Pocket Change Worth $1.3 Million

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An impulse decision made one Michigan man $1.3 million richer this past week. While he was buying his regular Fantasy 5 ticket, the clerk asked him if he was sure he didn’t want another ticket. That was enough of a reason for him to pull out his last four quarters and buy a Classic Lotto 47 easy pick ticket.

The following day, when he came back to check his numbers, he was stunned to learn that he had won such a huge sum of money. “I got weak in the knees while I was standing at the counter, after he (the retailer) told me I had matched all six numbers,” he said.

The winner, who asked that his name and age not be released, is a veteran who has been disabled from back injuries since 2009. According to the Michigan Lottery press release, the veteran kept repeating that this win had come at just the right time. He intends to use the money to help take care of his four children.

This story was written by Michael Smith

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