Georgia Man Wins $3 Million Taxes Paid

article2_20141010When Plains, Georgia truck driver Kenneth Mooney, 57, went into a local gas station to buy a lottery ticket the clerk nicknamed him “Big Money,” most likely a play on his last name. The nickname turned out to be rather fitting when Mooney won $3 million on a Georgia Lottery Scratch Off Ticket. The best part about this particular winning ticket is that Mooney won’t have to pay taxes on the $3 million because he won it on a game called $3,000,000 Taxes Paid where the lottery pays the taxes. On all big lottery wins, the United States federal government taxes 25% and the state of Georgia also takes 6% of the win. Not having to pay taxes is like a second win for Mooney.

Mooney and his wife, Debbie, have four grown children and nine grandchildren. Mooney plans to use the winnings to buy a new home and new pickup truck. He also plans to put money into a trust for his grandchildren. He hopes to take a hunting vacation in South Texas soon.

Something in the Water

iStock_000010061555SmallWhat are the odds of one rural Minnesota county producing two lottery jackpot winners?

Joe and Rhonda Meath of Anoka Country recently purchased a Hot Lotto ticket that made them jackpot winners of $11.7 million! Rhonda, a waitress, and Joe, a retiree, don’t plan on making any big life changing decisions right away. Joe plans to keep his old truck and Rhonda says she loves her job waiting tables and has no intention of quitting.

Their lottery winning is also unique in that they do not have to pay taxes on their winnings, which would be over $3 million, due to the rules of the game.

The Meaths are the second lucky lottery winners to win big in Anoka County recently. Last year, Paul White of Ham Lake also took home a large lottery payout when he was one of three winners of the $448 million Powerball drawing.

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South Carolina Lottery winner has “Beginner’s Luck”

Its raining moneyIn a true beginner’s luck story, Jamiela Hardick of South Carolina, won big when she purchased her first lottery tickets. Jamiela decided to try her luck when she purchased 2 tickets, a $5 Crossword 10K and $5 Mega Bucks ticket, from a Sheetz store in Queensboro. With beginner’s luck on her side, Jamiela not only won back the $5 on her Crossword 10K ticket, but also claimed the maximum prize on her Mega Bucks ticket. After taxes, she received a little over $69,000.

Many people buy lottery tickets without ever winning a prize – luckily for Jamiela, this was not the case.

Jamiela plans on using her winnings to help pay for college where she wants to become a nurse. There are still other winners from the Mega Bucks game that have yet to claim their prizes.

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Million Dollar Popsicles

blog4Who would have guessed purchasing your favorite summertime treat would lead to winning millions? The Fontana, California resident, John “Jack” Long did just that. He visited his favorite corner store to purchase his favorite sugar-free popsicles and decided on a whim to purchase a Powerball ticket, a Mega Millions ticket and a SuperLotto Plus ticket.

Despite being told the winner of the Powerball drawing purchased their ticket from the same corner store Long frequented, it wasn’t until a second neighbor informed him that someone matching his description had won the Powerball drawing that he decided to check his ticket.

It turns out Long is the biggest Powerball winner from San Bernardino County ever. He plans on using his $35.9 million winnings to purchase new cars for his daughters and maybe a new power wheelchair for himself. He also plans on starting a foundation to help low-income students.

New Jersey Lottery players should check for winning tickets

DrawerEveryone knows the saying you have to play to win, but many seem to be forgetting that you have to check your numbers to claim a prize. An astonishing number of prizes go unclaimed in lotteries every year. The rules vary from state to state, lottery to lottery, but the majority allows one year to claim any prize winnings. If no one claims the prize money within the given time, the money is returned to the prize pool for future games and promotions.

One New Jersey winner, Melvin Milligan, was saved by a postmark date. Milligan had purchased the winning ticket in June 2000, put it in the junk drawer and forgot to check the drawing’s results. Nearly a year later, he was watching the news and they mentioned that a winning ticket remained unclaimed and was about to expire. Milligan dug through the junk drawer, located the ticket and immediately went to the store to have the ticket confirmed a $46 million winner. He signed the ticket, put it in an envelope and mailed it to the Lottery Headquarters.

Winning Ticket Found

winningticketNeed to motivate your kids to keep a clean room? Tell them the story of Gregory Jarrett.

Gregory Jarrett, from Decatur, Georgia recently cleaned his room and found a winning Powerball ticket! The original drawing was held earlier this year and luckily for Jarrett, he found his ticket in time to claim his prize.

His winning numbers, 7-8-9-24-29, were worth $1,000,000. These lucky numbers hold a special meaning to him; they are his siblings’ birth dates.

In disbelief, he had to ask his mom to help verify the numbers. Jarrett plans on paying off bills with his winnings.

Each year, it is estimated that over $800 million in prize money is left unclaimed. Although some of these are small prizes, others are larger sums and could even be worth $1,000,000!

NJ Lottery winner takes home $14 million

iStock_000005875066_ExtraSmallFlossie Endreson played the lottery for years. Learning from their mother, the Endreson family continued to play the lottery after her death. The 17 siblings started to pool their money together for lottery tickets about ten years ago.

Sigrid Endreson was holding the winning ticket for the Pick 6 game for about two weeks before remembering to check the numbers. She did so while out at a local grocery store and had to call one of her sisters to come get her because she was so overcome with emotion.

This large New Jersey family recently cashed in their winning ticket for $14 million or around $10 million after taxes. Many of the family members were affected by the storm Sandy and will use that money to continue rebuilding and support local charities.

The jackpot will be split among the children and a few grandchildren. Hopefully this family tradition will carry down to the next generation of Endresons.

Texas Man Wins $7.5 Million in Texas Lottery

scratchticketJesse Patino, 26, purchased a $50 scratch off ticket from a RaceTrac gas station just a few days ago. The $50 scratch ticket, “Millionaires Club,” is one of the most expensive scratch tickets offered by the Texas Lottery. When Patino scratched the lucky ticket and discovered he had won the top prize of $7.5 million, he was speechless.

Patino currently lives with his mom and a roommate in an apartment in Denton, Texas. He didn’t tell the press what he plans to do with the prize money but he can now afford to buy just about any house he wants.

The “Millionaires Club” scratch off game still has two grand prizes available to be won. The odds of winning the top prize is one in 1.2 million.

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Illinois Lottery has 3 scratch-off winners in 1 month

iStock_000038136536SmallThey say good things come in threes and that turns out to be true for Christopher Kaelin, a 31 year old Chicago resident. Kaelin beat the odds on three separate tickets purchased over the course of a month, winning a total of $276,000.

The first ticket, he purchased in early April, was worth $25,000. Kaelin and his fiancée were thrilled with the win and went out for a fancy dinner to celebrate. They had no idea they would win two more times that same month. The second ticket, a $1,000 win, was purchased at a gas station on the way home from the celebration dinner.

The last ticket was the big winner. It was worth a whopping $250,000 and was purchased at the same store where Kaelin bought the first winning ticket.

“[The prize] is big enough to where it’s obviously life-changing, but not so big that it’ll be a problem,” Kaelin told lottery officials when he went to pick up his last prize check. He plans to use the winnings to pay off his student loans, buy a house, and pay for his upcoming wedding.

Illinois Resident Wins “The Good Life”

Pre-schoolers in classroomYajaira Perez, 27 year old public school teacher, recently won $5000 a week for 20 years on an Illinois Lottery instant scratch ticket called “The Good Life.” The lucky ticket which is aptly named will allow Perez, who immigrated to the Chicago area from Puerto Rico when she was 17, to make many of her dreams come true.

One of those dreams is to use some of her winnings to open a rehabilitation center and shelter for battered women and children. Being a mother of two and caring for hundreds of children over the years as a teacher has stirred her desire to help children and families in need.

“I can achieve so much with this lottery win,” Perez said. “My husband and I feel extremely blessed.”

Perez’s weekly winnings will be disbursed in annual payments of $260,000 a year, or $182,000 a year after taxes.

Winner Will Finally Get Her Dream Honeymoon

cookieA fortune cookie helped Merces Gonclaves, of San Jose, California, choose the lucky winning numbers in the March 4th Mega Millions drawing. She matched 5 of the 6 numbers drawn and won over $400,000.

Gonclaves, who has been married for 52 years, was never able to afford a proper honeymoon with her husband. The lucky couple plan to use some of the winnings to take that special trip.

Self-titled Boring Lotto Winner

HiResSeamus Harmon, of Salem, Oregon, recently won the Oregon Lottery Win for Life Game. The 34-year-old safety trainer declared himself “one of the most boring lottery winners” because he intends to keep his job and use his winnings to pay off his mortgage. Some would say he’s one of the smartest lottery winners.

The payouts will be $1000 every week for the rest of his life, or approximately $666 per week after taxes. Harmon says he is extremely grateful to have won.

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$425 Million Powerball Winner Yet to Come Forward

iStock_000008214344_ExtraSmallThe February 19th Powerball drawing for $425 Million had one jackpot winning ticket. That ticket was sold at Dixon Landing Chevron in Milpitas, California, a small town in the bay area. The lucky winner has yet to come forward to claim his or her prize – the 6th largest in U.S. history.

The gas station will receive a $1 million bonus for selling the winning ticket as well as a lot of new business from lotto players who want to buy from their lucky store. The owners, Kulwinder and Parmeet Singh, are hoping the winner is one of their regulars but say they will be happy for whoever it is.

The winning numbers were 17, 49, 54, 35, 1. The Powerball number was 34.

California Mega Millions Winner Finally Comes Forward

istockk_portraitWeeks after the Mega Millions drawing on December 17th, the winner of the second half of the $684 Million jackpot prize has finally come forward to claim his prize. The winner, Steve Tran, explained to lottery officials that he had bought the ticket during his runs as a delivery driver. He had put the winning ticket, along with many others bought from other towns, in a stack, and stored it away in his drawer at home and had forgotten about them.

One night at around 3 am, Tran awoke from a deep sleep remembering that he had purchased a ticket in a gift shop in San Jose and wondered if he was the winner. He got out of bed, found the stack of tickets and began checking them.

Tran told the exciting news to his wife and a few other family members before calling his boss. “I’m really sorry, boss. I hit the jackpot. I don’t think I’m going to come in today, tomorrow or ever,” he said in the message he left.

Canadian Winner Donates It All to Charity

dollar different tenor soft moneys fall with skyDespite knowing about his $40 Million LottoMax jackpot win for six months, Tom Crist, 64, just recently came forward to collect his winnings. Crist, retired CEO of EECOL Electric, knew from the moment he got the call from the lottery commission telling him he won that he would give all $40 million of his win to charity, but he put it off so long because he was wary of the publicity.

Last week, Crist delivered his first check for $1.2 Million to the Alberta Cancer Foundation. The charity is dear to his heart because his wife, Jan, lost her six-year battle with lung cancer in February of 2012. Crist told the ACF that the check he delivered was only phase-one and that he plans to give annually.

Crist explained his generous decision to the press; “I guess I’ve been fortunate enough through my career, you know, that I had, with the company that I was with, to be fortunate enough to have a good living and be able to remain to have a good living and look after my kids. So, I don’t really need the money.”

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