Afghanistan War Veteran Wins $10,000.00 Prize from FreeLotto

Sgt. Maj. Ruby Murray of Spring Lake, North Carolina, signed up for a FreeLotto F.A.S.T. account on July 28, 2004 and, in her words, “kinda forgot [she] was still playing.” FreeLotto is an online lottery-style sweepstakes where users play for the chance to win over $11,000,000.00 in daily prizes. Ruby won ninety-eight 3rd and 4th place prizes, worth $1 and $5 respectively, the majority of which she donated to charities, including the Disabled American Veterans, through FreeLotto’s Click2Give Charity program in the years leading up to her grand prize win.

About four years ago, Ruby decided to change her numbers and continued playing the games with those same picks – 3, 16, 17, 23, 25 and 28. On September 9, 2012, Ruby won the jackpot prize in the $10,000 Fast Cash drawing – her 99th cash win from

The win couldn’t have come at a better time. Ruby had returned home from serving a year in Afghanistan in March 2012. Soon after, her father passed away. In addition to the pain of losing her father, Ruby also learned that his life insurance had lapsed, leaving her with the funeral costs. In the midst of this crisis, Ruby received a package from FreeLotto stating that she had won the $10,000 jackpot prize.

Initially, Ruby thought it couldn’t be real. She couldn’t believe that she had actually won. In spite of her skepticism, she certified the package, had it notarized and sent it back to the FreeLotto office. When Ruby received a phone call from FreeLotto, she learned that she did indeed win the money that she so desperately needed.

Ruby’s fortune in a time of need allowed her to pay for her father’s funeral proceedings. “God had worked out a miracle,” Ruby said, “when God gives you a financial blessing, it comes in multitudes.” Ruby intends to stay on as a FreeLotto member and believes she will win again. “There’s so much I want to do for homeless people in this country,” Ruby said. Her dreams of opening a homeless shelter are closer to becoming realized with her lucky break from FreeLotto.

Win $5,000.00 Cash: New Sweepstakes Launched by recently launched a brand new sweepstakes, Win $5,000.00 Cash, a guaranteed winner sweepstakes in which one entrant will be selected each month, for the duration of the promotion, as the winner of $5,000.00. The new sweepstakes began on August 10th 2012 and the first winner was selected on September 10th 2012.

Christina Baker of Willow Spring, North Carolina, is delighted to be the very first winner of FreeLotto’s Win $5,000.00 Cash Sweepstakes. The married mother of two boys, ages 20 and 16, recently graduated with a double bachelors in accounting and business and works full time in the purchasing department of a medical equipment company. Her husband, a self-employed truck driver, has had a hard time finding work in the last year. “Still a little in shock that I actually won money on I have never won anything in my life,” Christina told the FreeLotto Prize Department when they spoke yesterday to interview her about her win.

Christina plans to use the money to pay off some bills and buy some new supplies for her cake decorating hobby, which she hopes to one day turn into her own business.

The FreeLotto Win $5,000.00 Cash Sweepstakes is available to enter now through November 8th 2012. Each person who submits an entry will be eligible to be selected as the winner of $5,000.00 cash.

Nationally Recognized Turkish Lottery Booth Continues to Draw Winners

Out of all the lottery kiosks in Turkey, the Nimet Abla booth in Istanbulhas become so famous, one in ten of all tickets sold in the country are purchased there.

Melek Nimet Özden founded the kiosk in 1928, lending to it both her name and her luck. Nimet Abla earned nationwide fame as the luckiest lottery booth in Turkey after she won the big New Year’s lottery draw in 1931 with a ticket she bought from her own shop.

Now, the stand is nationally recognized as the luckiest lottery booth in Turkey and many people refuse to purchase their tickets anywhere else. People will travel for miles to buy their tickets from Nimet Abla, not only for themselves but also for friends and relatives from all over the country.

The booth has become so popular that they started selling tickets online last year to meet the demand.

The Nimet Abla kiosk generates the most lottery winners in Turkey by far; however some attribute that to the amount of tickets that are bought from it.

Although Turkish culture generally frowns upon the lottery, the revenue from ticket sales continues to grow each year. Profits from the Turkish lottery have helped to provide the country with 30 schools, in addition to other community resources all over Turkey.

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$11 Million Goes Unclaimed in Louisiana

Louisiana state lottery players may be turning down a big payday, without even knowing it. According to Louisiana lottery officials, nearly $11 million went unclaimed in the fiscal year that ended June 30.

Prizes for draw style games, such as Mega Millions and Powerball, must be claimed within six months. After that six month period, wins are forfeited and the money is returned to the state lottery.

Bo Bernhard, executive director of the International Gaming Institute at the University of Nevada-Las Vegas, has theorized that most of these unclaimed prizes stem from players losing tickets, or simply not checking them. People who see that they missed the first few numbers might throw the ticket away without bothering to check for smaller wins.

Most of the unclaimed prizes are smaller wins; however there are currently large prizes that are very close to being forfeited, such as a $3 million winning Mega Millions ticket, purchased at Murphy Express in Denham Springs, which must be claimed by October 7.

The odds of matching all six numbers in the Powerball or Mega Millions are slightly more than 1 in 175 million.

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Australian Lotto Pool Wins $1.5 Million

Three warehouse workers from Werribee, a suburb of Melbourne, have been buying lotto tickets together every week for 12 years. This week they won a $1.5 million share of the TattsLotto $22 Million Superdraw.

One of the three men checked the winning numbers on Monday night for the Saturday drawing and couldn’t believe the results. He first shared the good news with his wife then immediately went to tell the other guys in person.

Each of the three men will get a half million dollar share of the prize. All of them say their plan is to pay off their mortgages, buy new cars, take their wives out to celebrate, and then use the rest to invest in their retirement.

There were 14 winning tickets in total for the $22 million Superdraw with the winning numbers 1, 19, 45, 34, 17 and 32. The supplementary numbers were 38 and 22. The trio purchased their 12 game quick pick in Hoppers Crossing.

The warehouse syndicate has chosen to remain anonymous and will not release their names to the press.

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Cancer Survivor Gives Back

Nick Ruth, 19, claimed a $250,000.00 Mega Millions win this past Monday, September 24th. His take away after taxes ended up being about $165,000.00.

The youngMarylandresident plans to use his newfound wealth to give back to some of the organizations that helped him and his family when he battled childhood leukemia–including Leukemia and Lymphoma Society, Believe in Tomorrow, and the Make-A-Wish Foundation, which sent him and his family on a cruise.

Nick has been in remission for five years. He plans to keep his current job as a dishwasher at a bar in Towson, MD but has aspirations of joining the police force.

Erica Palmisano, a spokesperson for theMarylandlottery told reporters, “He’s a nice young man. He’s a hard worker, and he’s a cancer survivor willing to give back, so he’s really an exceptional winner, and we’re thrilled that he won.”

Nick had been purchasing lottery tickets twice a week since the day he turned 18.

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Pregnant With Luck

The birth of a baby is always a blessing, but for one family inNorwaythe blessings associated with these babies have been even greater. As luck would have it, Hege Jeanette Oksnes, 29, has had three children in the last six years and, each time, a family member has won the lottery.

The most recent lottery win was Hege’s brother Tord, 19, who won 12.2 million Norwegien kroner in the Norwegian National Lottery last week.

Prior to Tord’s win, Hege herself won a jackpot of 8.2 million kroner just 2 days before the birth of her second child. In 2006, just a day before the birth of her first child, Hege’s father Leif won 4.2 million kroner in the lottery.

Each of the wins took place when Hege was pregnant or had recently given birth, and two of the three lottery wins happened within hours of her babies being born.

Hege has three other brothers who have yet to win the lottery and are encouraging her to keep having babies. “They’re urging me to have at least 10 children,” she said.

The Oksnes family, who live nearBergenin southwestNorway, have used a random quick pick selection for each of their lucky wins and say they really don’t play the lottery very often. When asked the secret to their luck, the answer was obvious: “Getting pregnant!”

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Odd Numbers Drawn, 98 Split the Cash

On Tuesday, August 28th, the winning numbers drawn in the Florida Fantasy 5 game were a sequence of odd numbers, 1-3-5-7-9. A total of 98 players played those exact numbers and they will have to share the prize money. Only one of the tickets was a Quick Pick. Each winner will end up taking home $1,995.32.

Florida Lottery representative Shelly Safford said that 1-3-5-7-9 is the second most picked set of numbers, after 1-2-3-4-5. Because people regularly play numerical patterns and birthdays, jackpots are often split when winning numbers are all under 31.

Fantasy 5 jackpots usually range from $50,000.00 to $250,000.00, depending on the numbers of winners. Prior to this win the highest number of winners to share a jackpot in the current version of the Fantasy 5 game, where players pick 5 of 36 numbers, were 47 winners who each won about $4,500.00.

Massachusetts Man Makes Million Dollar Mistake

A mistake made by a Massachusetts Lottery clerk paid off for Richard Brown of Taunton, Mass.

Brian Salinas, the manager of the Valero gas station in Taunton, was busy stocking cigarettes when Brown asked for his usual $5 Blue Ice 7’s scratch-off lottery ticket. The distracted convenience store worker handed him a $5 Sizzlin’ 7’s ticket instead. Salinas quickly realized his mistake and offered to exchange it for the correct ticket, but Brown decided to test his fate.

When Salinas saw the picture of Richard Brown in the newspaper, he discovered that the ‘wrong’ ticket was a $1,000,000 winner. Brown chose to receive his winnings as one lump sum and will be taking home a total of $650,000 before taxes. A Massachusetts lottery spokesperson reported that Brown intends to use this money for home renovations and a vacation to San Francisco.

“I’m kind of happy about that, to know someone actually won a million dollars,” Salinas said. “He can go out and buy himself a new vehicle take care of bills and his family.”

Salinas’ mistake also proved to be good fortune for the owner of the convenience store, as he will be receiving a $10,000 commission from the winning ticket.

The odds of winning the $1,000,000 prize on a Sizzlin 7’s ticket are estimated at 1 in 4,200,000.

British Winners Change Lives With Prize Money

Chris and Colin Weir won a £161,653,000 Euromillions jackpot in December 2011, the largest jackpot in European history. The couple from Ayrshire, Scotland, has since become well-known for their charitable donations.
The Weirs have donated £50,000 to a young talented artist to fund his continued education in Italy. They’ve paid for a young boy’s prosthetic leg when he lost his to cancer. Now, the Weirs will pay for a life-changing operation for a four year old little girl named Isabel Wallis, who suffers from Cerebral Palsy.

Isabel’s parents, Kate Horne and Rory Wallis, had been trying to raise funds for the past six months to pay for a surgery that will hopefully enable Isabel to live without having to use a wheelchair. When the Weirs heard about Kate and Rory’s efforts, they offered to pay for the surgery which is now scheduled for November in America. The £15,000 Isabel’s parents have already raised with the help of family, friends, and coworkers will go towards her physiotherapy and rehabilitation post-surgery.

The amount the Weirs are donating for the surgery had not been disclosed but they have said that they “hope that the operation will give Isabel the chance of an active life. We wish her well.”