UK Man Wins With Lucky Number Seven

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article4_20141010Gareth Campbell, from Northern Ireland, was shopping at a local grocery store when a scratch ticket called Super 7s caught his eye. Campbell had always thought of seven as his lucky number so he decided to buy one of the tickets. He was too excited to wait so he scratched it off right there in the store and discovered that he had won £77,777, the grand prize jackpot.

The unemployed window cleaner knew exactly what he wanted to do with the money as soon as he won. Campbell isn’t going to splash out on a new car or luxurious vacations. He’s been unemployed for a few months and he’s decided to use the winnings to start up his own window cleaning business. The win will help him afford all of the tools he needs and he’ll have enough left over to give him a sense of security he’s never had before. Many lottery winners are extravagant in their spending after they collect their prize money and unfortunately many end up broke soon after. Hopefully, Campbell’s new business will be a success and his investment will have been a wise decision.

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This story was written by Michael Smith