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North Carolina Army Veteran Wins $200 Thousand

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Army veteran, Trevon Logan, just won a $200,000.00 lottery prize on her 45th birthday!

“It’s the best birthday gift I could as for,” said Logan.  Discussing her strategy, she reported, “I like playing the first or last ticket.”  It seems like sticking to the same strategy finally paid off for her!  Logan says that when she saw the store clerk opening a new book of tickets she asked for the first one.

Logan claimed her prize on April 26, 2017, and received a lump-sum of $139,003 after state and federal taxes.

Logan plans to pay bills and send her granddaughter to college with her prize money. “I want to make sure her education is taken care of,” she adds.

Congratulations and happy birthday to Trevon.  We’re glad your lotto-strategy worked!

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