New Bill Might Make Pennsylvania Lottery Available to Anyone Online

A gaming expansion bill passed by the senate will give lottery players the option to play the Pennsylvania lottery online.  The bill also grants privately owned gambling franchises the ability to offer online options.

This bill will make Pennsylvania the first state to allow casinos and state lotteries to operate online.  It will also allow the state to tax and regulate online fantasy and sports games, create access to play the lottery in airport parlors, and require casinos to pay millions of dollars a year to local government.

Lawmakers hope that by expanding gambling to online platforms, they’ll attract the attention of younger audiences and potential new lottery players.

The bill was passed by a Republican-led chamber, but it still must face the House before becoming a law.  The House is seeking support for further legislation to allow machine-style gambling in thousands of bars, truck stops, and fraternal clubs.

Implementation of the new bill will certainly increase lottery revenue for the state. It’s estimated that the state would reap $110 million to $147 million next year.

Critics of the bill say that increasing accessibility to gambling creates a false narrative for Pennsylvanians as it encourages gambling to solve state revenue problems and personal problems, while disregarding the possible increase in gambling addiction.  Further criticism says that gambling online will take away from local casinos, as players might resort to gambling online instead of their local casinos.

Proponents of the bill feel that it presents important new revenue opportunities in the face of the state’s deficit-ridden finances.

What do you think of states offering online lottery games?  Is this a good idea?  Why or why not?  Let us know in the comments below.

Mississippi Takes “Lottery 101” Course to Re-Open the Topic of Having a State Lottery

Mississippi is one of the few US states without a state lottery.  The idea has been debated for many years, and recently, a special House Committee panel gathered at the capital to take an unbiased “Lottery 101” course.

The course examined the pros and cons of offering a state lottery, a topic that has been the source of political, moral and economic debate since the United States was formed.

“The intent of this group is not to make recommendations, but present facts,” said House Gaming Chairman, Richard Bennett.

Many pro-lottery advocates, including Gov. Phil Bryant, argue that the state would benefit from increased revenue including dollars lost due to residents buying lottery tickets in nearby states.

Lottery opponents, including House Speaker Philip Gunn, disagree with the state lottery on religious, moral and socioeconomic grounds.  Gunn created the lottery study committee himself in hopes that data will show his colleagues a lottery will not reap the supposed giant increase in revenue.  He believes this study should be discussed before any attempts to vote on lottery legislation.

FreeLotto wants to know your thoughts!  Do you think the state of Mississippi should have a state lottery?  Why or why not?

FreeLotto Player of the Month: Brian Nielsen (May)

Meet Brian Nielsen from Denmark.  Brian has been a loyal FreeLotto player since 1999.

“I play FreeLotto every day just for fun and it’s become a routine to start my day with,” he says.  He plays FreeLotto games with a cup of coffee before work and once won a small prize which he donated to charity.

His favorite games include the Danish Lotto, FreeLotto’s Classic $1 Million Jackpot and FreeLotto’s $10 Million game. If Brian won big, he says: “[I would] give my mom a brand-new car.”  “She’s 74 and never had a brand-new car.”

Brian adds that he would love to buy a car or motorcycle for himself.  He dreams of meeting the love of his life, getting married and buying a house.

Brian currently works part-time because of back injuries so winning a big prize would be helpful.

We hope all of Brian’s dreams come true when he wins big!

Texas Bill May Allow Lottery Winners to Remain Anonymous

Texas’s House of Representative’s has just approved a measure that will allow lottery winners who receive $1 Million or more to remain anonymous.

House Bill 59, presented by state Rep. Ryan Guillen, proposes that winners who receive $1 Million or more may remain anonymous except for child support and tax obligations.  The bill still needs final approval from the senate before becoming law.

Currently, the Texas Public Information Act requires public release of the names, city of residence, and prize amounts of all lottery winners.

“Due to the media storm surrounding large winnings, personally identifiable information about winners is spread across the state and sometimes the nation,” Guillen stated. This bill will ensure that winners are allowed peace, privacy and safety.

Guillen adds that often winners of large sums become the focus of unwanted attention and targets for burglary, theft, and demands for monetary help from friends and family.

Critics of the bill say that anonymity will hurt the public’s perception of the lottery’s integrity and could negatively impact lottery sales.

Six states—Delaware, Kansas, Maryland, North Dakota, Ohio and South Carolina—allow lottery winners to remain anonymous. Other states, including Texas, allow winners to collect their prize through a trustee, such as a lawyer, which still affords the prize winner some anonymity.

Check back for updates as the story progresses!

April Player of the Month—Martin Hernandez

Meet Martin Hernandez, a 27-year-old Uruguay native, who dreams of traveling the world.

Hernandez has been a FreeLotto player for a year. He currently spends his days working on a farm and tending animals. His favorite thing about FreeLotto is that it’s fun and  free. Although his job keeps him busy, he plays FreeLotto games as often as he can.

“If I win, without a doubt, I’d help my family and fulfill a few of my dreams,” he says. Hernandez’s personal dream is to travel the world.

Hernandez recommends FreeLotto because it’s fun and free. On his free-time he enjoys playing online games and going to the beach. We hope Hernandez wins soon!

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Michigan Man Wins $2 Million on His “Worst Day Ever”

A 49-year-old Michigan native, who prefers to remain anonymous, was having an otherwise terrible day when he won $2 million in a Lottery Bonus Instant Game.

“I was having the absolute worst day of my life,” he said.  “I was stressed from work and it seemed like everything that could go wrong was going wrong.”

“I stopped to buy a soda and had a winning $10 ticket to turn in.  I put another $10 with it and told the clerk to pick out a $20 ticket for me.”

As it turns out this $20 ticket was worth $2 Million!

“I scratched the ticket in the store and I was in shock when I saw I had won $2 million,” said the player.  He added that he waited for everyone in the store to leave before asking the clerk to scan his ticket. “…[I] asked her to scan my ticket.  She looked it over and hit the floor when she saw I won $2 million.”

“Winning the Lottery feels great. My wife and I have always found a way to make ends meet, but it hasn’t always been easy, so winning is a huge relief,” the winner said.

We’re so happy for the lucky anonymous winner and hope he and his family will enjoy their prize!  Guess it wasn’t such a bad day after all…

**FreeLotto Pro-tip: The player in the story played several tickets of the same game.  Playing several tickets for the same game instead of different games is an excellent idea.  Buying tickets in bulk to one game has a better chance of winning than buying several tickets from different games.  See our blog for more tips and tricks to increase your chances of winning.

Illinois Man Wins $1 Million on St. Patrick’s Day Raffle

A lucky Illinois man found his pot of gold on St. Patrick’s Day after playing the $1 Million St. Patrick’s Day Millionaire Raffle.

Christopher Gluck purchased his winning ticket at the 7-eleven on Tow Line Road in Vernon Hills, Illinois.  The 7-Eleven receives a $10,000.00 bonus for selling the winning ticket.

“I always buy a raffle ticket because it offers the best odds of winning,” said Gluck, “but I never imagined I would beat those odds and win.”

There were 2 other winning tickets sold in Illinois, both those winners have yet to come forward.

Congratulations on your win, Christopher.  FreeLotto wishes you all the best!

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Why FAST is the Smartest Way to Play FreeLotto

Lottery experts agree on a few things when it comes to improving your odds of winning the lottery:

  1. Play the same numbers regularly.
  2.  Play games with guaranteed winners.
  3. Join a lottery pool to increase your chances of winning.

Playing with FreeLotto’s FAST service guarantees all 3 , giving you the best chance to win big!

Play the same numbers, regularly:

7-time lottery winner, Richard Lustig says “play your own numbers and stick to them.”  First, make sure that you pick the best possible numbers by playing with a lottery strategy such as hot-and-cold numbers.  The more often you play, the greater your chances of winning.  FAST lets you select the numbers you want and automatically enters those numbers everyday—you’re guaranteed entries to all 6 FreeLotto games for the chance to win over $11MM.

Chose games with guaranteed winners:

Every week FreeLotto draws a lucky $1,000.00 TGIF Winner.  Every day a player enters all 6 games, he or she receives one entry for a chance to win $1k in that week’s drawing.   FAST members get it easy—they automatically receive 14 entries to the $1,000.00 TGIF Sweepstakes every week – Guaranteed!  Remember, the more entries you have, the more likely you are to win.  In March 2017, 80% of the $1,000.00 winners were FAST members!

Join a Lottery Pool

When a group of people join lottery pools for games like the Mega Millions or Powerball, they’re more likely to win. Each week, FreeLotto purchases 100 Powerball tickets, 10 Mega Millions tickets, and 10 New York Lottery tickets.  If any of our tickets win, each person in the lottery pool receives a portion of that money!  All FAST players are automatically entered into the Lotto Pool – that’s 120 entries into major lottery pools every single week!

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Mega Millions Winner in California

A single ticket hit all 6 winning numbers for the $188 million Mega Millions drawing on Friday, January 27th.

The winning ticket was sold at the Primm Valley Lotto in Primm, California.

The Mega Millions winning numbers were 17, 37, 53, 54, 61, and the Mega Number was 8.

The lucky winner has the option of receiving his or her prize in 30 installments or collecting a lump-sum of $112.6 million in cash.

The Mega Millions drawing happens on Tuesdays and Fridays at 11 PM EST, and you have a chance to win next!

The jackpot for Tuesday’s drawing is $15 Million.  Good luck to all FreeLotto Mega Millions players!

*FreeLotto Pro-tip*

One of the easiest lottery strategies is playing Hot and Cold numbers.  Hot numbers are numbers which are almost always chosen, and cold numbers are numbers that have not been played in a long time.  Check out this article to learn more.

FreeLotto’s State Lottery Forum

We believe that the lottery is a game of both luck and strategy!  FreeLotto’s State Lottery Forum is the best way to ensure that you’re getting the most out of the lotteries you play.

Our lottery experts answer questions about scratch-offs, state lottos, multi-state games, instant games, the Powerball, Mega Millions and many more!  If there’s a lottery you love playing, we’ll give you the best tips and strategies.  If there’s a new game you want to try, we’ll tell you about the best ways to increase your chances of winning.

Winning the lottery can be hard, but with the right tools you can increase your chances of success.  Our lottery experts are standing by to answer your questions!  Check out the State Lottery Forum here for your chance at winning big and start asking your lotto questions today.

*FreeLotto Pro-tip*

It’s always best to play the lottery using a strategy.  Using a strategy is the only way to play smart and increase your chances of winning.

Virginia Lottery Prize Remains Unclaimed

The New Year is off to a great start for a mystery $25,000.00 lottery winner in Lynchburg, Virginia. The winner purchased the Virginia New Year’s Millionaire Raffle at the Speedway on Campbell Avenue.

Lottery officials say the winner has 180 days to claim their prize.  Players can contact the Virginia Lottery Player Information Line at 804-662-LUCK for any questions or information.

Check your tickets, Virginia–The New Year winner could be you!

Father and Son Arrested for Stealing Lottery Tickets

A father and son duo were caught red-handed when they tried to claim the prize from a stolen lottery ticket on Saturday, November 26th.

Avery L. Durflinger Sr., 58, and Avery L. Durflinger Jr., 35, were charged with burglary, $500 worth of theft, and $300 in property damage for their actions.  The number of tickets stolen remains undetermined.

Officials say the pair broke into Iroquois Market in Illinois on Saturday morning and later attempted to claim a prize from one of the stolen tickets at a different store.

The pair was apprehended when officials determined their ticket was stolen.

Like father, like son!  We hope the Durflinger men have learned their lesson.  A judge has set a $50,000.00 bond for each man while they await trial.

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A $100,000.00 Winning Lottery Ticket Remains Unclaimed

Someone in Illinois is $100,000.00 richer and doesn’t know it yet.  November 18th is the last day to claim the winning ticket.  Illinois lottery players have exactly 1 year to claim a prize, and if someone doesn’t come forward soon, the ticket will be voided.

The Lucky Day Lotto Quick Pick ticket was sold at a Shell gas station in Lake Hills almost a year ago.  The winning numbers were 03-06-19-21-32.

The Shell station manager has notified all their customers of the winning ticket.  If the winner comes forward, the store will win $1,000.00 retailer bonus.

Check your tickets, Illinoisans!  We hope the lucky winner comes forward soon.

$7.5 Million Lottery Mega Million Winner Waits 3 Months to Claim Prize

Christina Ford from Atlanta, Georgia was dumbfounded when she discovered that she was a Mega Millions winner.  Ford was one of two winners from the $15 million jackpot drawing on July 22nd.  She claimed her prize on Tuesday, October 25th.

“I thought it was a dream,” she said in disbelief.  “I kept saying, ‘Yeah, right. This can’t be true.’”  It IS true, and Ford is now a new millionaire!

She purchased the ticket at a Kroger on the Dallas Acworth Highway.

Ford claims she waited 3 months because she wanted to plan what to do with the money before claiming.  She decided to spend her prize money by helping her family with bills and taking a vacation.

Congratulations Christina!  You better believe that you’re a MILLIONAIRE.

Canadian Man wins $38,194 and Forgets to Check his Ticket

We hear stories every day of winners that don’t claim their prizes or forget to check their tickets!  Maximo Ramos from Yellowknife, Northwest territories said he won $38,194 from a Western 649 drawing, but had forgotten his lottery ticket in a drawer for months.  Ramos had no idea he was a winner!

He found the forgotten ticket in a drawer and decided to scan it out of curiosity at a self-checking kiosk only to discover that he was a winner!

“I was so surprised and instantly happy,” Ramos said.

Ramos plans on spending his prize on bills and visiting his family in the Philippines.  Congratulations on your big win, Ramos.