Illinois Lottery winner scratches $50,000 top prize on Gold Rush instant ticket

Patricia Easley, a 10-year resident of Gurnee, Illinois, won a top prize of $50,000 when she scratched a Gold Rush Instant Illinois Lottery ticket.

Ms. Easley was at home when she scratched the winning ticket and discovered her $50,000 windfall.

“My husband bought this ticket for me; he chose it because it was a new game that he had never seen before,” she said when she presented her winning ticket at the Illinois Lottery Prize Center in Des Plaines.

Ms. Easley plans to invest her winnings and save for retirement.

The winning ticket was purchased at Rashmi Quick Mart, 314 S. Lewis Ave. in Waukegan. The retailer received a $500 bonus, 1% of the prize amount, for selling the winning ticket.

Gold Rush is a $3 instant ticket scratch-off game featuring a top prize of $50,000.

Three of the $50,000 prizes have yet to be claimed.

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Man wins CA Lottery Scratchers jackpot 2 times in 2 months

A Berkeley man can consider himself lucky after winning a prize from a California Lottery Scratchers ticket for the second time in two months.

When Robert Dos Santos won $1,000 a couple months back by playing a $20 “Million $$ Match” Scratchers ticket, he didn’t stop playing the lottery, lottery officials said.

On Friday, he discovered he had bought another winning ticket, this time with a $5 million prize, lottery officials said.

Dos Santos told lottery officials he still isn’t sure what he is going to do with the multimillion dollar prize. He also said he plans on continuing to play more Scratchers tickets.

The store where he purchased his ticket, a 7-Eleven located at 1501 University Ave. in Berkeley, will also be awarded $25,000 for selling the winning ticket, lottery officials said.

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Kenneth Montgomery

Congratulations to Kenneth Montgomery of Cincinnati, Ohio.


Kenneth won the FastCash prize of $10,000.

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Georgia lottery winner has quite a reaction to winning jackpot

On April 5, Dan Casteel from Douglasville, Georgia, matched all five winning numbers from the GA Lottery Fantasy 5 drawing, winning the $488,279 jackpot prize.

The lotto winning numbers were: 3-14-33-38-39.

So how did Mr. Casteel rank this windfall among his life’s events? (Did I mention he won $488,279? )

“This is one of the biggest events of my life,” Casteel said to the Georgia Lottery Corporation.

“One of”?

OK. So, it’s not the same reaction as sleeping, but apparently, Mr. Casteel has lived quite an eventful life.

Just curious how many events rank higher?

I’m thinking if I had won that kind of lottery prize, my reaction would be more like Georgian Rachael Leonard who won a $30,000 top prize playing GA Lottery’s new instant game Jumbo Bucks – Lotto Edition.

“I was jumping around. No one was in the store, so I had enough room to just jump and jump and jump,” she recalled.

Exactly what I would do.

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GA Lottery winners keep it all in the family

They say in Georgia, nothing is stronger than family. So when three Cobb County siblings teamed up to win an instant prize from the Georgia Lottery, you knew where the money would go – or rather stay.

All in the family.

Vicki Faulk of Kennesaw and her brothers James and Rodney Hewatt won a $250,000 prize playing the instant game 21 Black Series.

The trio, who claimed April 16 at the Georgia Lottery District Office in Dalton, will share the quarter-million-dollar prize.

RaceTrac #2359, 4331 Bells Ferry Road in Kennesaw, sold the winning ticket.

“We saw this guy buy one, so we went and bought one, too,” explained Faulk, 53. “We were at my house when we scratched it. We couldn’t believe it.”

Faulk, an accountant, considers the windfall exciting.

She and her husband, Kip, have two adult children and three grandchildren. She plans to save her portion.

James Hewatt Jr., 55, of Marietta plans to buy his wife a new car; and Rodney Hewatt, 50, of Acworth intends to finance his daughter’s wedding.

“We’re all very close,” Faulk explained.

Since its first year, the Georgia Lottery Corp. has returned more than $16.2 billion to the state of Georgia for education. All Georgia Lottery profits go to pay for specific educational programs, including Georgia’s HOPE Scholarship Program and Georgia’s Pre-K Program. More than 1.7 million students have received HOPE, and more than 1.3 million 4-year-olds have attended the statewide, voluntary prekindergarten program.

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Amy Hayes

Congratulations to Amy Hayes of Kuna, Idaho.

Amy won the FastCash prize of $10,000.

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How many people win the NJ Lottery?

Ever wonder how many people win during a typical drawing?

Last Friday’s NJ Lottery drawing produced the following winners:

Two tickets matched all five numbers draw for the Jersey Cash 5 jackpot, splitting a $536,942 prize for $268,471 apiece.

The winning numbers were 28, 33, 37, 40 and 43.

4,249 other players split $142,548 in cash prizes in the same NJ Lottery drawing. For correctly picking four of the five numbers, 121 people won $564 each, and 4,128 won $18 each for correctly picking three numbers.

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CA Lottery Winner

It’s no joke: How one CA Lottery winner plans to spend his new fortune

At first, Oakland, California, resident Anthony Fazzini thought it was a prank when he found a winning CA Lottery ticket worth $672,000 on April Fools’ Day. After all, he didn’t actually buy the ticket. His father bought it for him.

Fazzini said he had to check several times to make sure no one was pulling a fast one on him.

After confirming it was real with California Lottery officials, he was understandibly ecstatic and began making his shopping list.

Here’s what he’s planning to do with the cash:

  • buy a new truck for his father (of course)
  • take a trip to Italy
  • put away college money for his daughter’s education
  • purchase Golden State Warriors playoff tickets
  • buy season tickets for next season as well

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CA Lottery winners demonstrate the best strategy for winning big money

What’s the best way to increase your odds of winning the California lottery, or any lottery for that matter? Join an office pool.

This strategy sure paid off for the 51 employees and 1 owner at John Martin & Associates who pooled their money to buy CA Lottery Powerball tickets for the February 7 draw.

One of the tickets ended up matching five of six numbers (5-10-21-34 and 58) that night for a whopping $1,388,464 payout! Had they matched the Powerball number of 33, they would have hit the $380 million jackpot. (This was part of the series of draws that ended with the monster $564.1 million jackpot on February 11. It was the 5th largest jackpot in U.S. history.)

Each participant of the California-based Structural Engineer firm will receive just under $27,000 apiece before federal taxes – a modest amount all things considered. But no one is complaining.

Los Angeles resident and owner John Martin says he didn’t hear a single person moaning about not having won more. “$20,000 is a fair amount of money and I think there are going to be a few new cars (in the parking lot). In fact, I’ve heard a lot about new cars. It’s great!”

Actually, the boss is almost relieved everyone isn’t getting a huge check because he realizes that could have meant mass notices of people quitting! With a big laugh, Martin joked, “You know the way I see it, we’re really only breaking even anyway. We’ve probably lost $1.388 million in production (due to all of the excitement inside the office)!”

Martin said the group has won small amounts in the past, but they usually put it right back into the pool. Now the goal is to hit a big jackpot! “The last time the office has been this happy, a beer truck overturned near our building. Everyone ran outside and the beer truck driver said, ‘Help me clean this up!’ The office was almost as happy then as it is now!”

Powerball is a multistate game played in California (and 43 other states, plus the District of Columbia, Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands). Tickets are $2 and can be purchased from any of the more than 21,000 California Lottery retailers or one of the more than 4,000 Lottery Lucky Retailers. Visit the California Lottery’s Powerball site for more information on how to play.

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New York Lottery winner doesn’t need to retire

Harold Diamond didn’t need to win the NY Lottery to retire.

The 80 year old former elementary school principal was already enjoying life in retirement.

But $326 million sure will help make life more enjoyable.

The winner of the $326 million Mega Millions jackpot, the largest in New York Lottery history, accepted the check Monday at the same Valero gas station in Middleton, N.Y., where Diamond purchased the ticket Nov. 4.

Diamond said he and his wife were driving to Middleton on Election Day and pulled over at the gas station because of bad weather. While the couple ate lunch, Diamond said he noticed the flashing Mega Millions sign and decided to spend $10 for 10 tickets of Quick Pick numbers, the Associated Press reported.

“I put the ticket in my wallet and forgot about it,” Diamond said in a statement released by New York Lottery.

Just a day later, Diamond said he was playing golf with friends when someone mentioned the jackpot-winning ticket was purchased at a Valero on Route 302.

“I thought, wait a minute — I bought a ticket there last night,” Diamond said.

Diamond, who retired as principal of George L. Cook Elementary School in Monticello in 1995, said he was “in a dither, a real daze,” when he realized he had the winning ticket.

He opted to take the lump-sum payment, which after taxes will total $130,676,438.

Diamond said he plans to help his family with the money and give back to the local community.

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Georgia Lottery winner takes home $500,000 from The Big $5 Ticket

Wilton Andrews, Jr.,from Pooler, Georgia, won a cool half-million dollar prize playing The Big $5 Ticket instant game from the Georgia Lottery.

“I rode around with a bunch of tickets,” Andrews said. “I’d put them in the sun visor. When it got full, I pulled them down.”

Andrews, unknowingly, had the ticket for about two weeks before claiming his prize March 27 at the Georgia Lottery District Office in Savannah.

“I was at my lunch break at work when I scratched it,” Andrews said.

Gate Store #209, 418 E. Highway 80 in Pooler, sold the winning ticket.

A food processing plant employee, Andrews has no plans at the moment for his windfall.

Since its first year, the Georgia Lottery Corp. has returned more than $16 billion to the state of Georgia for education. All Georgia Lottery profits go to pay for specific educational programs, including Georgia’s HOPE Scholarship Program and Georgia’s Pre-K Program.

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NY CASH4LIFE Lottery Winner Has Perfect Ending for Retired Vietnam Veteran

The perfect lottery-winning story:

John Stresing, from West Seneca, NY, is a retired Bethlehem Steel worker and Vietnam Veteran.

He is a regular NY lottery player who always plays his family members’ birthdays, along with the number four, for the four members since the game started.

On February 2, the winner numbers for the CASH4LIFE drawing were 04-08-17-20-21 and Cash Ball 04.

The same numbers always played by Mr. Stresing who was now $7 million richer having won the $1,000-a-day top prize.

His immediate emotion was relief, saying that he could now pay off his bills, make life easier for his wife and kids, and “enjoy life.”

He also plans to take his wife, Sharon, on the honeymoon they never had. Next year they will celebrate their 50th wedding anniversary. They plan to go “some place warm.”

And he’s splitting the $7 million prize with his son, John “Jack” Stresing Jr. As for Stresing Jr., he plans to travel and possibly retire.

Each will receive $182,500 before taxes every single year for the rest of their lives.

Now that’s a perfect ending.

CASH4LIFE’s drawings are on Mondays and Thursdays. Each game costs $2. Players choose 5 of 60 numbers in the main field, and 1 of 4 (hence the game’s name) green “Cash Ball” numbers in a second field. Matching all six numbers wins, or shares (“split-prize liability”), the equivalent of $1,000-per-day-for-life, or $7,000,000 cash, at the winner’s option.

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How latest $1 million Powerball winner from Portland, OR, plans to spend his money

The first $1 million Powerball winner of 2015 is Bill Delmatoff, a special education paraeducator at da Vinci Arts Middle School in Northeast Portland.

Mr. Delmatoff said he didn’t believe he had won at first. In fact, he wasn’t absolutely sure until the giant check was in his hands.

Once he was certain, he took a day off work. No word yet on whether he’s ready to retire early now.

Oregon Lottery officials said the newest millionaire and his wife are planning to donate some of the money to charities that assist parents with foster children.

Purchased ticket on a whim

Mr. Delmatoff typically plays Oregon’s Megabucks lottery but on a whim, he decided to throw in an extra four bucks to play in the multi-state Powerball lottery.

“For some reason I bought a Powerball ticket, too,” he said. “Now I’m glad I did.”

Powerball is an American lottery game sold by 47 lotteries (44 states plus the District of Columbia, Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands) as a shared jackpot game.

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Lottery balls wait to be dropped prior to the lottery drawing for the Mega Millions jackpot, estimated at $636 million, in Atlanta, Georgia

“Gut Feeling” worth $126 million to lucky NY lottery winner

When it comes to winning the lottery, always trust your gut feeling.

At least that’s true for upstate New York real-estate broker Tammy Pratt who recently won the Mega Millions jackpot for $100 million.

A regular player, she typically buys a single ticket, but on a hunch last month she purchased 4 lottery tickets.

And did it pay off – big time – as Mrs. Pratt became the sole winner of the $126 million jackpot drawn on Feb. 27 on the second ticket she purchased.

“I just had a feeling I should get more than one,” she said at a press conference Wednesday where she was presented with a giant check.

Pratt said she learned she was a millionaire after checking the numbers the next morning.

“I saw that someone purchased the winning ticket in South Fallsburg. Then I saw it was purchased at the same store where I bought my ticket and I thought ‘Oh my God! Could the winner be me?’ ” she said.

After taxes, Pratt will pocket a one-time payment of $54 million.

Just goes to show you, never doubt a woman’s intuition.

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Illinois Lottery’s “Vegas” ticket

Friday the 13th is a lucky day to win cash

Turns out Friday the 13th is a lucky day after all. At least for Tom Brown from Rockford, Illinois. Mr. Brown, 71, played the Illinois Lottery’s “Vegas” ticket on the infamous Friday and won $200,000 cash. He said his first order of business with the money is to take his wife, his two children, six grand-kids and two great-grandchildren on a trip to Disney World in Florida.

“Friday the 13th certainly was lucky for me,” said Tom Brown after turning in a winning scratch-off lottery ticket at a claim center.

The winning cash will come in handy, he said, because there are also bills he needs to pay.

Mr. Brown said he plays the lottery about once a week. Last Friday’s winning ticket was purchased at a Schnucks grocery store. The store earned a $2,000 payout for its part in the win.

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