Mega Millions Jackpot Up To $400 Million

Filling out a Lottery ticketThe Mega Millions Lottery has rolled over 20 times in the last 10 weeks driving the jackpot amount up to $400 million, the second largest jackpot amount in the lottery’s history. If you haven’t yet purchased your tickets, don’t worry, you still have a little time. The next Mega Millions drawing will take place Friday, December 13th at 11 pm EST.

The last Mega Millions numbers drawn on December 10th were 5- 12-22-41-65 and the mega ball was 13. Five lucky players matched five of six numbers and won $1,000,000 each but no one hit all six numbers.

If someone matches all six numbers on Friday night, they will have the choice of taking the $400 million jackpot as a 30 year annuity or taking the cash option of approximately $216.4 million before taxes.

Mega Millions Lottery tickets are sold in 45 jurisdictions and the odds of winning this mega lottery jackpot are one in 259 million.

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First Class to Thailand

long boat and poda island in ThailandBrian McTigue, a retired school caretaker from West Derby, England, was checking his weekly lottery tickets when he was distracted by the doorbell. He had only checked one of his three tickets, a £25 winner. McTigue answered the door and chatted with a builder who had come by to give him a quote on some work he was planning on his home. Forgetting about his lottery tickets, McTigue went to the kitchen to make dinner after his meeting. It wasn’t until after eating his dinner that he got back to checking his tickets. One of his remaining tickets was a big winner worth £2,850,984.

McTigue plans to use the money to pay for the extension he had been planning on his home. He also plans to celebrate by taking a first class vacation to Thailand.

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New Lease on Life

dollar different tenor soft moneys fall with skyFive months ago, Belinda Garner, was told she had six months left to live. The West Tennessee native has lived a hard life, overcoming homelessness and drug addiction. Though she was able to change her life, some of the damage from drug abuse was permanent and Garner developed cirrhosis of the liver.

Garner never lost hope despite the diagnosis. In November, she purchased a $25 scratch off ticket and won a jackpot prize of $5 million. “I thought maybe one day…You know you always wish,” said Belinda Garner of her win.

Garner’s family hopes that this prize money, $2.6 million after taxes, will help her get a liver transplant that could extend her life.

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Nostalgia Prompts Winning Ticket Purchase

Black pearlJoanne Zarella-Densman was looking over the scratch ticket display at her local convenience store in Brockton, Massachusetts when she spotted a $5 ticket called Black Pearls. The ticket reminded her of a family vacation she took as a child. On that trip, her father had given Joanne and each of her siblings an oyster. Joanne’s was the only one that contained a black pearl.

The memory prompted her to buy the ticket and lucky for her it was worth $1 million. Joanne elected to take a one time lump sum payment of $430,000 after taxes.

Joanne was the ninth jackpot prize winner of the Black Pearl game and one jackpot prize remains to be won.

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Yukon Lotto Pool Wins Lotto Max

iStock_000005875066_ExtraSmallA group of eight co-workers from the Faro Mine Remediation Project won half of a $50 million jackpot in November. The group includes Glenda Benoit, Jovita Murphy, Shelley Shaw, Krista Pickett, Ron Meers, Craig McKinnon, Tracey Parkin and Sukie Sidhu. Each will receive a share of approximately $3.12 million. The Faro group’s win is the largest lottery prize ever won on a ticket purchased in Yukon.

Some of the group plans to keep their jobs but Craig McKinnon plans to retire. “I want to golf ‘til I die,” he told the Western Canada Lottery Corporation.

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Community Recreation Center Funded by Lottery Winner

HiResThe W. Randy Smith Recreation Center, a brand new $2.1 million recreation center, bears the name of the lottery winner who provided the majority of the funding for the project. Smith won a $79 million Powerball jackpot in 2010. After taxes, the cash option netted him about $30 million.

The facility is located on the Musselman High School campus in Inwood, West Virginia. The land for the project was donated by the county school board. The indoor community center will serve one of the state’s largest high schools and contains two full size basketball courts. Smith, a former County Sherriff and magistrate, said “it’s a first-class facility” and something he is proud of.

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Unbelievable Surprise for New Zealand Man

mancahsAn unexpected knock at the door turned out to be incredible news for one New Zealand man. Lottery officials had taken matters into their own hands using security footage to identify the winner of a $22.6 million prize after it had gone unclaimed for more than three weeks.

Even after hearing that he was likely the winner, the officials had to convince him that it was not a hoax and that he should show them the winning ticket so they could verify it. The lucky winner was completely taken off guard and couldn’t grasp that he had actually won. Though he regularly plays the lottery and has won small prizes in the past, he just didn’t believe he would ever win a prize that big.

The winner, who is married with children, has vowed that the large sum of money won’t change him too much. He would like to take a family vacation and build his dream house somewhere in Christchurch, near where he lives now.

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Doughnut Baker Wins £2 Million

iStock_000018619955XSmallJean Swatman, 62, recently won a £2 Million lottery jackpot. Her family was thrilled about the win and decided to do their grandmother a favor by throwing away her work shoes. Little did they know, Swatman plans to keep her job in the supermarket bakery where she makes doughnuts four days a week starting at 5:30 am. She says she enjoys working and that the early hours don’t bother her at all.

Since claiming her prize money, Swatman has paid off the mortgage on her home in Suffolk, England, taken a trip to Cambodia, purchased a new car, and remodeled the kitchen. She plans to invest the rest for her five grandchildren.

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Well-Known Lawyer Wins Lotto 649

judge hand with gavelSaskatoon lawyer, Donald Worme, most famous for representing the Stonechild family in the Neil Stonechild inquiry in 2003, recently won $15 million on Lotto 649. Worme had initially tried to purchase a Lotto Max ticket but had missed the deadline. The clerk suggested he buy a Lotto 649 ticket instead.

Worme took more than six weeks to come forward with the winning ticket and doesn’t know yet what he will do with the money. He told lottery officials, “I’ve purchased things that I desired so I have the items I wanted.” He also said that he doesn’t think retirement is for him, so he will continue his law practice.

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$1,000,000.00 Scratch Prize

iStock_000001663844XSmallShelia Davis, 53, was driving home with her husband and their three children in the car when she felt like buying a scratch off ticket. The family stopped at a convenience store in Newnan, Georgia and Sheila picked up a $1,000,000.00 Gold Rush Georgia Lottery ticket.

When she scratched the ticket and saw that she had won the top prize Sheila started crying and her husband did too. Sheila, who works for the non-profit Habitat for Humanity, said this jackpot win will allow her to take care of her family. They are going to celebrate by “doing something they’ve never done before.”

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