Newspaper Misprint Is Almost A Costly Mistake

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article1_20141010When Debra Revis, of Colorado, checked the Daily Sentinel to see if her lottery numbers had won, she had no idea there had been a misprint. She saw that 5 of her numbers matched the 6 in the paper, so she called her son to find out if there was a prize for matching 5 numbers. Her son, Sheldon Revis, went online to the Colorado Lottery’s website and told her that the prize for 5 of 6 numbers was $498. Out of curiosity, he asked her to read out the numbers she had played, and when she read him the final number, he told her that all six matched, and that she had actually won the jackpot! They were both shocked.

Revis chose to take the lump sum payment of $2.1 million before taxes. She plans to continue working as a hotel manager and save the money for retirement. Although it was nearly a very costly mistake, Revis says she isn’t upset about it. The Daily Sentinel even called to apologize for the misprint.

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This story was written by Michael Smith


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    PowerPathGS says:

    Interesting article. But does anyone remember when Freelotto sent out winning notifications by “mistake” to everyone who had the number “1” on Oct 29, 2012? I blew a stack when I found out I didn’t win! That was a costly mistake for some. I know of one person who quit there job before they found out it was a mistake. No apology from anyone. Somehow this went away quietly……

  • Luigi Macchidani says:

    I hope Debra invests the money for a bigger growth for retirement. Well done Debra

  • Elizabeth Betty Hopkins says:

    Great, make right money decisions and have a blessed life.

  • John Roberts says:

    She still would have cashed in the 5 out of 6 and then would have discovered the 6 out of 6. Misleading article title… Just saying….