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iStock_000002981822XSmallSusan Mullen and husband Lee, of Nunsthorpe, U.K. won a lotto jackpot worth nearly £5 million in 2011. While reading the local paper this past month, Susan discovered a story about a 5 year old boy whose trampoline was stolen by metal thieves. Gabriel Pritchard, had received the trampoline as his 5th birthday present and was devastated when it was taken. Garbiel’s mom, Rebecca, was unable to afford a replacement and said the thieves “should be ashamed of themselves”.

The Mullen’s contacted the newspaper, who then put them in touch with the Pritchards to buy them a replacement trampoline. “What we have got now is still very special but we know what it’s like to struggle, we have been there. We have got a little bit put aside for things like this,” said Susan Mullen.

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This story was written by Michael Smith