UK Man Knew His Day Would Come

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article3_20141017John Jones, from Southampton, England, has been playing the National Lottery for the last 15 years. He was confident that one day he would win and now he has. Jones won a £55,861 jackpot on a Lucky Dip ticket.

A neighbor who comes by to help Jones with things around the house was the one who actually discovered the win. At first they thought he had matched 5 of the 6 numbers but when they double checked, they saw that he had matched the bonus ball as well. Jones plans to use his winnings to buy himself a new car, and give the one he has now to his neighbor as a thank you present. Jones also hopes to use some of the money to fly in a friend of his who lives in Finland for a visit. The retired lighting and sound technician is still considering how he will spend the rest of his winnings.

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This story was written by Michael Smith