New Bill Might Make Pennsylvania Lottery Available to Anyone Online

A gaming expansion bill passed by the senate will give lottery players the option to play the Pennsylvania lottery online.  The bill also grants privately owned gambling franchises the ability to offer online options.

This bill will make Pennsylvania the first state to allow casinos and state lotteries to operate online.  It will also allow the state to tax and regulate online fantasy and sports games, create access to play the lottery in airport parlors, and require casinos to pay millions of dollars a year to local government.

Lawmakers hope that by expanding gambling to online platforms, they’ll attract the attention of younger audiences and potential new lottery players.

The bill was passed by a Republican-led chamber, but it still must face the House before becoming a law.  The House is seeking support for further legislation to allow machine-style gambling in thousands of bars, truck stops, and fraternal clubs.

Implementation of the new bill will certainly increase lottery revenue for the state. It’s estimated that the state would reap $110 million to $147 million next year.

Critics of the bill say that increasing accessibility to gambling creates a false narrative for Pennsylvanians as it encourages gambling to solve state revenue problems and personal problems, while disregarding the possible increase in gambling addiction.  Further criticism says that gambling online will take away from local casinos, as players might resort to gambling online instead of their local casinos.

Proponents of the bill feel that it presents important new revenue opportunities in the face of the state’s deficit-ridden finances.

What do you think of states offering online lottery games?  Is this a good idea?  Why or why not?  Let us know in the comments below.

The $24.1 Million Mystery Winner Claimed

A mysterious millionaire-to-be has come forward two days before the deadline to claim a winning $24.1 million lottery ticket, NY state gaming officials announced last week.

The lucky player purchased the winning ticket at Renu Corp Grocery & Tobacco in Tribeca on May 25, 2016 and claimed their prize on May 24, 2017.

Store owner, Bobby Patel says, “I don’t remember who [the winner was]”, claiming that he didn’t see their face.

According to officials, the winner claimed the prize at a customer service center in lower Manhattan.  The new millionaire said that news coverage about the unclaimed prize prompted them to check old lottery tickets. The winner found the lucky ticket just in time!

If the prize had gone unclaimed, the money would have gone back to the NY state lottery general prize pool.


**FreeLotto Pro-tip: Always check your results and claim any prizes quickly after playing the lottery, to check your FreeLotto results, click here.

Mississippi Takes “Lottery 101” Course to Re-Open the Topic of Having a State Lottery

Mississippi is one of the few US states without a state lottery.  The idea has been debated for many years, and recently, a special House Committee panel gathered at the capital to take an unbiased “Lottery 101” course.

The course examined the pros and cons of offering a state lottery, a topic that has been the source of political, moral and economic debate since the United States was formed.

“The intent of this group is not to make recommendations, but present facts,” said House Gaming Chairman, Richard Bennett.

Many pro-lottery advocates, including Gov. Phil Bryant, argue that the state would benefit from increased revenue including dollars lost due to residents buying lottery tickets in nearby states.

Lottery opponents, including House Speaker Philip Gunn, disagree with the state lottery on religious, moral and socioeconomic grounds.  Gunn created the lottery study committee himself in hopes that data will show his colleagues a lottery will not reap the supposed giant increase in revenue.  He believes this study should be discussed before any attempts to vote on lottery legislation.

FreeLotto wants to know your thoughts!  Do you think the state of Mississippi should have a state lottery?  Why or why not?

$61 M Winner in California

A lottery Mega Millions ticket worth $61 Million was sold at a 7-Eleven in San Diego, California.

The numbers, drawn Friday (May 28th) were 6-13-18-20-31 with Mega number 13.  The winning ticket matched these numbers exactly!

The 7-Eleven will receive a $305,000 bonus for selling the lucky ticket.

Lottery officials say that the winner should try to claim their prize as soon as possible.  Officials recommend that the winner signs the back of their ticket in ink and keep it in a safe place.

The ticket holder will have the option of receiving the prize money incrementally in annual payments spread out over 30 years, effectively paying less in federal taxes, or accepting a lump sum of an estimated $37.3 million upfront.

We hope the lucky winner comes forward soon! Be sure to check back for the update here.

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Georgia Man Wins $5M while Running Errands

Richard Britt was running errands when luck came his way.  “My wife asked me to go pick up a corn dog, and that’s when I bought a ticket.”

Britt played the Georgia lottery’s Millionaire Jumbo Bucks Scratcher and won the top prize: $5 Million!

After scratching the lucky ticket and realizing that he was a winner, Britt immediately left the store to call his wife. “Neither one of us could believe it. I’m still surprised that I won,” he said. As of now, Richard plans to use some of his winnings to travel, but we know there will be plenty left over!

Congratulations Richard – We wish you and your wife the best of luck!

**FreeLotto Pro Tip: When playing scratch-offs, it’s best to buy your tickets for a single game in bulk to maximize your chances of picking a winning ticket.  For more scratch-off tips, check out our blog.

Lottery Tickets Sold in Florida Could Have Warning Labels

We’ve heard of warning labels on cigarettes and alcohol, but now there may be warning labels on something else… Florida’s law-maker Jennifer Sullivan wants all lottery tickets sold in the state of Florida to carry warning labels.  This warning would be included in scratch-offs, draw-play games, and the Powerball and Mega Millions.

Sullivan argues that lottery tickets are a government-sponsored activity that may be addictive and should therefore bear the same warning found on cigarettes.

Sullivan’s label bill would also require stores that sell lottery tickets to post signs warning lottery players about the possibility of gambling addiction.  The Touring and Gaming Control Subcommittee of Florida agrees with the bill, but it has not been voted on yet.

If the bill does become a law, it would take effect on January 1, 2018.

What do you think about the new possible law?  Should the government put warning labels on lottery tickets?  Let us know by leaving your comments below!

Georgia is on Fire—Multiple Winners win Millions

Lottery Players in Georgia have been on fire with incredible winning streaks!  2 gas stations in Marietta, Georgia sold winning jackpot tickets worth $901,628.00 for the Fantasy 5 drawing.

Georgia native, Chester White, won $450,814.00 after purchasing his ticket at Marathon Marietta on Whitlock Avenue.

White, a 66-year-old communications major claimed his prize on Friday, January 27th.

“I didn’t think it was real, I triple-checked my ticket”, he said.

White says he plans to purchase a new television with his grand prize.

The second winner of the Fantasy 5 drawing has yet to come forward, but the luck continued!

Another Georgia man won a new car in the Georgia Cash4Life second-chance drawing, and the November $83 Mega Millions jackpot winners were also from Georgia.

Georgians, you’re on a hot streak! We hope you take advantage of your incredible luck!

*FreeLotto Pro-tip*

If you play the Georgia Fantasy 5 drawing, be sure to play odd and even numbers (3 odds and 2 evens, and vice versa).  Reports show that over a 5-year-period this combination yields 66% of wins!

New York Man Wins $5 Million on his Birthday

A New York man got the best birthday present ever!  Patrick Clarke, a 28-year-old New York native, won $5 million on his birthday!

Clarke purchased a $10 “Set for Life” instant ticket on December 20th—his birthday.  He says his mom gave him some money as a gift, and Clarke knew immediately that he would play his mother’s favorite lottery game, “Set for Life”.

Clarke waited to play until he arrived at his girlfriend’s house.

“I scratched the ticket and saw a match on number 16 with the word ‘Life’ under it,” Clarke said.  “I started laughing and dancing all around the house!”

Clarke chose the option of taking a lump sum payment totaling $2,453,693 after taxes.

He says he feels blessed to have won the lottery and knows he won’t have to worry about money as much.  “There will always be something to worry about,” says Clarke, “but for once it won’t be about money.”

We’re so glad that Clarke received the best birthday present ever! Congratulations!

*FreeLotto Pro-tip*

When purchasing scratch-offs the best way to increase your chances of winning a big prize is by buying tickets for the same game in bulk!


There was no grand-prize winner of the $70 million drawing held on Saturday, Dec. 31.

The next drawing will take place Wednesday, January 4th with a grand prize worth $80 Million and a cash option of $48.2 million.

The Powerball Numbers were: 1, 3, 28, 57, 67

The Red Powerball Power Number: 9

The Power Play Number: 2

Powerball Facts for Dec. 31:

  • No grand-prize winner and no player matched all five white numbers for the $1 million prize.
  • 650,105 winners in the drawing won at least $4 each.

The Powerball is offered in 44 States, Washington D.C., Puerto Rico, and the Virgin Islands. Players select five white numbers and one red ball.  Tickets are $2 each.

Good luck to all Powerball Players.  We hope there’s a grand prize winner in the next drawing!

Delaware Lottery Glitch Leads to $2 Million Lawsuit

Two Delaware men claim they are lottery winners who haven’t received their payments after a computer glitch spewed out several winning tickets.

John Brookings Jr. and Richard Spence played Keno, a bingo style lottery game, where players win based on how many numbers they match and how much money they’ve bet.

Copies of the winning tickets show that both Brookings and Spence each won $1 Million from the same game, only minutes apart.

The state did not honor their winning tickets and refused to award them a prize because their win was attributed to a computer malfunction.  The error reportedly lasted 20 minutes where 5 other tickets were generated with the same numbers.

The lottery released a statement saying, “The lottery regrets any inconvenience it caused to our players.”

The men filed a lawsuit against Delaware Lottery on November 18th.  The suit claimed that the state is violating the rules and regulations that govern the lottery system.

Do you think the state of Delaware should honor their tickets despite the glitch?  Let us know in the comment section!

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Father and Son Arrested for Stealing Lottery Tickets

A father and son duo were caught red-handed when they tried to claim the prize from a stolen lottery ticket on Saturday, November 26th.

Avery L. Durflinger Sr., 58, and Avery L. Durflinger Jr., 35, were charged with burglary, $500 worth of theft, and $300 in property damage for their actions.  The number of tickets stolen remains undetermined.

Officials say the pair broke into Iroquois Market in Illinois on Saturday morning and later attempted to claim a prize from one of the stolen tickets at a different store.

The pair was apprehended when officials determined their ticket was stolen.

Like father, like son!  We hope the Durflinger men have learned their lesson.  A judge has set a $50,000.00 bond for each man while they await trial.

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A Lottery Player in Tennessee Won $421 Million

If you played the Powerball in Tennessee, check your tickets because one lucky player is a multi-millionaire.  The winning numbers announced on Saturday, November 26th are: 17, 19, 21, 37 44, and Powerball Number 16.  The winner has yet to come forward for one of the biggest prizes on record!

The unknown winner has the option to receive the prize money over the course of 30 years or to collect a $254.7 million-dollar lump-sum.

Half of all money collected from Powerball sales goes to winner payouts and 40 percent goes to government causes like education.  The remaining 10 percent of the revenue goes to retailers who sell winning Powerball tickets.

The Powerball winner has 190 days to claim his or her prize.  We hope the winner comes forward soon to collect this life-changing money!

Chicago Man Plans to go to College after Winning $500,000.00

Chicago native Michael MacAuley won $500,000.00 after purchasing a $10 scratch-off from a vending machine.

MacAuley mentioned that he “always wanted to go to college”, and now that he won the lottery, he can finally make his dream come true.

He purchased his winning ticket at U.S. Tobacco on Larkin Avenue in Crest Hill.  U.S. Tobacco will be receiving a $5,000 prize for selling the lucky ticket.

Congratulations on your win Michael, and good luck in college!

Lottery Winner Arrested Again

Multi-millionaire lottery winner, Iorworth Horare, also known as the ‘lotto rapist’, won 7 million euros in 2004. Horare purchased the lottery ticket on a day-release from prison, while serving a sentence for rape.

He currently lives a comfortable life with his girlfriend in their 6-bedroom home in Northern England.

This month he was arrested for allegedly exposing himself to a woman near his home.  When police arrived to restrain him he claimed, “I’m a multimillionaire.  I’m not going anywhere.”

He also claimed that police officers were “heavy handed,” and used “excessive force” because they were jealous of how rich he is.

Police officers claimed his demeanor was aggressive and he was uncooperative.  He was held in jail but later released due to lack of evidence.


A $100,000.00 Winning Lottery Ticket Remains Unclaimed

Someone in Illinois is $100,000.00 richer and doesn’t know it yet.  November 18th is the last day to claim the winning ticket.  Illinois lottery players have exactly 1 year to claim a prize, and if someone doesn’t come forward soon, the ticket will be voided.

The Lucky Day Lotto Quick Pick ticket was sold at a Shell gas station in Lake Hills almost a year ago.  The winning numbers were 03-06-19-21-32.

The Shell station manager has notified all their customers of the winning ticket.  If the winner comes forward, the store will win $1,000.00 retailer bonus.

Check your tickets, Illinoisans!  We hope the lucky winner comes forward soon.