Magic LogThousand of Cambodians are making a pilgrimage to a log they believe has magical powers. The log was discovered recently when a family was excavating a pond on their property in the Pursat province of Cambodia. The log measures approximately 42 feet in length.

According to some of the locals, they believe the log has magical powers because it was underground for so long and did not rot. Since the discovery, some locals who touched the wood have allegedly won the lottery. Now, many have heard of its potential magical powers and are flocking to see for themselves. Visitors have shown up with offerings of pig heads and boiled chickens. Some have begun rubbing the log with talcum powder with hopes of seeing winning lottery numbers appear on their hands. Others are seeking healing from the “magic” log, drinking the pond water or covering their bodies with mud from the pond.

The village chief, Hun Nov, is not a believer in the so called magic log but says “We, the authorities, have no right to stop them,” referring to the hundreds who visit the log each day.