike all the IN Lottery draw games, which are games of pure chance, the Indiana Lottery instant scratch-off games, also known as scratchers, are different.

That’s right, Indiana Lottery drawings are games of chance because the numbers are drawn randomly – without human intervention. Scratch-off tickets are not random because a real person must determine how many total tickets to print, how many will be winning tickets and for what amounts, and how the winning tickets are dispersed geographically. All of these decisions are carefully crafted to maximize excitement and to draw players in and keep them playing.

In short, there is a formula to IN Lottery scratch-off games. The challenge is to figure it out.

January-coverA famous article in Wired Magazine details how Mohan Srivastava, a geological statistician living in Toronto, figured out one of the formulas.

“The tickets are clearly mass-produced, which means there must be some computer program that lays down the numbers,” Mr. Srivastava is quoted in Wired. “Of course, it would be really nice if the computer could just spit out random digits. But that’s not possible, since the lottery corporation needs to control the number of winning tickets [otherwise it could go bust]. The game can’t be truly random. Instead, it has to generate the illusion of randomness while actually being carefully determined.”

The article goes on to describe his approach. Although his particular method will no longer work on most (probably all) scratch-off tickets, the principle of “illusion of randomness” does still apply.

We can’t tell you the exact formula for your favorite IN scratch-off games, but we can offer strategies for dramatically improving your odds for winning money when playing instant cash games.

Indiana Lottery Instant Games 5 Best Strategies

If you really want to win more when playing the IN Lottery instant lottery scratch-off games, start doing the following:

1. Buy all your Indiana Lottery scratch-off tickets from the same roll at the same time.
lottery-tickets-rollYou can assume there are at least a few winners in every roll of tickets. Every time you get a losing ticket, you reduce your chances of losing by one ticket.

Do not buy different games. If you buy a new ticket from a different roll, the pool of losing tickets is much larger and your chances of getting a winning ticket goes down.

2. Don’t play everyday. Rather buy in bulk.
Building on tip #1, the odds are better if instead of buying one ticket every day for a week, you spend the same amount and buy 7 tickets at one time. Better yet, purchase your monthly allotment of scratch offs during one visit. Buying 30 tickets at once is much better than buying one a day.

3. Let others in Indiana buy the losing tickets.
If you’re able to and have the time, hang around and watch others play. If you see a prolonged losing streak from a specific roll, your chances of getting a winning ticket increase because scratch-off tickets are sold with a guaranteed number of winners and losers in each pack.

You could also make friends with the cashier who could keep track for you.

4. Have the retailer’s computer check your losing tickets.
This isn’t about improving your odds necessarily, except that after scratching off 10, 15, or 20 tickets, it’s easy to miss matching symbols or numbers.

5. Strategically plan your play using math and a spreadsheet
Most scratch-off games publish on their websites the odds for each instant cash game. Many will often post prizes that have already been won for each game.

If you do nothing else, at least be sure to check the appropriate website to see which games still have top prizes available.

freelotto-spreadsheetNow to really improve your odds, let’s do a little math (there’s a spreadsheet at the end to make it easy).

We start with a simple concept: When IN Lottery tickets are sold and prizes won, the odds of winning change.

For example, if a game has sold many tickets, all or nearly all the top prizes could have already been won, so the odds of you winning that $1 million went from very small to virtually zero to perhaps zero if all the top prizes have been claimed.

However, sometimes the odds swing in your favor.

Simplifying the math for the example, let’s say 50% of the tickets have been sold but only 25% of the prizes have been claimed. Naturally, your odds of winning have gone up, or swung in your favor, by 50%. This would be a game you should play.

In reality, the odds never swing this much. In fact, most of the time, the odds vary only slightly. But a slight move in your direction can help and a few times, you’ll find significant swings that can make a worthwhile difference.

We’ve created a spreadsheet you can use to do the math for you. All you need to do is check the game’s website and fill in the numbers.

Here’s how the spreadsheet works for a single game:

First go to the Indiana Lottery website to find the numbers for the game.

You can find the numbers for IN Lottery here:
Page for Indiana Lottery Instant Games and prizes

Page for Indiana Lottery Instant Game odds and remaining prizes

In column A, fill in the available prizes.

In column B, fill in the odds, which are usually stated as “1 in X.”

In column C, fill in total available prizes.

Column D automatically calculates the estimated number of tickets sold. The formula is:

Odds X Available Prizes = Printed Tickets

Column E automatically calculates your chances of winning.

In column F, fill in the claimed prizes as published on the IN Lottery website.

Column G automatically calculates the number of remaining prizes.

Column H is an important column. It estimates how many tickets have been sold. This is a number not provided by the website, but it’s critical in determining how the odds have changed.

To generate a reasonable estimate, the spreadsheet uses the estimated tickets sold of the lowest prize amount because this gives us the largest sample size and will be more accurate than the numbers with fewer prizes. You may have to adjust this number depending upon what numbers are available in the earlier columns.

Column I automatically takes the estimated tickets sold and subtracts from total tickets printed to get the estimated remaining tickets.

Column J automatically adjusts the odds based on the new numbers.

Column K automatically adjusts your chances of winning based on the new numbers.

Column L automatically determines how much your chances of winning have changed. Sometimes in your favor, represented by a green bold number, and sometimes against you, represented by a red number.

What does all this mean for the Indiana Lottery Instant Games?

If the odds haven’t changed much, it means that the winning tickets have been evenly distributed throughout the packs, which is not unusual, but it means you can be assured of the following:

Watch for losing streaks from any specific pack. If you see someone else play a number of times in a row and lose, you should play next. A winner will likely follow because of the even distribution strategy.

Bottom line, don’t just walk into a store and purchase a few random IN Lottery tickets, unless you really don’t care and just want to have fun. But if you want to improve your odds, these strategies do help.

Download instant lottery scratch-off games spreadsheet


To download the spreadsheet to your computer after you’ve clicked on the button above, click the menu File while viewing the document, then choose Download As.

Note, this is a Google Doc so you DO NOT risk getting viruses or other crap you get if you download strange files or those ending in .exe. Google wouldn’t let that happen.

Enjoy the same excitement and chance to win instant cash as scratch-off games.

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Indiana Lottery awards $18.7 million prize to Chesterton couple

There are 2 more millionaires in the Hoosier state!

Dena Wright and Dan Gresham of Chesterton, IN, won the $18.7 million Hoosier Lotto jackpot when their numbers 1-18-22-30-34-42 were drawn.

The $18.7 million prize is the largest paid out by Hoosier Lotto since May 2014 and it’s the first winner since October of last year.

So it was due!

According to Indiana lottery officials, Dena has been faithfully playing the Hoosier Lottery twice a week every week since she moved back to Indiana a year-and-a-half ago to be near the couple’s grandchildren.

The real estate agent plans to continue working for the time being, but has already quit her second job as a server.

Her husband, Dan, however, has already given notice to his employer. Dan is a soon-to-be-retired automotive transmission technician.

The winning couple chose to take the annual payout of $333,000, before taxes, over 30 years, versus the lump sum.

They plan to use the money to “enjoy life” and send their grandchildren to college.

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Indiana Lottery introduces bacon-scented lottery tickets

No seriously. We’re not making this up.

The Hoosier Lottery is partnering with Indiana Pork to bring Indiana Lottery players a bacon-scented lottery game, called Bringin’ Home the Bacon, where players can win a 20-year supply of the savory pork product, which is paid in installments and valued at $5,000, or $250 annually.

That’s $250 of bacon every year for the next 20 years.

It’s a $2 scratch-off game, available at the 4,400 Hoosier Lottery retailers, where the lottery ticket itself is bacon-scented.

Four bacon prizes can be instantly won on the Scratch-off, and one final bacon prize will be awarded through a second chance drawing in late September. Players can also win cash prizes of up to $10,000, or 1 of the 5 available top prize.

It’s all part of the Summer of Bacon promotion sponsored by Indiana Pork, which includes a sizzle cam that you just need to check out.

Here at FreeLotto, we like to think our games are more convenient and fun, but let’s face it. How can you compete with bacon-scented scratch-off tickets?

However, if you do want to play bacon-less, click here to play and hopefully become a millionaire tonight:

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State lottery sales plummet 30% in early 2015

Are you suffering from jackpot fatigue?

If you are, you’re not alone.

Ticket sales for Mega Millions and Powerball games were down 30% for the first quarter, 2015.

Imagine what that’s doing to state budgets!?!

States are responding to falling lottery ticket sales by pumping up the jackpot amounts in hopes of luring back the casual player who buys lotto tickets only when the prize becomes enormous.

An interesting catch is that when fewer people play, it becomes hard to reach the ginormous prizes, for example going from $100 million to $300 million

People once impressed with a $100 million payout shrug until it reaches $300 million. Then fewer people play, so it takes longer to get to staggering prizes.

What are people playing? FreeLotto. More and more gamers are flocking to FreeLotto – the world’s largest online lottery style sweepstakes – because they realize it’s free, easy to play, and the odds are similar to state lotteries.

Check it out for yourself. Play right now.

Indianapolis man buys Hoosier Lottery scratch-off during lunch break, wins $1 million

An Indianapolis man was on his lunch break when his life changed forever. Jay Stevens purchased a soda and a Hoosier Lottery 20 Years of Cash! Scratch-off from the Silver Express less than a mile from his manufacturing job in the 8300 block of W 10th Street.

His $5 ticket was worth nearly $1 million!

“I play occasionally for fun, but I never expected to win. It’s unbelievable,” Stevens said when he claimed the prize.

Stevens chose the cash option with a payout of $975,428, but the ticket also offers payment as an annuity worth $5,000 a month for the next 20 years.

Stevens is the father of two and said when he isn’t working, he enjoys spending time with family. Other than paying bills, the Marion County resident has no specific plans for his windfall.

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