Retired Engineer Wins With Kids’ Birthdays

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article1_20141017Ben Troidle, a retired engineer from Fairfield, Connecticut, loves to play the lottery. He plays the same set of numbers each time and never misses a draw. His lucky numbers are a combination of his three children’s birthdays. Troidle discovered his $1.1 million win when he checked the numbers on the lottery website using his cell phone. Troidle shared the good news with his wife Mary Ann and then they double checked the numbers on their home computer. Since Troidle plays every draw, he had purchased a CT Lottery Advance Action ticket for 25 draws and then got a bonus 26th drawing free. As luck would have it, he actually won the jackpot on the 26th drawing with the free ticket.

Troidle has decided to take a lump sum payment of $732,000 instead of receiving the prize as an annuity. He will end up with approximately $502,000 after taxes. He plans to share the jackpot with his children because it was their birth dates that won it for him.

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This story was written by Michael Smith


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    Frank Thurman says:

    That's what's up

  • Ejercito Sogue says:

    I love playing "free lotto" daily with a miss I hope & pray to be declared winner someday

  • Ejercito Sogue says:


  • Livingstone Wamagata says:

    Started playing free Lotto 8 yrs ago. One day I. know I will rcv that notification. Wamags

  • Deveni McCollough says:

    Wow!! That's a blessing…. May God Continue To Bless Him And His Family…..

  • Anthoneo Brice says:

    That's a blessing.

  • Emily Cloete says:

    I have won but r struggling to get a credit card account cause I am unemployed and are a voluntary community worker.I do have a paypal account but I guess it wont work,wish I could claim my winning it will make a lot of people happy 4 I will cook lunch for Christmas day for the poor and dress a few children.