Mississippi Takes “Lottery 101” Course to Re-Open the Topic of Having a State Lottery

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Mississippi is one of the few US states without a state lottery.  The idea has been debated for many years, and recently, a special House Committee panel gathered at the capital to take an unbiased “Lottery 101” course.

The course examined the pros and cons of offering a state lottery, a topic that has been the source of political, moral and economic debate since the United States was formed.

“The intent of this group is not to make recommendations, but present facts,” said House Gaming Chairman, Richard Bennett.

Many pro-lottery advocates, including Gov. Phil Bryant, argue that the state would benefit from increased revenue including dollars lost due to residents buying lottery tickets in nearby states.

Lottery opponents, including House Speaker Philip Gunn, disagree with the state lottery on religious, moral and socioeconomic grounds.  Gunn created the lottery study committee himself in hopes that data will show his colleagues a lottery will not reap the supposed giant increase in revenue.  He believes this study should be discussed before any attempts to vote on lottery legislation.

FreeLotto wants to know your thoughts!  Do you think the state of Mississippi should have a state lottery?  Why or why not?

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