NJ Lottery winner forgets to check winner ticket – at first

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article5_20141010Everyone knows the saying you have to play to win, but many seem to be forgetting that you have to check your numbers to claim a prize. An astonishing number of prizes go unclaimed in lotteries every year. The rules vary from state to state, lottery to lottery, but the majority allows one year to claim any prize winnings. If no one claims the prize money within the given time, the money is returned to the prize pool for future games and promotions.

One New Jersey winner, Melvin Milligan, was saved by a postmark date. Milligan had purchased the winning ticket in June 2000, put it in the junk drawer and forgot to check the drawing’s results. Nearly a year later, he was watching the news and they mentioned that a winning ticket remained unclaimed and was about to expire. Milligan dug through the junk drawer, located the ticket and immediately went to the store to have the ticket confirmed a $46 million winner. He signed the ticket, put it in an envelope and mailed it to the Lottery Headquarters.

The ticket arrived two days past the deadline but fortunately for Milligan and his wife, the decision makers at the lottery accepted the postmark date on the envelope and allowed him to collect the prize money.

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This story was written by Michael Smith


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    Carrie Bock says:

    Yep, I've won $3.00 and received a check

  • Ncami Ngidi says:

    Mmmm,, I can't wait for this freedom. I really need it

  • Rhianon Matthews says:

    When's the lottery on

  • radhia amor says:

    Hope dits real

  • Luna Flower says:

    Hmm I can't wait this happens and to say how my life goes after have this money. And wish thanks a lot hope is real

  • Luna Flower says:

    Hmm I can't wait this happens and to say how my life goes after have this money. And wish thanks a lot hope is real

  • Percival Paulo says:

    still very lucky

  • Nonshulant Nubreed says:

    The world wants me to have this money, my grandmother said by God I'm the chosen one.

  • Nonshulant Nubreed says:

    And No I'm not crazy!

  • Felix Konopasek says:


  • henry says:

    he who have faith shall recieve

  • Arnold Masuku says:


  • Carmen White says:

    I hope lady luck vicit me this time

  • steve says:

    I am blind and need help my back has been broken in 3 places

  • Carol Rodgers says:

    We have no retirement, I have to have a rob put in my Mel and no money saved up. Do to my medical bills. The company my husband works for changed insuarance in Aug. and r deductible changed then. Lord knows we could use it

  • mdshah says:

    i dont think this blog can be trusted…

  • Musa Whitted says:

    I hope I be the one because I'm going to do the right thing..good luck for me

  • David Peaked says:

    I want. Towin

  • Sharon Eikura Vuinakelo says:

    That's not right, they should make an effort to contact the winners by mail or telephone. Since the contact details is registered. A year to claim is unjusts too. Should make it 5yrs to claim.

  • Florence Musgrove says:

    I can't wait I need the help the lord know I can use it

  • Shekitha Lowery says:

    life is what you believe in when you do so from your heart keep faith anything is welling.

  • Jeffrey Apostol says:

    A nice game! I love it

  • James Greer says:

    I am James Greer and they have said initial JG were winning my city!! I have not seen nothing yet, sometimes I feel like this is a scam!!! I heard this for the past 1-1/2!!! I hope I win, I hope & pray…

  • chevy shivaee says:

    I am playing regularly everyday the free-lotto, but no result yet

  • Sandra Petric says:


  • Abdel Laaraidh says:

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  • Terryann Enoka says:

    Good on u mate

  • Justin Wooten says:

    I would love to be a winner I thought I won once told my whole family they think I'm crazy oh well I had fun

  • Chris Doyle says: