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Florenz asked 10 months ago

When I go to the Mich State Lottery website for instant tickets prizes remaining, there are 2 columns; one withe total amount of prizes per game, and one with the number of yet to be won prizes that are still waiting to be purchased. However, they never disclose how many tickets were printed to begin with. I think it is deceptive. For instance, if a $20 scratch off has 270,000 prizes remaining, and the total amount of prizes was 1,000,000; what good does it do if I don’t know the total of tickets printed?

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Michael Smith Staff answered 10 months ago

Florenz, great comment. But here’s how I find the answer to see which instant game to play. True the Remaining Prizes page only has the 2 columns. Not real helpful I agree. But you can determine the number of tickets printed. When you click on the individual page for each instant game, it gives you the total odds. For example, the Deluxe 7 game has overall odds of winning as 1 in 2.72. Total prizes (found on the page you were looking at) for the game is 1,030,924. Therefore, total cards printed is 2.8 million (total prizes times odds). Waaaaay too much work, but you can find the number. Sadly, it means MI lottery officials made a conscious call to make it more difficult to find the best odds.